This Is Acoustic review by The Right Coast

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (3 votes)
The Right Coast: This Is Acoustic

Sound — 8
Melodically twined and unpretentious, the acoustic-rock quartet The Right Coast from Lancaster, Pennsylvania are not the music industry's usual folk-pop variety but infuse shavings of softcore punk and sunny pop with factions of emo-rock into their melodies. Their latest release, This Is Acoustic EP has refined chord progressions with vocal acoustics that are slightly gruffy around the edges. Lead singer Brandon Ehrgood has a melodic coarseness in his register that makes his sound distinguishable as the breathy beating of bassist Eric Camarota and drummer Curran Blevins support the ribbons of flailing movements and surging thrusts brought on by guitarist John Becker. The band's 4-track EP is short and to the point with gently spindled motions coursing through All She Wanted, and a throng of frantic shuffling that seams This Is Now as the vocal streams etch incisions of slowly rising peaks and descents. The soft swiveling motions of the acoustic guitar in Madeline produce a calming mood which puts the focus on the lyrical content, while Shake This Town has a catchy rhythmic beating that inserts dance-inspired hooks into the track. The Right Coast weld acoustic tunes with elements of coffeehouse folk, sunny pop, and campus rock adding in a sing-along vibe that enables the songs to resonate with the general masses.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics have an emo-slant to them like in Madeline with verses that propose, We could fly to the moon girl and call it home / We could swim through the ocean and cast out these woes / I've had too much but it's never enough / She said all I need is the summer sun / But maybe all I need is this girl to call it love There's nothing so damn pretty as / This girl who gave her heart to the world. Other times the lyrics have an anthem-angle to them like in Shake This Town with verses that rise up to make a toast, Here's to the days we spend chasing / All we could ever dream of taking / So maybe we're making ground / Can't get enough / Won't take breath / We'll live it night to night and love this life to death / This is our story Yeah we can shake this town / Wake me when we've got only / These drives with New Found Glory playing loud / Yeah we can make this count / Here's to the days we live / Yeah it feels so amazing when we do / Maybe this is the great escape / To a place where we can hear the angels sing / Yeah it sounds so amazing when they do / Maybe this is the great escape.

Overall Impression — 8
The Right Coast's EP is a culmination of softcore punk's Envy On The Coast with the folksy temperament of Landon Pigg and the sunny pop flare of Aqueduct making an album that sounds like an acoustic version of emo-rock. This Is Acoustic is a glimpse into the mechanics that operate The Right Coast with music that vacillates between being sedentary and being active. The Right Coast may not make music that is new to listeners, but what they do make sounds good.

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