Lover, The Lord Has Left Us review by The Sound of Animals Fighting

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  • Released: May 16, 2006
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (20 votes)
The Sound of Animals Fighting: Lover, The Lord Has Left Us

Sound — 7
There's only one word to descibe the new TSOAF album: different. It's different from what I'm used to hearing. It's different from what the guys in the band put out with their normal bands. Its different from The Tiger and The Duke. Its not nearly as guitar driven as TTATD or anything else. I'm not really sure what its driven by exactly, but on Stockhausen I heard that they used kitchen appliances etc. There's a fine line between experimental and desperate and I think it might have just been crossed. There's sanskrit chanting/praying in about every other song. Some might enjoy that, but I find it unbearable and hope that they release versions without it in the near future. Basically, its too different from its own good.

Lyrics — 10
In the songs that one can understand the singer, the lyrics are pretty well written. In fact, I personally love the lyrics, especially in St. Broadrick and The Heretic. The chanted/whatever songs really get on my nerves though. I just simply can not see what they were going for with that. I think that Skullflower and a few others would have been such great songs had there not been any chanting in it. This Heat probably has the best lyrics on the album.

Overall Impression — 7
Out of the 14 tracks on this album I think only 6 are worth anyones time. I can see that TSOAF went in a much different direction with this album than TTaTD, and hopefully they will go in a much, much different direction with their next release from lover songs that I find worth listening to My Horse Must Lose, Horses In The Sky, This Heat, The Heretic, St. Broadrick is in Antarctica. Half of this album should not have been released. This will hopefully be the worst blunder in the history of TSOAF.

