The Sorrow review by The Sorrow

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  • Released: Oct 29, 2010
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (8 votes)
The Sorrow: The Sorrow

Sound — 9
The Sorrow is an Austrian metalcore band formed back in 2005. While they have released two other albums, this is the first one I heard by them, which is also their latest. At times the band can create the most heartbreaking riff such as on the track "Farewells", or the most insane beats such as on "Paragon In Charity". The production on the album also helps the sound, as all the instruments are in perfect harmony. At times, the vocals can be hard to hear over the guitar, but this does not happen often, nothing more than a minor complaint at most. The vocals, overall, are great. The screams are harsh and go perfect with the guitar work. The singing is also quite good, and the vocalist is able to go from screams to singing with absolute ease. Some songs it feels as though there may be too much of one or the other, but again, nothing more than a minor complaint.

Lyrics — 8
Lyrically all the songs deal with some sort of loss or hardship (from what I can tell), but each manages to do it in its own unique way. Some songs, such as "Farewells", have no hidden meanings, (Ex: "The empty glass I stare in/Gave comfort for a while/Still there's so much that I can't realize/The years we spent running together/The book that we have closed/And still there are some chapters left to write") but it still manages to be artistic and bring about emotion. Some songs lyrically are downright sad, others are hopefully, and all are about some of life's various struggles. While none of the songs downright say what they are about, they are not overall complicated or ever use a huge string of metaphors. You will be thinking about the lyrics, but not trying to decipher what any of the songs mean. The lyrics and the music go well together, as the mood of the songs and the music always match up perfectly. The way the vocalist sings certain parts or screams certain parts adds to mood. It would have been nice to have more varied subject matter and perhaps more "complicated" lyrics, but overall they are very good.

Overall Impression — 9
This album is basically a testament to everything that is good about metalcore. "Crossing Jordan", "Weight Of The World", "Heart Of A Lion", "Farewells", and "You Are My Nemesis" are the standout tracks on this album. There is something on this album for everyone. At thirteen tracks and many songs about 5 minutes in length, you will get your moneys worth. The Sorrow created their own sound, they sound nothing like any other band I heard. (But maybe I just don't listen to enough bands.) There are no real complaints about this album, other than the occasional detail here and there. If this CD were ever lost or stolen, I would find the man who took it, tell him what a good taste in music he has, and then punch him in the face. No one is taking this CD from me. Overall an excellent album, and a worth addition to any collection.

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    It's such a shame that these guys are only big in Austria/Europe. If theese guys toured with As I Lay Dying, Trivium, or Killswitch, wonders will happen to them.