Temptation Come My Way Review

artist: The Showdown date: 09/21/2007 category: compact discs
The Showdown: Temptation Come My Way
Release Date: Feb 20, 2007
Label: Mono Vs. Stereo
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
Temptation Come My Way absolutely shines in the intros, which feature the guitarists laying out riffs that would make some of the greats proud.
 Sound: 8.3
 Lyrics: 7.7
 Overall Impression: 8.3
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overall: 7.7
Temptation Come My Way Reviewed by: UG Team, on february 23, 2007
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Sound: Tennessee band The Showdown's sophomore release should intrigue a low of new listeners to its grooving metal sound thanks to the inspired work of guitarists Travis Bailey and Josh Childers. Temptation Come My Way absolutely shines in the intros, which feature the guitarists laying out riffs that would make some of the greats proud. But it's in the verses that the band tends to get stuck in the same place much of the time. This is not to say that the band does not have some creative ideas along the way. Given a bit more time, it's likely that The Showdown could grow into a solid rock outfit that could delivery some metal anthems (with a bluesy touch) in time. The first track Fanatics And Whores begins with a whole lot of promise, complete with pinch harmonics that could easily be mistaken for Zakk Wylde's work. That's a very good thing in itself. But when it gets down to the base songwriting, the track loses its punch fairly quickly. The verse sticks with a pretty monotonous rhythm and vocalist David Bunton's delivery is just not gritty enough most of the time. At times, he does give a big roar, and hearing more of that kind of vocal really would have added the right kind of aggression to match the fantastic shredding. Almost every track has its cool moments, and it's refreshing to hear a band boast that almost half of it's tracks contains cowbell. The percussion really is brought to the forefront because of that little cowbell, and it allows drummer AJ Barrette to not be lost behind the flawless guitar execution. Of course, the one track that will have everyone talking is the cover of Kansas' Carry On My Wayward Son. While it's cool to hear a metal twist on the classic tune, it's a dangerous thing to try and touch vocals that were already spot on. There is a level of fun that is explored in the new version that you don't necessarily get in the original, but it may leave still leave many listeners wanting to hear the Kansas' version in the end. // 7

Lyrics: With titles like We Die Young (not the Alice In Chains' version) and Six Feet Under, you'll probably be expecting some dark, foreboding lyrics. Sure, there's a bit of that, but there's also some interesting descriptive phrases and imagery to go along with many of the songs. It should also be mentioned that the band has been called a Christian band, but again, nothing too overtly religious in the latest record. In Fanatics And Whores, Bunton starts out singing a few creative lines that get your attention -- and touches on religion a tad along the way. You with the Bible Belt buckling the knees of the world; And your rattletrap dogma in tow; You with the tie and that smile and the green in your eyes. That first line just flows to begin with, while the others relay the jaded and skeptical theme behind the song nicely. While there are not metaphors and imagery in every song, most of the tracks never get bogged down with generic lyrics. You might groan at lyrics that say, Lovesick, lost and cold and lonely; With a gutful of nothing -- but the lyrics are fairly solid for the most part. // 8

Overall Impression: When you hear the wailing guitar on the first track, it's hard not to root for The Showdown. The guitarists definitely stand at the forefront of the band, and not just on straightforward metal songs. The track It Drinks From Me has almost a Delta blues feel at the beginning, while at the chorus the band goes more toward a metal feel (the solos are the big highlight for the metal portion). Even though the track is a bit slower tempo, it has a cool feel that once again shows the talent behind the guitarists. Songs like It Drinks From Me and Temptation Come My Way start out with a cool, grooving intro and really draw you in. It does seem to be the trend that the songs start out really strong and then dip in excitement a bit. But if the band can work through the rough patches in between, then expect to be impressed by The Showdown down the road. // 8

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overall: 8.7
Temptation Come My Way Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 28, 2007
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Sound: I was and still am an avid The Showdown fan, even though this album did semi-dissapoint me, not becuase it's not good, simply because it wasn't what I was expecting, it was such a drastic change, that I neve saw coming, so it threw me for a bit of a loop. It seems much more "produced" than Chorus Of Obliteration, maybe even "over-produced", but I don't think anything could stop The Showdown from making a solid record, they are great musicians doing what they do, and it's not just music to them, it's their life. So, that can never be bad. // 9

Lyrics: I'm not a religious person myself, although most of my favorite bands are "Christian bands", even if you are not religious, you can usually find some way to identify with any lyrical content, because they are usually about struggle, overcoming something in your way, and living to fight whatever comes next. David Bunton does a good job with vocals and lyric-wise. // 8

