Consolers Of The Lonely Review

artist: The Raconteurs date: 03/25/2008 category: compact discs
The Raconteurs: Consolers Of The Lonely
Release Date: Mar 25, 2008
Genres: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Label: Third Man Records/Warner Bros Records
Number Of Tracks: 14
The Raconteurs focus just as much time on their tempo changes as their riffs to keep things interesting on "Consolers Of The Lonely."
 Sound: 8.7
 Lyrics: 8.3
 Overall Impression: 9.3
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overall: 9
Consolers Of The Lonely Featured review by: UG Team, on march 25, 2008
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Sound: The Raconteurs' new album was released with relatively little publicity, but it could easily stand out as being one of the best records of the year. The quartet most famously known as Jack White's side project continues to have an earthy, bluesy element running through much of the new album Consolers of the Lonely, but there is much more going on this time around. Sure you get rock and blues, but the arrangements have been taken to a different level. Unexpected tempo changes are more the norm than the exception, which often takes most of the songs on exciting and gutsy turns along the way.

While not all of the 14 songs on Consolers of the Lonely are immediately embraceable, often because of their storytelling format (with the focus on several verses) that may test audiences' patience, it's still obvious that each one was written with plenty of thought. There are some tracks that draw you in instantly, however, and that has everything to do with the amazing arrangements. Consoler Of The Lonely is a prime example, with the intro featuring a cool little lick that completely stops and is taken over the sound of just percussion. It is seemingly just a great, straightforward rock track, but it has a little twist -- the tempos switch every time vocalist Brendan Benson switches duties with Jack White.

The Switch And The Spur has more of the ballad format mentioned earlier, but The Raconteurs take the liberty of also giving it more of an epic feel. There is a repeating trumpet line and the horns, and it has the same majestic power you hear in the White Stripes' Conquest. Tempo once again plays a huge part, and at about the halfway point the song speeds up, only to be taken back to it's original speed shortly after. The band has an incredible way of keeping things moving along, and The Switch And The Spur, although not necessarily the most infectious song on the record, is a beautiful example of The Raconteurs use of rhythm to create a mood.

Some of the tracks will need to grow on you, but Consolers of the Lonely has plenty of tracks that feature classic rock riffs. Attention and Five On The Five are standouts, while the first single Salute Your Solution gives the spotlight to the bass line for a good portion. While the first half of Salute Your Solution features your basic power chords with a manic vocal delivery, there's an absolutely fantastic groove-oriented breakdown which features the guitar doubling the vocal part. If you like the no-frills side of the band, you'll enjoy the first half of These Stones Will Shout, which centers around a clean acoustic and the lead vocals of White. It doesn't stay laid-back long, though, with things taking a turn toward the electric about halfway through the song. // 9

Lyrics: There's an old soul feel to the lyrics, which is a perfect match for the blues, vintage rock, or balladeering styles that often pop up in The Raconteurs' songs. The words always feel authentic, which is aided by the fact that vocalists White and Benson deliver the words with such emotion. The title track features some simple, yet effective lyrics with such lines as, If you're looking for an accomplice; A confederate, somebody's who's helpless; You're gonna find, you'll find yourself alone. They range from wise preachers to the everyman, and that's always an interesting mix. // 9

Overall Impression: In some ways The Raconteurs is a project that is much more daring than the White Stripes for Jack White, and more importantly, it brings the talents of vocalist Brendan Benson, bassist Jack Lawrence, and drummer Patrick Keeler to the forefront. You're getting a lot more than riffs with The Raconteurs, and it's a credit to the band that they're able to continually find different ways to hold your attention. Whether it's the tempo changes, guitar effects, solos (from all the instruments, not just the guitars), or vocal delivery, there are an abundance of reasons to respect The Raconteurs. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Consolers Of The Lonely Reviewed by: pacosdiner, on may 01, 2008
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Sound: With the release of their new CD The Raconteurs proved that they are not just a Jack White side-project. Consolers of the Lonely is a huge step up from their debut album. They have found a way to use all their talents to create their own unique style. This album isn't nearly as experimental as Jack White's latest album Icky Thump, but isn't anywhere near mainstream. Each song from this album is unique. Two great songwriters came together to produce a second and great album. // 8

Lyrics: Consolers of the Lonely features much more Jack White than Broken Boy Soldiers. Brendan Benson mostly sings harmony while Jack's recognizable voice takes center stage. These two composers put forth interesting lyrics that fit with the music. // 8

Overall Impression: This is a great album and the best released in 2008. I recommend it to anyone. This is a must-have for any Jack White fan. I love every song on this album with the exception of Many Shades of Black, which the album could have done without. It's hard to pick a favorite song off the album because they are all so different. So listen and enjoy! // 9

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overall: 9
Consolers Of The Lonely Reviewed by: Jakelman10, on july 24, 2008
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Sound: The Racontuers are on of todays most musicly talented bands. The guitar from Jack White and Brendan Benson talent stretches beyond belief and it really pulls out to me and to most fans. The CD is the second for the band and it is better in my opinion. The band's lastest album does not seem to have a specific story line to it altough the lats song on the album, Carolina Drama, has an amazing story and is a great song. The band's wild music is somewhat held back in the record, for The Racontuers are a live band, some soud does not make it through your CD player. Many concerts are astonishing from them. Mainly ones form Austin's Music Festival. // 9

Lyrics: The band has to singers. Benson and White. White has the upper hand for guitar but Benson has a vocality that beats White because it has a tad more range. The accompinments of the bass and Drums help the bands sound lyric wise suprisingly. The Bass carries the song as the drums lays down the standard beat. The Drummer is one to be amazed by at ear. The band's genera is different form the White Strips because in the White Strips, Meg White, (drummer and Jack's ex-wife) lets white run loose and Benso, puts a leash on White. Jack does not go on his crazy Rock tandrums, he lets his guitar do the wor while Benson sings wonderfly. This helps add to the albu because the band's chemistry is good which shows through the songs. A song such as, You Don't Understand Me, is a good example. White does not scream and yell as he plays the piano melodicly, he sings light and it catches your attention. Benson takes the lead role of guitar and loves up to it which another great aspet of this album, everyone plays something different and it always works out. The one song I did not like was, Many Shades of Black. Horns and other rass instrements were used and it makes the band sound much different and unorginal. Orginality is their strongest vice. they did not write the song. It sounds bad and unatractive. // 8

Overall Impression: The main message I got from this album was, "Wow." I had to listen to it a few times before it hit me, they are not a studi band, they simply play live. Their talent is caged and loced on records and can not be showed to the real world. I suggest anyone goes to their concerts because of how much better it sounds. Knowing that aready, it sounds pretty darn good. I loved it and it is a radition album for orginal Rok to keep on living! // 10

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