These Are The Good Times People review by The Presidents of the United States of America

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  • Released: Mar 11, 2008
  • Sound: 4
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 4.3 Poor
  • Users' score: 9.2 (20 votes)
The Presidents of the United States of America: These Are The Good Times People

Sound — 4
These Are the Good Time People is The Presidents of the USA's fifth studio album, and first with Andrew McKeag on Basitar instead of Dave Dederer. The most notable aspect of PUSA's music is their use of the Basitar and Guitbas. Although sound-wise these instruments aren't that noticeably different to your average guitar and bass sound, the fact that they are in use adds a little more interest to the album. There are some attractive instrumentals on These Are the Good Times People. Such as on songs 'Ladybug', which sounds quite country-gone-rock, and 'Flame Is Love' which makes use of clever Guitbas-Basitar riffs, horns, and irregular drumming. Both Chris Ballew and Andrew McKeag have great voices somewhat reminiscent of Everclear frontman Ark Alexakis which adds quality to the sound of the album. In general, These Are the Good Times People is less heavy and less interesting than the Seattle band's former releases, and as a result has a very average sound to it. The problem is that all the songs sound a bit too similar to each other. For every good song like 'Mixed Up S.O.B', there are at least two songs which to some extent bore you. An example of such a song would be 'Truckstop Butterfly' which is mainly two minutes of pathetic lyrics and a constant, dull, drum beat that never changes tempo. 'Loose Balloon' is another song which is exemplary for boring you to death. In fact, it's the kind of song that would drive someone on the verge of suicide into killing themselves: dull and slow with dreary lyrics.

Lyrics — 6
The lyrics are the highlight of the album. The only problem is that there is an overload of humorous lyrics on the album. To some effect this is good, but if you're listening to the album all at once, it starts to get on your nerves a little. An example of such witty lyrics would be on fourth track 'More Bad Times': You twisted your ankle, I carried you; You got a divorce, I married you; You fell off a cliff so I buried you; I wish there were more bad times to see you through. But good clever lyrics like this are minimal on the album. Most of the album comprises of stupidity such as on second track 'Ladybug': Maggots do a dance in the meat when the meat goes sour, and on 'So Lo So Hi' which is a love song between a fish and a bird. Pointless? About as pointless as trying to rhyme the word 'orange'.

Overall Impression — 3
Although first impressions of These Are the Good Times People may seem entertaining, the witty lyrics soon become annoying, and the instrumentals on each song seem to blend into one. This is the kind of album that, no matter what the RIAA say, should be downloaded rather than bought as there are really only four songs out of the fourteen that are worth listening to again (Mixed Up S.O.B, So Lo So Hi, Poor Turtle, Deleter). Halfway through the album you start questioning the point and worth of some of the songs, which in itself is a problem. It is only when you cannot think of an answer to the aforementioned question that you start to realize that your time would be better spent plotting against the kid in kindergarten who didn't tell you that eating glue would give you a stomach-ache.

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    He was kidding. The hit is Lump. I mean honestly how could you get away from that song.
    haha thats pretty good..door hinge!! nice one. everclear singer was named Art not Ark. PUSA's debut album was album wonder. Although i don't mind this album at all...not a bad listen
    This is the worst review i've ever read. the album rocks and the weakest song is definitely mixed of sob. all of the above commenter's are dumb asses. You should all be blowing the presidents on making great music for so long and never wavering from their original message. I hope all you linkin park listening emo faggots rot in hell.
    I don't think this person listened to any other album except their debut.... II, Freaked out and Small, and Love Everyone all have their own feel to them.. Although I do miss Dave... Andrew is good, but live shows lack the natural chemistry...
    1. Andrew plays guitbass 2. the guitbass and basitar are actually quite different from traditional guitars, but Andrew plays an octave higher than Dave did. also, Andrew's playing style is quite different. 3. this is not a music review, this is a whine-fest. next time leave your petty opinions at home and say something intelligent, you hack.
    Absolutely brutal review. I agree with everything "thestef" said. This is not a review at all, people need to stop comparing all their material to "Peaches", seriously. These guys rock non-stop and this album is kick-ass, and I'd go as far as to say it's been one of my favorite releases this year. Also, how could you seriously say the lyrics on the album "comprises of stupidity"? This is the PUSA, nothing makes sense or means anything, it's just awesome. These dudes are the dudes, and I love how they've never been really big besides a couple of hits in the 90's, but haven't giving up making what they love. I enjoyed this album thoroughly and would recommend anyone and everyone listening to it. This album is seriously the good times, people.
    Instead of either whining about or defending by just simply stating that "this band rocks"... I'd like to throw out an observation, albeit 5 years later. PUSA often use lyrics like another instrument in their arsenal. Instead of relying on highly interpretive lyrics that could mean anything to anyone, they shoot for word sounds and patterns that feel interesting. More times than not they aren't trying to write songs that seek to sell albums by engaging us in careless catharsis. They write music that has characteristics which are fairly unique. They don't bend to trend and basically play what they like. If you are looking for a breath of fresh air from all the bands that do exactly what everyone else is doing or mimic "the next best thing", PUSA is a great choice.