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    This album is easily one of the best albums of the year. Yes, the experimentation may - in some eyes - viewed as crossing the boundaries. Boundaries are meant to be crossed. One should not be thought as narrow or close-minded for not enjoying the album to the full extent, but rather the bizarre juxtapostion of music on every song doesn't appeal to them psychologicially. It's perfectly normal. This album has done more experimentation that any other band I have ever heard. Yes, Tiger and the Duke was a more progressive approach; however, it was praised - to an extent, but many critics found it to be too relevant to The Mars Volta. This can be understanding. This band might not make another album, and it's highly probable. It was a side project for many of the members, that and this is the last album...what would you do? I believe their approach is completely reasonable, and on that note, a damn good one. I love this album start to finish, backwords, upside down, et cetera. It may not appeal to the average ear, but if you are willing for this band to take you to places you've never been, then let them do it, and it might take 5, 10, maybe 20 times through the album for you to reach that point, but don't let that scare you.
    beautiful album. complex, strange, out of the ordinary, experimental, chaotic. honestly, if you didn't like this album, its because its beyond you. you just simply don't get it, and probably won't. unless of course you watch the absolutely INCREDIBLE DVD they put out called We Must Become The Change We Want To See. and if you watch that and still don't like it, maybe you should just put your nickel back cd back in the player. we all know you want to. if you like boring, samey, cookie cutter music, then you will downright HATE this album. don't buy it. however, if you have an open mind, desire to discover different ways to approach making and listening to music, and don't hate people who speak other languages because your ignorant, then you more than likely will get and thoroughly enjoy this record. that is all.
    u just have to respect the music for the fact that its different. its amazing just because of that.
    s_o_mercury wrote: iquitmyscene13 wrote: And denouncing an album because it doesn't sound exactly like the last one is inane.
    Agreed! ...but this album is still garbage.
    best album ever...oh, and the sanskript is AWSOME so suck it...i do agree that its nothing like tiger and the duke....but in the end...who really cares...
    iquitmyscene13 wrote: Skullflower could have been a great song if that stupid Indian chick didn't wail halfway through.
    The Sanskrit (NOT Indian, but close) is sung in halftones. Half tones are used in a lot of tribal music, to intentionally create tension, and then to release it. This is why "that stupid Indian chick" is in the song, and why it is necessary to have this part there. If you notice when the Sanskrit comes in, the guitar distortion flips more and is panned across the speakers, and feedback loops too. This all helps to create tension, and that tension is released when Anthony comes in. And what most people can't realize when listening to this album is that it's not like most albums where you can just skip to all the tracks you like and judge it by individual songs. It's a progressive album, and must be listened to from beginning to end to get the full effect. Saying an album sucks because a few songs sound bad is like saying a novel sucks because two or three lines were written badly. And denouncing an album because it doesn't sound exactly like the last one is inane. If it's not different, then what's the point of making it at all? Artists that just carbon-copy their old stuff on to new albums are useless. And the fact that The Sound of Animals Fighting recorded all the separate parts for each song individually ACROSS THE COUNTRY, MOST OF THE MEMBERS HAVING NEVER EVEN MET EACH OTHER BEFORE, and then mixing it all over the internet? Geniuses, every single one. This entire album should be worshipped.
    This album sucks compared to the first. Skullflower could have been a great song if that stupid Indian chick didn't wail halfway through. The Heretic sounds like a bad trip off some drug. Maybe it'd sound good if you were a druggie. Who knows, maybe it'd even sound good if you were just retarded.
    i've listened to this cd all the way through at least 3 times as of now, it's damn good, it's easily one of the best album's i've ever purchased/dl'ed/received/ripped, and at over 600 albums, i'd say that's mildly impressive at least, they're just epic, plain and simple, and yes um'aria is performed my Craigary of Chiodos, as are some of the other vocals, and in my opinion they didn't cross the line, they re-invented it, if you fail to understand this concept, listen to the last song on the album, it explains everything
    i love the sound of animals fighting but the reviewer is right this album is a bit bad, they should of gone for a bit more guitar and alot less chanting
    I love the band but the album is a little self-indulgent. It's almost like they were trying to do weird things just for the sake of weird things. I love experimentation, but they might be trying a little too hard. That being said, when they are genuinely putting their heart into it, they are an amazing band, the sanskrit chanting is a very cool addition, the spoken word is near-poetic, the guitar is amazing, and the vocals are also great.
    you got it exactly right, the heretic is great and skullflower would have been great without chanting. with out the crazy stuff, they would be very good.
    It's music. You either like it or you don't, but personally, I really love The Sound Of Animals Fighting.
    ObscuredByLight wrote: maybe being close minded means trying to get others to view things the same way that you do?
    Agreed. I do feel that some of the songs are awesome, but some are too wierd for me. But I respect that they are pushing the limits.
    no no no, you all listen. I was giving my honest opinion and youre bashing on it. maybe being close minded means trying to get others to view things the same way that you do? i certinaly am not close minded, i simply know what i like and know what i dont, thank you very much.
    Listen. This album is amazing. It may not exactly tickle your ear drums because it doesn't have the poppy little choruses or verses that most of us are used to hearing. This album is amazing, because these guys are challenging every aspect of modern music. Listen to the last track, "there can be no dispute..." For as long as there's been music, there's been ways to put it down on paper, way's to transcribe it, and there's a common thing we are used to hearing. There is a very narrow spectrum of criteria that is acceptable for songs to have in order to be recorded, put on the radio and to become hits. After all, the only definition of music is "organized sound." T.S.O.F.A. is recognizing this definition and is challenging all of the "standards" that we are used to, and bring us something different, something completely original.. something absolutely amazing. They do this by using all the electronic programs and sounds that make their songs near impossible to put down on a sheet of paper. Changing time signatures... distorted, sometimes unstructured melodies and verses. Everything we've ever known music to be.. standard recurring choruses, and chords... steady beats and tempo... these guys change up on us. They are showing that music can be made out of anything. It doesn't have to simply be 2 guitars, one bass a singer and drums for it to be music. They see music in everything.. and can make music out of anything.. for example, the clanking of the silverwear (I dont need to explain every sound effect, just take a listen to one song, and you'll hear plenty). So, you can not take a listen to this album, and just because there's a lack of instruments or something of that nature, conclude that they were desperate and it's not a good album. Look deeper, see their motives, understand what they're trying to do. This band is amazing, and their love for music and what they're trying to do goes deeper than many can comprehend on their own. This album, and this band are amazing!
    the reviewer is too close minded to be reviewing such an album, this is a fantastic album
    you have to look at this album in a sense of if you a were a member of the band. because you cannot make the conclusion that they were desperate. especially knowing that anthony greene is one of the members, and he is a ****ing genius. personally i cannot believe you left out un'aria. the fact that it is acapella makes it enjoyable but dark beginning to the album. I believe it's the singer of chiodos. skullflower is simply amazing. every aspect of it. i'm sure they were looking at this album in an international level because they have put so many types of languages and such in it. anthony's voice in the song is angelic, i love it. don't judge the chanting, listen to it a few times and you'll get used to it. and learn what it means before you just throw it off as jibberish. like you said, my horse must lose is an excellent track. i love it's laid back, mellow, make your head bob felling. the song is really beautiful, with a mix of piano, synth, acoustic guitar, violin, and more. chiriacho summit is such a ****ing awesome song as well. it features a woman almost protesting, while creepy voices repeat with her in the back. in the background there are guns and bombs, and weird noises. i love the line "no retreat, not even in sleep" as well as "take that step to the night beyond all that has created you" horses in the sky is really unique, as every song on this album is. it's got a technoish feel to it. somehow anthony makes his voice work in it, i was amazed by that. this is where the "distored" guitar starts coming in as well. there's an amazing solo in this song as well. it starts kicking your ass, like dragon force or something. i think stockhausen is the song in which kitchen items were used. the lyrics are a lot better than you give credit for, "You can justify just about anything" open up your mind man, give the album another listen. you'll find it's amazing.
    not to mention, if it had been exactly the same as Tiger and The Duke I would've been pissed. Yes, stupid reviewer, its called Tiger and The Duke. Not The Tiger. how about do some research before you start hating on something and making yourself look goddamn retarded