This Is What Happens review by The Reign of Kindo

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  • Released: Aug 3, 2010
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (36 votes)
The Reign of Kindo: This Is What Happens

Sound — 9
Roughly speaking, I think our music tastes are determined by two halves of the same brain space - one half evaluates "quality", based on originality, musicianship and other such factors, while the other half will happily jump around a room to a bit of "YMCA". Being a guitar website, a lot of us tend to plump for the former whilst pretending the latter doesn't exist. Since that often results in bouts of pretension and sweaty teen rage, imagine my joy when a band that could satisfy both parties presented itself! That's The Reign Of Kindo - sinking glorious hooks into an equally glorious jazzy backdrop since 2006. But wait! This isn't anything like The Village People! True enough, "This Is What Happens" does seem pretty subdued at first. Initial listens feel like musical sunbathing; letting the warm, Gretschy guitar tones wash over you while you remain distinctly passive. Once you've come to understand and accept, however, that the balance has changed, and jazz has taken precedence over rock, that's when it all comes good. The lively, King Crimson-esque workouts ("Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind") are reasonably exciting, but the best tracks are far less erratic; they're vehicles for lyrics, firmly rooted by creative piano playing and revelling in the peace and quiet. The band's knack for duality is accentuated at these times; the songs can engage you just as effectively as they can cloud your head with the aroma of cigar smoke and fine liquor.

Lyrics — 9
It's tough to strike a balance between depth and humility, but vocalist and lyricist Joseph Secchiaroli seems as much a natural at it as he does at, well, anything else he tries his hand at in The Reign Of Kindo. Thanks to lighter instrumental textures, his words claim a little more limelight than on the debut (2008's "Rhythm, Chord & Melody") but he rises to the challenge with aplomb. Songs on heartache, adulthood and living life return with just the right dosage of gloom, and even at its darkest - the polarity between the ostensibly similar instrumental and vocal sections of "City Lights & Traffic Sounds" is crushing - all things are handled with elegance and, above all, the song in mind.

Overall Impression — 9
On second thoughts, maybe it's not the best idea to tag "This Is What Happens" as accessible to the extent that their other material is. It takes a good ten or so listens (not that it ever neglects to invite you back) to really embed itself and reveal its true colours: colours forming a spectrum, with thirteen snippets of life selected from it and turned into song. The Reign Of Kindo are one of the most promising new bands to have emerged in the last few years, and even if you don't want to join the party, you should at least chill in the back room - Lord knows that's where the best music will be playing.

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    Great band and great review. There's seriously something for everyone to like in this band. Cheers.
    Found RoK at YouTube some time ago and as soon as i heard the first song i realized they're something special. His first EP and the 'Rhythm, Chord And Melody' are simply superb. The best albums I've heard lately, together with Anathema's. I'm waiting "This is what happens" CD to arrive to my mail soon. Guys you can't miss this group! You'll regret if you do it
    This band has become one of my overall favourites in a few short months. The versatility of their sound it what makes them great, since they can write both extremely complex, busy songs and more digestible, but still interesting, songs
    somebody did mention it, but the reign of kindo remixed this entire album in 8bit nintendo's called 'this is also what happens''s worth checking out.
    Finished listening to the album twice. Only complaint I'll make is that a lot of the songs get kinda same-y after a while. But it's a really interesting and fresh sound
    I have listened and loved the reign of kindo for 3 years. great band. they deserve to be more widely known
    I've listened to them for a while on youtube, and i even downloaded the album. I'm soo glad to see them getting some recognition on UG. RoK has some extremely talented musicians, and I'm proud to say I'm a big fan.
    I heard these guys on rpoland on youtube, and have been hooked ever since, i loved the Rhythm, Chord & Melody album, and hope this one is just as good! I love their mix of contemporary alt rock with prog/jazz elements, and they sort of remind me of a more jazzified version of thrice's alchemy index sound (particularly air/earth)
    I've been listening to these fellas on Candyrat Records youtube, rpoland. These guys are the definition of music, I love it!
    Wow I'm usually a metal guy but these guys ****ing RULE! I would never have realized I enjoy this type music without your help, THANKS MAN!
    I listened to some of their stuff on youtube, and I'm liking it. Btw, really good review it was kind of funny and intelligent without being pretentious
    This is like getting the restaurant's last piece of chocolate cake, the richest, creamiest chocolate cake youve ever had. Only with guitars.
    This had me sold. Even more when I saw these guys were a jazzy alt/prog band.
    Holy crap...I really like it. I wasn't expecting to, but I REALLY like it!
    If it was anything like "The Village People" I would never listen to them. So, thank God for that one.
    This Is Also What Happens, the 8-bit version of this album, is also cool as hell.
    I've never heard them, but the last two posts are good enough endorsement for me.