Grind The Ocean review by The Safety Fire

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  • Released: Feb 27, 2012
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 9.5 (39 votes)
The Safety Fire: Grind The Ocean

Sound — 8
These guys popped up on my radar late last year and I've been waiting ever since for the full length album. The single, "Huge Hammers", was so good that I bought the album basically ten minutes after its release. Contrary to how the name sounds these guys are a metal band and the write some cracking tunes. "Grind The Ocean" is a diverse, groove laden and memorable album that even while it can be strange at times will keep you listening and replaying it. I'll start with my favorite part of "Grind The Ocean", the vocals. They are simply amazing, they add a side to this album that compliments the music so well. Aggressive and clear moments are played off beautifully sung passages that can almost sound delicate. This blend of light and dark caps an album of amazing performances brilliantly.

Lyrics — 7
The guitar work is something else, progressive is the best description, I love it but the style is not for everyone. Its frantic and off time, to an untrained ear or new listener it can be a turn off but these moments are paired with melodic and catchy riffing and lead work that you'll be humming the guitar parts for days. The big set pieces are also played off against slow acoustic or clean sections which divide up songs and the album as whole songs can be these passages. And now the rhythm section... This is an album that's driven by rhythm, feeling and groove so the bass and drums have a massive role to play in crafting the sound. This is a head bobber of an album and the drum work is so damn funky at times, he carries the groove riffs so well and makes them so much more. Watch the "Huge Hammers" video below for the best description anyone can give about the bass, just watch him, he is having more fun than I've probably ever had playing music!

Overall Impression — 8
This is a progressive master class, its big and epic at times and subdued and conservative the rest of the time and this is a great contrasting listen. I would wholly recommend this album just to experience a serious musical journey even just once, you wont regret it. "Grind The Ocean" is available now on iTunes and from the Century Media Webstore.

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    These comments are a pretty good indication that the majority of UG-goers have not a clue about good music.
    How is this music not memorable? They do a little bit of everything on this album. The vocals are harsh and off putting at first, but they grew on me fairly quickly. I'll be listening to this album for awhile.
    Custom Wirebird Tele's, equiped with bareknuckle pick-ups. 23 frets. built for metal. awesome album.
    colm c
    Wouldnt call em Djent, Epi you seem very aggressive towards this and other prog bands that have been coming out, why the hyper insulting aggression?
    It seems like any band that play an irregular breakdown or riff in a low tuning, it must be Djent. I don't really feel this comes under the name Djent. I'm impressed! Heard these guys a few months ago and can't wait to listen to the album!
    I honestly hear much more of a Cynic influence than I do djent, especially in the vocals and drumming, and the epic guitar part near the end. The clean, un-autotuned vocal passage also reminds me a bit of Between the Buried and Me. Can't help but think this is what Scale the Summit might sound like with vocals.
    At first I agreed with the people that said this is nothing new. And then I listened to it some more. This album is brilliant. It's definitely not djent like some have claimed, there's way more progressive elements here. Once you get used to the voice, I find this way closer to Between the Buried and Me (the bit in Huge Hammers around 40 in the actual song version just screams Colors-era BTBAM) And how any guitarist can't admire the riff near the end is beyond me =P
    Haha lol'ing hard at some of these comments. I disliked his vocals at first, but they do grow on you. But everyones going to dislike some vocals (Smashing Pumpkins, Circa Survive?). As for the guitar, NOT A TELE! Not sure where I read but they're fully custom built in the shape of a teleand they have BKP's too. Well everyones gotta have their opinion; so here mine: These guys are amazing musically, the progression through the songs is a journey, and all the contrasts of sound (melody to breakdown, etc) just adds so much depth to their sound.
    @hells.mascot listen to the album. The cleans are so unique and for me actually make the album.
    EpiExplorer wrote: [...]he uses bloody autotune FFS, you can hear it right there..
    So does Cynic--and everyone thinks Focus is an absolutely classic, brilliant album (because it is). What matters is how it mixes in with the music, and it works pretty well here creating an opposing melody to the rather harsh vocals. I don't get why people are not enjoying this, especially "Huge Hammers". Yes, the vocals DO take some getting used to, but overall these guys are pretty darn good. I was put off by the vocals at first too, but now I really enjoy them and I believe that they work well with the music. As a whole, this band has a nice sound.
    You guys should check out the whole album. Its really varied and there are some really great tracks on there. Also in what way is this djent? If djent is characterised by a particular chord, which this band never uses, how is it djent? I agree that the vocals in parts of the screaming are a little monotonous but the singing is amazing and unique.
    Why the f*** am I reading about the guitars and stuff in the "lyrics and singing" section of the review and the vocals at the end of the "sound" section?
    I agree with Epi on the vocals part. I don't really mind Huge Hammers for the most part, but the other tracks on the album get really annoying. His cleans i do enjoy because his accent is sick, but the screams are like half-assed in my opinion. Despite all this, i;ve been following them for years and i plan on keeping up with them because they do have huge potential :]
    Ibeanez wrote: Metal with a Tele? Why?
    One name: Jari Menp. Okay, he can make it sound good, but in general, the tele isn't built for metal, unless you've got 'buckers or active singles.
    a drummer
    Epi, you'll probably get voted down by the djent fan-boys, but right you are about this record. I'll be seeing these guys in April with PTH, hoping their live performance is good
    I heard their demos 2 years ago and heard some interesting stuff, but.. This is pretty rubbish. Its not memorable, the instrumentation is pretty standard fare now (it is, admit it, it could be better), and the vocals are utter balls, the harsh vocals just sound like he's clearing his throat all the time and he uses bloody autotune FFS, you can hear it right there..
    Well, based on that video alone, I sort of agree with Epi. Those vocals made me want to stop listening. I liked the more mellow parts around 20 and 30. On a side note, metal with a Tele? Why?