Audible Frequency review by The Red Alert

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 1 (1 vote)
The Red Alert: Audible Frequency

Sound — 9
Oklahoma's rock trio The Red Alert cover virtually every facet favored from pop/rock's grail traversing the routes of 50s bebop and Beatlesque-tinged sashays to modern rock fibers jeweled in wispy sweeps reminiscent of Hem and power punk rafters liken to The Blue Van. The band's latest album Audible Frequency from Carondelet Records provides music for the modern rock soul solidified in old-school punk pogoing and emo-bolstered pop as the trio vacillates from the lilting melodies of Morning Love and And I Fell to the rumbling stampedes and vaunting guitar hooks of Forget Me and Arcadia. Helmed by the brother and sister team of vocalist/guitarist Hank Hanewinkel III and vocalist/drummer Christy Hanewinkel who are joined by their uncle Phillip Hanewinkel on bass guitar, The Red Alert produce a battery of riveting tunes bodice in tightly serried chord movements harnessed by a power rock torque. The whipping flusters ribbing On Top Of The World stimulate the guitar's reflexes and the bellowing palpitations as the darkly toned By The Pale Moonlight induce a moody brooding in the marshy atmospherics dovetailed by orchestral piping moving to a light marching cadence. The satiny lobes and trotting ripples strewn across Pretend have a bebop trajectory which shift to a glazy soft-pop constitution in As You Slipping Away From Pain garnering a Beatlesque-stylizing. Each track has its own melodic make-up that draws out the trio's rock-bridled chops and old-school punk swagger.

Lyrics — 8
Some lyrics make observations about love and relationships like in Pretend when Christy determines, Some guys pretend love never touches them. While other lyrics speak from a more intimate place in the relationship like in Morning Love' as Christy promises, Open up your secret dreams that shadows in your eyes / Listen to their whispering and watch the dark clouds rise / I will be there at the dawn of to hold you. Then there are lyrics that show the narrator as the needy one like in And I Fell with verses that reveal, My last chance was gone / The bridge is burn / And I fell / But you picked me up. Hank, on the other hand, gravitates to lyrics that move in a more aggressive manner with the intention of breaking out of one's slump like in Arcadia as he postulates, This town hasn't been too good to us / So we're moving right away / We're leaving in a rush/ Heading out to California / To a place that's called Arcadia.

Overall Impression — 9
The Red Alert's programming of old-school punk pounding corsage in melodic rock froths meld reflexive surges and crisply chiseled hooks giving Audible Frequency its mettle. The album is endowed with classic-pop elements seared by power punk tremors and contemporary rock thrashing. The trio wears their musical influences on their sleeves and customize an array of guitar-charred tracks using rock music's gravel. The Hanewinkel's make power rock music a family affair and a genuine reflection of their musical prowess.

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    it's quite ironic how you probably think this is some great writing with phrases like "crisply chiseled hooks" but really it's the worst review i've ever laid eyes on. try to tone down the pretentiousness and talk about the sonic qualities of the music.
    Hmmm....interesting language used, couldnt understand half of it, but hell, must have been fun to write..