GRRR! review by The Rolling Stones

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  • Released: Nov 12, 2012
  • Sound: 1
  • Lyrics: 1
  • Overall Impression: 1
  • Reviewer's score: 1 Junky
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The Rolling Stones: GRRR!

Sound — 1
Many people here The Rolling Stones, and they think: "Ooh I do like that Micky Jagger" but let me tell you, The rotating boulders (as I call them) aren't all that good. They are massively over-rated, and frankly a skid mark on the pants of British music. This particular album, titled "GRRR!" already lets itself down from the very beginning. I mean, no other band has ever titled an album with a random, primitive noise! Actually, a primitive noise is a very good way to describe Mick Jagger's singing style. Being the 82 year old man I am I understand the term artistic license but these lot need to have their artist license revoked. For example, the G# Minor chord in the very first song shouts "I'm a talentless self obsessed 'la di dah' idiot."

Lyrics — 1
I know dyslexic toddlers with a greater vocabulary than Mick Jagger. You never really see songs with good literature in them anymore. Most of my first albums I ever bought were much better written: I recall a particularly good number called "Frozen Heat, an oxymoron" by my all time favourite band, the Monk-Punchers. This particular song had all kinds of literary techniques in it: Rhetorical questions, hidden themes, and if you played it backwards, the devil spoke to you! Whereas all you get if you reverse most of the songs on this album is actually slightly easier to listen to than when played normally.

Overall Impression — 1
If you remember at the Olympic closing ceremony, when everyone was hoping that Paul McCartney wouldn't sing, to put it into perspective this is approximately 62 and a half times worse. When I saw this album on the shelf of my local charity shop, I wasn't wearing my spectacles, so purchased by error. However, once I had re-applied my glasses, I realised, oh no, not another half-baked, dire butchery of the British Music genre. After listening to the songs, I decided that it was truly horrendous, abysmal and utterly awful, so I went into the garden, and hacked it to pieces with my bare teeth. Overall a poor start for their first album, I expected better as their previous albums were much more musically superior. Poor.

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