You Will Not Survive review by The Saddest Landscape

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 4.5 (17 votes)
The Saddest Landscape: You Will Not Survive

Sound — 8
"You Will Not Survive" is screamo band The Saddest Landscape's effort put out in 2010. The 7 seven song album is full of frantic, chaotic music and gut-wrenching vocals. A short drum intro in the opener, "Declaring War On Nostalgia" gets the album going, it completely takes off from there and does not lose any power. "You Will Not Survive" has a very somber and almost frustrating feel to it, it can even seem taxing on one's emotions to listen to. The way the songs are put together makes them almost hard to follow, they are relentless, never letting up at all. But even with all of this chaos and power, the record has a very nice polished feel to it, the production is sound, everything has a clearly identifiable presence, and it is all put together very nicely. The guitars have a crisp feeling to them, but they are still heavily powered and a force to be acknowledged. Mix that in with an out of control rhythm section and the brilliant vocal delivery of the singer, and you have a very strong screamo album. Track listing: 01. Declaring War On Nostalgia 02. Torn, Broken, Beautiful 03. Eternity Is Lost On Dying 04. Imperfect But Ours 05. So Lightly Thrown 06. The Shadows I Call Home 07. From All Of Those...

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics in "You Will Not Survive" are filled with pain, sorrow, regret, and guilt. Reading them alone is saddening enough, but when you also factor in the singer's absolutely gut-wrenching vocal delivery, the power of the message behind the songs becomes impossible to not feel. It seems that as the album goes on, the clarity of the lyrics for the most part goes down as well, as if the singer become more frustrated with what is going on as the album progresses. There are quite a few stand out chunks of the lyrics that really just resonate with a listen to the record. From the opener: "Declaring War On Nostalgia": "And I just want to go back to when we didn't have to drink ourselves to sleep, back to when our dreams didn't weigh us down, back to when each day didn't feel like something we just survived." This comes right as there is a break in the instrumental work, making it have all the more impact. Another really good section is during the song "Imperfect But Ours": "And I will always be there to hold you up, and I will always forgive you when we fight, and after all this time I have learned that all those wishes lead to was bad decisions and failure. But you are the one thing that I got right." During this part of the song, there is a female backing vocalist, who does not sing completely along, but puts emphasis on certain parts of this section. Since this song is essentially a reflection on a past romantic relationship, I felt that the added backing vocals had even more momentum and emotion behind them. It is as if the singer cannot get the voice of the girl out of his head, and he continues to dwell on what he once had. A third part that I thought really sticks out comes from the closer, "From All Of Those..." "Here are our scars, here is what is left. "I love you" will not be enough to save us this time. Let it rain until our final days, let it wash this all way. I can count all of my friends on one hand, but I would die for any of them, and I like to think that if I ever made that call, they would be there." This section features the most chaotic instrumental and vocal parts on the album. The lyrics are very hard to make out, but the delivery is just beautiful. In a really messed up, painful way.

Overall Impression — 9
"You Will Not Survive" is a very fulfilling screamo record. It encompasses a lot of elements of the screamo genre that people have come to know and love, with a few tweaks and additions to it. This album is a good representation of what some modern screamo is like, it is not shy to show everyone what it is made of, and it continues that attitude through the final second of the closing song. The Saddest Landscape have shown again that they are a formidable force in the modern screamo scene.

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