Wait For Me review by The Pigeon Detectives

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  • Released: May 28, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (22 votes)
The Pigeon Detectives: Wait For Me

Sound — 10
The album is one of those "what you see is what you get" experiences. A young 5 piece band from yorkshire singing about what young people do. The sound of the album is very indie rock most likely tobe influenced by bands such as the Arctic Monkeys. The music is fantastically upbeat with superb chord progressions with awesome lead guitar solos. The album starts off with the single "Romantic Type" and has other singles "I'm Not Sorry" and "You Know I Love You" an with album tracks like "Wait For Me" makes the album leap out at you and take note.

Lyrics — 6
The lyrics in general are not the strongest but have sopme relevant meaning. Every songs lyrics are based on a there felings for a girl but revert to drink instead. Although not very strong they fit the music perfectly. the skills of the lead singer are superb he grunts his way throught he album which sends a chill you your spine which adds an effectto the lyris and makes the impact of the songs stand out. The Lyrics for "I Found Out" stand out from the album.

Overall Impression — 8
The songs in general are all catchy and worth listening to especially "I'm Not Sorry" and "Wait For Me" which definately stand out. The most impressive thing about the album is how flowing the lyrics link in with the music they don't seem to show that it was an effort to put lyrics to the music. The Lead guitars make the songs. They propel them from average to fantastic. Is this album were lost or stole I'd most certainly buy it again.

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    They are a really good band, its just i don't think they've brought anything new to music, its the same as all the other indie/rock bands around at the moment.
    He is being a bit generous really, cos the lyrics aren't that good or inventive and some of the songs sound the same. Still tho, good album.
    One of the most suprising albums i have ever bought... every song on the album is a good poptastic track... i'll probably get bored of it soon... but at the moment its gr8
    Thom Yorke
    This is by no means a great album, all the songs sound pretty much the same, but it's an enjoyable listen
    this album is one of the worst i have ever listened to. after being recommeneded them by a friend, i took the fatal mistake of bothering to download their album and listen to it. every song sounds exactly the same as the others, and with five of the songs not even managing to scrape 3 minutes in length, they leave no impression on the listener at all. the pidgeon detectives are exactly the same as any other "indie" band out there. they have brought nothing new to music and are completely overrated. they are one of the many identical indie bands which have come crashing down on the music industry, destroying all meaning of the word "original." ands what this about awesome lead guitar solos? wtf? they have no solos on the entire album? then again i suppose that is a high jump from the safety realm of power chords that the majority of indie bands stick too.
    i feel that the above reviewer is very inaccurate and biased in his summary of this bands music. first i will say power chords do not equal bad music and the fact that they use power chords do not degrade their talent or music composition skills. Secondly i feel all the songs on their album are of a consistently high quality leading to their appearance of being
    exactly the same
    - although i do not doubt they are very similar. Finally i would like to draw out a fact about chidgey14 that he finds screaming into a microphone talented and playing fast music on a guitar makes it of a higher standard than a carefully composed melody.
    oh look he caught me. firstlyyyy. i do not disagree that the use of powerchords means a band is untalented, but my main argument is the fact that every single freaking song is exactly the same, and its a miracle i can tell, seeing as every time i start a song it finishes immediately there so short. and "fast music on a guitar" is called shredding : ) and to be able to shred you do need talent. and the people who can scream are the most talented singers around also. no pop singer could control their voice to be able to scream oh and the lyrics of this album! my god are they awful! every song is about the narrator breaking up with someone and ending up "walking into doors?" it is truly bizarre. and retarded. and this album is far from melodic hortop14, the only time they ever get a tempo really going is in romantic type during the chorus, and for some reason, i do not have any idea what possesed to do this, they ruin it by slowing it down. it is the clear that the way the pidgeon detectives write songs is to use lyrics from the previous tracks, and back it up with a few selected power chords (Y) and if thats not good enough for you, theyll even throw in a new song title. truly awful.
    the people who can scream are the most talented singers around also. no pop singer could control their voice to be able to scream
    need i say more people
    after being told that was no fun to argue against here is attempt 2: screaming is done by many individuals on a daily basis and is an expression of anger whcih can be perfomed by anybody yet singing is such a thing reserved for the talented. i agree the lyrics are not the best but in comparison to screaming they are ... well ... lyrics - which is more than i can say for the apparent words screamed by other bands. the fact that they are similar is not surprising baring in mind my music taste is unlikely to change from rock to classical or indie to metal (god forbid) meaning i do not want much change. i think you will find the lyrics do change much like the..oh wait..no...the screaming doesnt change