Science & Faith review by The Script

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  • Released: Sep 10, 2010
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.5 (17 votes)
The Script: Science & Faith

Sound — 7
To start off, The Script display a slightly different sound in Science and Faith than they did on their self-titled. While still retaining the combination of pop/rock and R&B, the Irish trio seem to rely less on their pop influences on this album. The sound comes out comparable to that of U2, but with a much more emotional feel. Effects are a huge part in the guitar playing, which itself is not too impressive, though remaining somewhat innovative, a perfect example being the track "Nothing" where guitarist Mark Sheehan incorporates natural harmonics into the playing. All in all, the sound is itself unique, but not exactly a musical breakthrough. Still, this band remains one of my favorites.

Lyrics — 10
When I first listened to this band (before they had any popularity) I hated the music. However, the lyrical work done on The Script's songs is masterful and drew me in, so I could eventually appreciate the music, too. Singer Danny O'Donoghue has amazing lyric-writing abilities as well as talent at singing. He manages to hit notes that are pretty high, but doesn't get annoying with it, as other artists in this genre tend to do. He mixes the normal pitch with the high pitch to give some dramatic effects, one of the best being in the chorus of the song "Dead Man Walking". As I said the lyrics are the best thing about this band. An example of this is from my favorite song off the album "Nothing": "And I know that I'm drunk but I'll say the words And she'll listen this time even though their slurred Dialed her number and confess to her I'm still in love but all I heard was nothing." The words fit well with the rather emotional tone of the music. This is The Script's strongest point.

Overall Impression — 7
Science and Faith display's The Script at their best and is much better than their previous album. The most impressive song on this album has to be "Nothing", but there are plenty of other excellent tracks, like "Exit Wound", which serves as a great album finisher with its dramatic change-ups. Many of the tracks are very catchy, especially "Long Gone and Moved On". "Walk Away" has a powerful chorus and one part where the R&B influences shine through, having Donoghue almost approach a mini-rap. The things I like most about the album are the lyrics and the emotion put into the music, something which may often lack in today's "ear-candy". However, being a natural lover of the various -cores (surprising, isn't it) the pop elements tend to make me wince just a little. This doesn't really have too much effect on my opinion of the music as a whole, though. Also, a few songs sound very similar to one another. Like I said, The Script are very comparable with U2, and it isn't surprising that they've seen a spike in their popularity recently. In the end, I would say that this is a good record, but certainly not the best I've ever heard. But, kudos to The Script for it.

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