Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace review by The Offspring

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  • Released: Jun 16, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.8 (170 votes)
The Offspring: Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace

Sound — 7
01. Half-truism - great faster song, great catchy chorus, what I expected from the new album. 02. Trust In You - another good one with the signature driving guitar, a cool breakdown with a small bass and guitar solo. Sounds a lot like a song off of smash, it's classic offspring. 03. You're Gonna Go Far Kid - an very original song, good drums by Josh Freese, and some small effects that really add to the overall vibe. Something new, yet keeping their roots. 04. Hammerhead - pretty cool guitar intro, I love how it changes to sounding totally different, good mix of faster and slower. 05. A Lot Like Me - what's with the beginning? it really didn't need to be there, I'd blame Bob Rock. The rest of the song is pretty chill, this song has got piano in the verses, which seems to work to an extent, a good mix after a couple faster songs but nothing too special though. 06. Takes Me Nowhere - a good song, but it seems too simple, the verses seemed lacking, and the chorus is very short lyrically wise and got annoying. 07. Kristy, Are You Doing Ok - what the hell, an acoustic song? It's just slow verses, and then a really poppy chorus. I appreciate trying something new, but it just did not work, and the solo just sounds so overdone, and forced. 08. Nothingtown - basically it's Want you bad (from CO1). It just sounds so pop punky. All the instruments on the verses are the exact same as want you bad, and the chorus is just bad. Were they even trying? A rehash of an older song, which was mediocre to begin with. 09. Stuff Is Messed Up - almost the same drum intro as the last song. Just too overproduced, it's not catchy. I give credit to the singing style though it was different. 10. Fix You - it was very good to begin with, I liked how it was kinda slower and mellower, but I was waiting for it to get to that part where it kicks in and becomes epic, but it never came. The ending just did not do the rest of the song justice. It would have made a very good ending song. 11. Lets Hear It For Rock Bottom - the intro just sounded like every other "punk" band out there. Verses were OK, I sorta liked the kinda reggae-ska vibe. The chorus, just so pop punky, and it just went on. It may have made an OK song under 3 min. but it was over 4. 12. Rise And Fall - after a dissapointing second half I was hoping for a great ending, but what do I get a song less than 3 min. Where they just trying to get away from the tradition of putting a longer song last? Yes it does sounds a lot like green day, but there are only so many power chords to play.

Lyrics — 9
I've always liked Dexter's lyrics, it's easy to understand the message he's trying to get across, but he doesn't make it obvious. His voice sounds just as good as it did back in their hayday. Which was my one concern because Dexter smokes. His voice fits the songs very well, he can go from practically screaming on some songs, to very soft like on Fix You. I also gotta give him credit for trying some different singing styles such as on Stuff is Messed Up, and Let's Hear it For Rock Bottom.

Overall Impression — 7
Overall I thought this album had so much potential, it started out great and just went downhill. They said this album was supposed to sound more like their older stuff? I did not hear many hints of the great stuff from Ignition, or Ixnay. I thought it was waaaay overproduced, and I really have to put the blame on Bob Rock. All the guitars sounded too clean, they missed the rawness that they had on Ignition. It lacked the energy of their older stuff. And most of the effects that were thrown in were completely unnecessary, and just made it sound too poppy. Every album they have there always seems to be at least one song that I always have to skip, it seems like they can never make a complete good record start to finish. It's a good thing the first 6 songs were as good as they are to bring the overall score up. After five years I was expecting a lot more.

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