One Man Revolution review by The Nightwatchman

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  • Released: Apr 24, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.9 (155 votes)
The Nightwatchman: One Man Revolution

Sound — 8
Right away, it is very different from any projects we've heard from Tom Morrello. It's folk-y, and although folk isn't my first genre choice, it has really grown on me. I've always been a fan of Tom and his projects (Rage and Audioslave) so I gave it a chance, and it truly has impressed me. Of course it's quite laced with politics and societal issues and it's a great combo for the sound of the instrumentals and the meaning. Very protest-esque and sort of brings me back to think of '60s activism.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics and vocals have been a near fatal flaw with this album and me. Certain songs, the lyrics are choppy and often blunt. Which is fine for some, but as a lyricist myself I like to give myself the challenge of making subtle lyrics that still get the point across. As blunt and cliche some lyrics may be, they still find a way to resonate with me. The vocals, at first had me almost cringing but as I listened to more and more songs that attitude changed and turned into one that realizes that the vocals and music suit each other perfectly.

Overall Impression — 8
For me, this album cannot compare to the other works of Mr. Morrello. Not because I don't believe it is not as good or that I'm a nostalgic fan of the Rage days. But because this is a completely different side of Morrello. It demonstrates all the activism and meaning that Rage had, but in a calmer (but certainly not reserved) manner. Overall it's Morrello with a classical guitar and singing. That is the reason it cannot compare to the works of Rage or Audioslave. It is a different side and therefore cannot be compared. As they say, it's like comparing apples and oranges.

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    njaaaa... sorry but the only people who could honestly stand listening to Morello's solo work are people who like country western music OR (and this is what most of you are) complete Morello fanboys. No, this album does not kick ass. Singing about topics that have been done a million times before with boring to the bone acoustic riffing is most certainly not kickass.
    jcthomasva wrote: If Jack Black and Bob Dylan had a love child, and dropped him on his head at birth causing irreversible brain damage, then it would sound like Tom Morello on this album. I watched some of these "performances" and laughed my ass off at how bad they were. I can't even say I was impressed with the guitar work. I can't figure what Morello is so pissed off about. If he wasn't cashing in on his tenure with RATM and Audioslave no self-respecting record company would produce this childish drivel.
    WOW what a brilliant person this lad! for starters... Morello has a message on his songs! A good message not like most music "baby baby baby i hate/love my baby... happy happy sad sad" Second the important thing is the music not the show. If you don't like Morello's stuff just don't listen to its work. About "the pissed off about..." i guess he's got reasons Haven't you listen to the lyrics? Having said that... I really like this album!
    blackphoenix86 wrote: Why does everybody always have to get in a huge battle of who can outsmart the other when it comes to opinion. Opinion is exactly what it is, Opinion. The one thing I find funny is for some reason people find it necessary to not only say they may hate the album but to rip Tom Morello a new hole. Tom Morello has long been a pissed off grass roots political activist. He's just using another form of music to express his personal convictions. Personally I take this album as a decent effort by a great guitarist who is trying to really tone down the distortion and fury and reach those who may not be a fan of the loud in your face RATM. Think of this album as more of a personal spoken conversation with Morello where the lyrics tell the story while the guitar is only the backup leading you along. Everybody says they expect amazing riffs coming from Morello, but once again this isnt Rage or Audioslave. Give the man credit where credit is due but dont complete destroy a man and his character just so you can put yourself on the higher platform. Great album or not Tom Morello has worked hard to be where he is and to have a chance to make an album like this. How many other Metal guitarist do you know who can pull this kind of stuff off and not get laughed at. Im sure as I post this someone is going to find something awful to say and call me an ass or something of that sort. Call me whatever you want but Im not here to act like a 6 year old. Im only 18 but Im smart enough to understand what artists have to do to earn that respect. I may not like everything out on the market but its not my place to call someone terrible when they put their heart into a project. On the other hand I cant defend cookie cutter crap boy bands like backstreet boys, but thats a whole other topic. Anyways music is music; either its good or its not. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and should leave it at that. There are a lot more important issues in life other than if you feel Tom Morello is a good guitarist, SO GROW UP.
    AGREED MY FRIEND! i like this album quite a bit. i might get flak for this, but i prefer this album over Fabled City!
    I've given this album a few tries, being a fan of Audioslave and RATM. I like Tom Morello, but I just can't get into this album. A few songs are great, most I skip over...I really think it could be Tom's voice and vocal style. It's just bland.