Lost Verses review by The Red Shore

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  • Released: May 9, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (17 votes)
The Red Shore: Lost Verses

Sound — 9
First off This album is a re recording of old songs, all songs from the Salving What's Left ep and three Pre Production songs - Flesh Couture, Thy Devourer and Knives and Wolves. All up there are nine tracks which are 01.The Valentines Day Massacre 02.Sink Or Swim 03.Flesh Couture 04.Knives And Wolves 05.Pulling Teeth 06.Effigy Of Death 07.I Only Smile When You're Bleeding 08.Thy Devourer 09.What Doesn't Kill You All which originally featured Damien Morris on vocals who sadly passed away after the bands van crashed in late December 2007 while touring with All Shall Perish on the Christmas Carnage Tour In Australia, since then Jamie Hope (who use to play bass in the band has switched to vocal duties.) It is quite hard to compare these two singers as they are both great vocalist's in there own right, I liked Damo vocals all in general I like the way on the Salvaging What's Left ep he mixed clean and growled vocals it really created a nice balance of brutality and melody within the music, I'm personally a big Fan Of Death Metal music and I think that Jamie Hope takes more of a Death Metal vocal approach rather than Deathcore which is audible in the original songs with Damien In My opinion. So that's definitely one of the big changes that you'll notice and also you will notice how heavy, faster and technical The Red Shore have become since their initial beginnings, it is quite weird I must admit after from having listen to the salvaging what's left ep and the pre production tracks for so long to hear this but its in a very good way, I really liked the Unconsecrated sound so I guess you could imagine that I Loved this. The album starts off with The Valentines Day Massacre which is also the first track from "Salvaging What's Left" which starts off with this kind of keyboard synth which sounds kind of black metal which leads to my next point. In a way Lost Verses Kind of has a Black Metal Vibe when you listen to it, but not so much that it sounds exaclty like Mayhem or Satyricon or any black metal band (the Black Metal vibe is quite noticeably in the track "Pulling Teeth"). When I heard about this release I honestly kind of just thought at first that they were going to just add the unconsecrated sound to these tracks, but I was wrong, The Red Shore aren't that band that do the same thing over and over again which is why they are a really a interesting, brutal and overall Awesome band. So the sound compare to the original recordings is very different in many ways such as for the pre production tracks they are better recorded (of course because there pre production!) and the drums are more technical faster you'll notice a lot more blasting and double bass being used, guitars heavier, bass...err more bassier! lol and the vocals much more towards Death Metal style.

Lyrics — 9
I personally really Like The Red Shore Lyrics, My name "Foul Incantation" is taken from a line in the song What Doesn't Kill You which is "I will bury my dreams, This Foul, This Foul Incantation". Some other of my favorite lines are "The Casket Opens, She Awakes From Her Sleep, The Taste Of Blood, Still On Her Lips, One Thousand Years Of Torment About To End" which are from Knives And Wolves and also "From Beyond I Can Sense Your Torment, Your Heart Is An Unmarked Grave, In The Days That Are Yet To Speak Of You Will Writhe In A Sea Of Pain, It Begins With A Hollow Judgment And Descends To The Pit's Of Hell, I Arise With A Taste For Vengeance" from Pulling Teeth. Ok so that wasn't really a line (Lol) more so a couple of sentences but, it's good and I like it. I just find the red shore lyrics interesting and intriguing and I'm sure you might too if you read them. There definitely not that clich kind of metal that everyone who doesn't listen to metal thinks "satan is my lord rah rah I will skullf--k you and your dog while doing some cocaine and banging your sister... Lol you get the point and anyone who seriously thinks that metal lyrics are like that. Really, really need a history of this music to show them that it is not, sure maybe some but not all... Seriously.

Overall Impression — 9
I think to really get an overall impression on really how much this band has gotten much heavier and faster is too listen to the original recordings and then listen to lost verses. You really notice just how much they have gotten heavier and also how they have developed a very much unique sound. Just overall definitely check out this band if you're into Death Metal or Deathcore or any music for that matter and would like explore deferent areas of music. Thanks for reading; I tried to make this a good review I hope I have!

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    deaththrashcore wrote: Their song titles sound like those of some stupid Emo band... And they have breakdowns
    Well, I could already see by the logo and the band name that the band in question is deathcore. I personally have a strong distaste for deathcore screaming, but yeah one to their own.
    i personally love the new album it snot as deathmetal as unconsecrated but its got a small hint of deathcore in it its pretty deathmetaly and the ochestral bit make it sound evil as **** lol but i do enjoy it its a great album
    The reason why it sounds like deathcore is because the majority was written when they were deathcore, but then they progressed haha.
    Absolutely amazing. One of the most crushing albums ive ever heard. I love it. Cant wait to see them in September!
    i was kind of dissapointed with it, some of the songs were changed to much, i liked how the origionals were not overdone but some songs did turn out good RIP Damo