ONe review by The Panic Channel

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  • Released: Aug 15, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (34 votes)
The Panic Channel: ONe

Sound — 10
The Panic Channel is the newest creation from former Jane's Addiction members Dave Navarro, Chris Chaney and Stephen Perkins, followed by Steve Issacs (I'm not totally sure where Steve Issacs is from). This album is, in my opinion, better than anything Jane's Addiction ever released, mainly because Perry Farrell isn't heard. At the same time, this band ISN'T Jane's Addiction, so if that's what you're expecting, it's not what you're gonna get. The sound is unmatchable. They are very unique with the way they did things. Awkward chords and unique tuning help make this album better because it's how they got their excellent sound. Songs like "Teahouse Of The spirits" and "Said You'd Be" have some excellent displays of heavy distortion and songs like "Night One" and "Listen" have erie and haunting vibes to them, which makes the songs that much better. The bass guitar, played by Chris Chaney, is a dectable factor in most songs on the album, mainly because it's not one of those bands who shove their bass player in the background and say "We'll use you just incase they can't hear us." It's a band with flow in their sound.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics were mainly written by all members of the band (with an exception of some of them who were written by just Steve Issacs). The lyrics are based on true events. The Song "Bloody Mary" is based on events that took place in Dave Navarro's book "Don't Try This At Home", based on a drug dealer named "Mary". However, when it came to Steve's attention, he realized her name wasn't even Mary, due to the fact that some names had been changed for privacy purposes. All members of The Panic Channel are very spiritual, so when it came to writing songs like "Teahouse Of The Spirits", "Night One" and "Listen", lyrics came to them very easily. Some songs are about pain as well, such as "Blue Bruises" and "Why Cry". "Why Cry" is their first single that they have released a video for and they are currently working on one for "Teahouse Of The Spirits". The lyrics match the music very well. Steve Issacs is the man behind the beautiful, talented voice. He has incrediable range in his voice and can hold the notes for a long time. The lyrics are very good! I'm quite impressed with them.

Overall Impression — 10
My overall impression of the CD would have to rely on my overall impression of each song. 01. Teahouse Of The Spirits - the song is very hard, and catchy! It's a great song with great sound. 02. Left To Lose - not one of my favourites, but it's very fast paced and for those who like mad guitar work, this is a song for you. The sound is good though. I have to admit that. 03. Bloody Mary - one of the coolest songs of the album. It's very calming and it has an erie chill to it. 04. Why Cry - the first single released, and for good reason. It's catchy, has great sound and awesome lyrics. 05. Awake - great sounds from Bass and Drums especially. Steve Issacs also puts a lot of effort into the song. 06. She Wont Last - a great song! So many emotions crammed into 4:45. Haunting guitar sounds at the end, but raw energy throughout the entire thing. An awesome guitar solo as well! 07. Said You'd Be - very fast paced and very loud. One crazy ass solo, but it doesn't all quite sound together, but it's still pretty good. 08. Outsider - I've heard this song acoustic and electric and both are very good! The lyrics are sad, but not like emo sad. The bass is once again shining through in this song. 09. Blue Bruises - the lyrics you can tell mean a lot to Steve Issacs, and this is one of the songs that he wrote on his own. These are all his. The guitar sounds rule, and there is a wicked little solo in there, courtesy of Dave Navarro. 10. Night One - this is another one of the best songs on the album! It's haunting, then alarming, then it calms back down again. It's long, but it's all worth it! 11. Listen - the vocals heard in this song can prove that Steve Issacs can hold a note. The guitar is erie, the drums are like thunder, and the bass is the backbone. A great song! 12. Lie Next To Me - an all voices song. No instruments at all. It's chilling, but calming. It sounds sad, but again, not emo sad. A decent enough song. 13. Untitled - this is like their hidden extra on the album. It's really weird actually. This has got all the erie, spiritual sounds in it. This makes it sound like their is another album to come and that this could lead into it. It's really cool. But it's not a real song, sort of speak (it's cool though). This album doesn't really compare to other ones, mainly because I haven't heard anyone else really sound like this before. They are different, unique, and definently talented. What I love about the most is the effort that was put into creating this masterpiece. They went from not expecting to become a band to actually making videos and touring. If I lost this album or if it was stolen, I'd definently buy a new one! I love The Panic Channel and you should too!

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    I Love Dave Navarro and I think the album is really good. Steve Issacs can sing really well.
    "This album is, in my opinion, better than anything Jane's Addiction ever released, mainly because Perry Farrell isn't heard." blasphemy
    if you don't compare it to any of the Jane's Addiction albums it's really good. better than a lot of today's music.
    This album is better than a lot of the new music I've been hearing lately, but isn't exactly my cup of tea. Some of my friends love it, some of them hate it, I just think it's ok.
    jahyarain wrote: "This album is, in my opinion, better than anything Jane's Addiction ever released, mainly because Perry Farrell isn't heard." Sorry! LoL. Perry Farrell just wasn't for me. I should've made that comment a little less harsh on perry (and Perry fans.) blasphemy
    Bassist Chris Chaney shines on this album. he plays tons of riffs and doesn't seem to follow any sort of pattern! Wicked stuff.
    dave navarro is no longer anything but a walking "rawk" cliche. at this point, he might as well be in europe (the band, not the continent).