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The Rentals: Return Of The Rentals

Overall Impression — 6
The Rentals first album oddly titled "Return of The Rentals" was released in 1995. The Band was a merge of Weezer and That Dog containing Patrick Wilson and Matt Sharp of Weezer as well as Rachell Hayden andPetra Hayden of Tht Dog. The Band Was generally formed when Weezer recorded the song "I just threw out the love of my dreams" which was originally planned to be released on their second album titled "The Black Hole Album". This album was eventually scrapped and the song became a B-side on Weezer's Second album Pinketon. Matt sharp ( Bass ) and Petra hayden ( Violin ) were gennerally the bassis of The Rntals as members eventually came and left. Although riginally intended to be a side project of Matt's; when record sales of "Pinkerton" flopped he decided in 1998 to leave Weezer to pursue The Rentals. That Dog eventually too would break up and leader Anna Waronker would pursue a solo project. The album "Return of The Rentals" is a heavely synth Driven album. Though Record sales were very weak it contains a handfull of catchy hooks such as, "friends of P" "Please let that be you" and "Waiting". The album a a hole is not as good as Weezer but you can clearly hear it's "Weezer roots" on most of the album, whereas their later work is extreemly remnent of The Pixies. Still the album reall has not many focal points, but that would probably be expected considering it is a side project. In the whole the album is Very strong though when compared to any other synth inspired albums.

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