As One Voice review by The Socially Retarded

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  • Released: Jun 6, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (4 votes)
The Socially Retarded: As One Voice

Sound — 9
TSR have always had they're signature sound that has the toughness of punk and the heavyiness of metal. They captivate they're fans ears with melodic vocals, killer riffs, great solos, kick ass basslines, and fast beats that anyone could slam dance or headbang to. 01. To The End - the local favorite here in Blythe, California! It's lyrics are plain and simple, having your friends back in a tough situation. The songs catchy riff makes this one of my favorites! 02. Hangman - another favorite and classic. Catchy song that delivers the political message of soldiers being killed in the war. 03. All We've Got - what else can I say about this song besides how great and how signature of this band to go from a slow riff to a fast beat that drives moshpits in our local bowling alley! 04. Bombs To The Oval Office - my favorite politcal song ever! This song has classy anarchist droven lyrics. Gets you pissed off at the country we live in! The catchy chorus gets you sing'n all day! 05. They Have The Right - holy shit goes through your mind when you here this masterpiece. A TSR signature, going from a slow beat to a fast mosh worthy energy filled song. 06. Don't Look Back - another great intro. Aaron Chaney starts out with a crazy bass line. Another great song filled with meaningful lyrics. It's about wanting to change the past in your life, but always staying possitive and living the present is the way you should live your life! 07. What Is Truth - the intro is mindblowing! Kitty comes in with this crazy Jungle sounding beat! One of their more dangerous songs that makes you grind your teeth with anger with the government! And don't forget the crazy ass solo from Ryan! 08. The Beer Song - should be called the "Blythe Song" Everyone in this small town loves and relates to this song! It's riff is so amazing! Just three chords to make an outstiding riff! I love this song! Anyone can relate to their lyrics and have a personal connection with them. 09. Punk Kid - I love this song! It's a perfect punk song that describes how kids feel that are into punk rock! And it's short to for TSR! only 1:56 and yes that is short for TSR! If only they played it more live.

Lyrics — 9
Ryan Reyes voice is perfect for TSR. His great melodies go with they're rage and anger. The lyrics of TSR are simple, very political and are about they're friends.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is by for an amazing album and a great debut for a small town band. I love these guys. They make it possible to have a band in this small town in Blythe, Ca and be succecful in the independent world. I'm glad to know these guys and I'm happy that they support our punk band. We will definetly follow in the footsteps of these guys. I just wanna say to them that I'm glad that you guys are able to bring good music to this small town. Seeing your guyses shows and being able to play with you guys is overwellming to say the least. Thank You for all the support and all of the great music that you have given us local Blythe kids and future great music.

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    Haha this band I've seen tons of times from around here is touring with them right now and is on the same label. Chesterfield check em out! All the guys in this band are 16.
    by thsi band I mean TSR. The guys in Chesterfield are around 30.
    i wrote the review and Ryan, Kitty, and Aaron u guys better like it god damnit!!!
    and to grungehead27 u r a fag these guyses music inspires me! and they're cool guys!