Overall Impression: I like how The Showdown's solos fit the songs well, but they don't push them too far trying to impress and shock everyone with them. They have real good riffs, even though I don't think they shine through enough on this CD, it seems to be more focused on the vocals, and you have to really listen to get the real feel of it. Let's break it down. 01. Fanatics And Whores - this song starts very promising, the guitar sounds like your fixin' to be blown away.you wait for itthen you suddenly disappointed by this grunt-like hey chant. Trivium killed the chant when they wrote The Anthem, and The Showdown doesn't do a good enough job to bring it back to life. Then David (lead singer) goes on a semi-tirad in his southern drawl. Then comes the almost catchy chorus, which again, comes up shortThe guitar solo comes into salvage whatever is left of this disappointing opener. 02. Head Down - the only that stops this song from being something straight out of the 80's metal scene is the double bass on the drums, and a little guitar work,other than that, this song should be on an The Best Of '80s Metal compilation CD. There's nothing real special about this song. 03. Six Feet Under - another song that doesn't really push any envelopes, but it's a good song altogether, really good breakdown riff at the end, catchy enough. Good song in all. 04. We Die Young - simple song, mix of early metal, and metalcore guitar. One of the more melodic songs on the album, really nice guitar solo (but then again, they all are pretty good). 05. Breath Of The Swamp - the second best song on the album, very upbeat, more throaty vocals, and of course cowbell. This is a very good song, catchy, great arena/road trip/concert/get together and party song to sing along to, it gets stuck in your head and it stays there and with lyrical lines like Straight outta the south friend, what's not to like? 06. It Drinks From Me - this is just, well, it's just your typical run of the mill, Momma didn't love me, Daddy didn't care song, so much so, that's it's sickeningI've only listened to this whole song once, and that's really all I care too, the guitar in the chorus tries to make it still rock, but fails. 07. Temptation Come My Way - the best song on the album, and by the way it starts out, with that slow, simple intro, you wouldn't think it would be. But once that wailing guitar comes in, it changes completely. The southern gang vocals on this song are the only ones really notable on the whole album, they fit so wellCatchy chorus, it even contains a quirky little lyric that the Showdown is so well known for. In A Monument Incased In Ash, it was whoa, break it down! in From The Mouth of Gath Comes Terror, it was now you're pushin' up, daises baby! and now in Temptation Come My Way, it is watch this! I love it. 08. Forget My Name - another safe, not to out there, Southern song. I kinda laughed at the Give me 2 or 3 steps Mister, then I'll be long gone lyric. 09. Spitting In The Wind - could be classified about the same as as Forget My Name, safe, nothing pushing any envelopes, so surprises. 10. I, Victim (here's To The Year) - this is a really good song, not great, but still really good, upbeat, nice, catchy, good guitar work, good vocalsnothing bad to say about this song 11. Carry On My Wayward Son - they definitely did the original some justice, as well as surpassed it, the chorus and verse work is nothing real different, the guitar solo sounds amazing, this is definitely one of the better cover songs I've ever heard. but the question is, could The Showdown have written this song, if it hadn't already been done? 12. Death Finds Us Breathing: This a nice melodic song, but it's still got that rockin' vibe to it. Plus they use the word Juggernaut, that would help out any song A great way to close the album. Overall, this is a good CD to have in your collection, just to throw in every once in a while. If it was stolen from me, I might think twice about buying it again. But seeing as how you can get it for like 7.99 at best buy still, I'd probably buy it again. // 9

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overall: 8
Temptation Come My Way Reviewed by: I am punk "BF", on september 21, 2007
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Sound: I did not really like the vocals because they really sounded like they were from the '80s. Other than the vocals the guitars were amazing. I cannot believe how cool the guitars. I listen to this album mainly for the guitars. They have cool guitar riffs and awesome chords. The intros to the songs are really talented. Once you put the CD in your stereo the first song comes on and it is a cool drum beat and then a cool guitar riff starts playing. The guitars were amazingly good. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics were not as good as the guitars. They could have done a better job with the lyrics but either way they were not to terrible. I think that "The Showdown" should have brought more of a Christain theme to the songs considering that they are a Christain band. The vocals go great with the songs though. If you like metal or just 80's music you have to get this album. // 7

Overall Impression: Overall this was a pretty good release. The best song on the album was "Death Finds Us Breathing." On that track the vocals sound more like modern metal rather than '80s metal. One thing that "The showdown" did that was pretty cool was play the song "Carry On My Wayward Son." It was originally an old song by an old band called "Reachel Reachel." // 8

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