Unconsecrated review by The Red Shore

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  • Released: Nov 8, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 9 (20 votes)
The Red Shore: Unconsecrated

Sound — 8
Since the tragic death of their singer Damien Morris aswell as their driver Andy Milner, The Red Shore has not stood still. Jamie Hope the bands then bassist took the vocals head on and over the last year they have underwent a constant touring schedule and recorded their debut album "Unconsecrated". The level of musicianship displayed on the album is quite good. Jamie presents good screams and decent growls, the guitar work displays the typical dissonant aspects and chugging that is widely used with a few surprising moments here and there. The bass remains partially audible which isout of the ordinaryand the drums present a full on attack brimming with talent (to me but I'm no drummer) that can be likened to constant kicks to the throat. Unconsecrated is also a fairly short album clocking in at just 34min.

Lyrics — 8
Comparing Jamies screams and guttural growls to Damiens leaves something to be desired however considering he has only been at the helm for less than a year this is by far acceptable. Unconsecrated is in fact a concept album that has been held since Damiens death. The concept being "... an epic tale of the forces of heaven and hell battling for the supremacy on the battleground of planet earth" as described by Jamie Hope. While the concept may seem generic, it's lyrical implementation is great from what I can decipher from the constant assault of shrieks and growls it avoids the overused generic depictions of decapitation and mutilation that seems to run rampant through the genre and focuses on painting a decent narrative with each song furthering it in significant ways.

Overall Impression — 7
Unconsecrated is basically just another deathcore album swimming in a pool of mediocrity with tech death flaring's here and there while this album does not radically redefine the deathcore genre nor does it really attempt to. It does however provide a nice treat and shows that the band can conjure up truly brilliant moments (like the last minute of Deception: Prologue or Nephilim which pulls off a killer harmony on par with most melodeath). However it remains to be seen if the band can exploit these moments into full songs and if the day comes that they do The Red Shore will become the diamond in the rough for most hessian's and will take their place as something more than deathcore.

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    this album sucked. their ep was incredible. this is just boring
    I thought this album was really good it has a really good and heavy production (Roman who did a swell job! , and this band is pretty devastingly Brutal Live i know this from having seen them two times so far and can't wait for the third, and also i'm not a genre bounding person but i would probably consider this to be more death metal than deathcore, there both great genres though. and also this is just an extra if anyone trying to figure out there Guitar Tabs I asked jason Leombruni (Who is of course the guitarist with the other being Roman Koester) after a show i asked what tuning he uses he said (I'm pretty sure) he plays 7 string guitar with A standard tuning So i'm not sure just putting it Up just if it helps with anyone trying to figure out there songs on guitar.
    im sure i heard somewhere that the concept came from a book series damo really liked, can anyone confirm this or tell me the books that it was from