Clients [Deluxe Edition] review by The Red Chord

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  • Released: Jun 27, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (18 votes)
The Red Chord: Clients [Deluxe Edition]

Sound — 10
Clients is more or less one of the most brutal things you could submit to your ear drums. Good brutal. The first 11 tracks of the deluxe edition, the actual album itself, is some of the more brutal metal/grindcore you're going to find. The album itself has a really great production value, unlike some it's death metal counterparts, which really adds to to the brutality factor, and overall really makes it stand out. Everything from the crushing guitar riffs to some of the best blast beat drumming you'll ever hear, all mixed really well makes for one of the best metal listening experiences you'll ever find. The second half of the deluxe edition is comprised of mostly demos, live takes, and some outtakes. I know most albums that go back for deluxe edition usual add a bunch of crap no one wants to hear, but Clients is a good exception, adding live takes on tracks like Antman, Blue Line Cretin, and Black Santa that are even more crushing then the album versions. Also thrown in are demos for Lay The Tarp and Black Santa, which sound pretty much the same, and some outtakes including 23 second track of screaming called 7 Seconds Of Screaming, and a acapella number called Bread Pants, if for anything is good for a laugh after a listen like this.

Lyrics — 9
The basic lyrical premise behind Clients is of mental illness and instablity. The album got it's title from when vocalist Guy Kozowyk used to work in a store located right beside a mental hospital, and his experiences with a different number of people who he would encounter. The album mostly made of lyrics about different mental ailments mixed with a couple odd ball lines like "The penis was from heaven but it went to hell", mixed into Guy's screaming, if your already a fan of the genre, he doesn't have a voice that you have to ease yourself into in order to like. The only thing running against it, and I guess the whole genre in general is the vocals are muddy and hard to understand, which for an interesting concept to an album like this, makes it frustrating when you have to hit the internet to figure out what the words are.

Overall Impression — 10
Clients is most definetly a giant in it's genre, with no shortage of brutality, amazing instrumental gymnastics, and a breakdown or two for good measure. Right now the deluxe edition is cheaper then the regular edition in most stores, so it's definetly worth getting if you find it. If somehow god hated me enough for me to lose it I would buy another and enough for anyone who showed interest. The strongest songs on the album in my opinion are Fixation On Plastic, Black Santa, Blue Line Cretin, and any of the live tracks from the deluxe edtion.

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    The Red Chord ****in rock! They are awesome live, I've seen 'em three times, each time is no dissapointment. Im deffinatly gonna get the deluxe edition.
    jett12 wrote: can u finish a sentance without the word brutal?
    Guys, flaming is NOT br00tal. It will get you warnings and bans which are the pinnacle of br00talness. Checked/Deleted.
    The War Machine
    yeah, too bad you dont have to 'hit the internet' for the lyrics. i own the same album and theyre right in the insert. and once you get used to how death metal/black metal/hardcore, and any other subgenres of those sound the vocals become more and more obvious. but for the most part, one point is to not be heard or understood.
    The War Machine
    and another odd ball line, in the same song 'black santa' is if your aunt had balls shed be your uncle. just thot id point that out.
    I think they are better live. the cd's alright but jumps around, lost interest when listening to the cd. would deff see them live again
    I am totally with the HardcoreKid. Mostly because i told him to buy it, and I love it myself.