No Really, I'm Fine review by The Spill Canvas

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  • Released: Oct 2, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (9 votes)
The Spill Canvas: No Really, I'm Fine

Sound — 9
The sound of this album goes along the lines of being more "pop" then anything else they have previously released. The hooks are hot and make you need to tap your toes, whether this is a good of bad thing is still up in the air. The guitars are a lot more electric compared to their previous albums, where a lot was done with acoustic guitars. In a way this seems like a departure from the acoustic indie band that I discovered when I first discovered The Spill Canvas, into a more grown up, radio friendly band. They may be leaving their roots behind, but nothing changes the fact that they are excellent musicians. The music moves the lyrics along nicely, the sickly sweet guitar riffs and the touching solos offer a brand a poetry found only when laying awake at 2 in the morning listening through a pair of headphones. All the instruments manage to produce together a feeling for each song, instead of being just the backing to the lyrics, like most new bands are doing, the music is actually part of the song. The highs and lows travel nicely across each track, emphasizing and building suspense very nicely.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics to this album are more grown up then the previous two albums. Much like with the music the lyrics take on a more radio-friendly look. Compared to their previous albums which often the songs contained references to obscure love and hate, this album takes a more straightforward approach. Leaving behind the talk of imaginary lovers and the such in the dust. They also take on such things as the pressure of the real world and dealing with real problems (not that love and girls are not real problems). The lyrics are sung very effectively, the singer still sings with that indie tinge that borders on inexperience and true emotion. He hits all his notes in line with the music but it is nothing extraordinary. The real beauty lies in the words themselves. They are all very poetic and moving. Yet, like all previous mention, they don't seem to compare to the previous albums by this band.

Overall Impression — 9
Like I previously stated this album doesn't quite stack up to the previous albums The Spill Canvas have released, but it is a good by none the less. Specifically if you are looking for the next big thing. The Spill Canvas are moving up in the musically world and it would be wise to jump on the band wagon now before it moves on. Songs such as "One Thing Is For Sure" and "Connect The Dots" Really showcase how intimate music can be, unlike a lot of music being released now this shows that a song can be lovely but not sickingly so. I hate that this band seems to be leaving behind it's roots, and some of it's fanbase. We fell in love with the acoustic beauty that was showcased on Sunsets and Car Crashes. I guess it is the way of everything to transcend the current and move onto the future. I hope that future is bright for this band.

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    I completely agree with the "moving away from their roots" things, i loved all their acoustic stuff with sunsets and car crashes, but I'm sure they will do another acoustic album later on.
    yeh i loved their older acoustic stuff. but ilove the new album just as much... i just hope they do some acoustic versions of their new songs
    I was disappointed in this cd. It seemed very average. The first two were far better.
    you can like still tell its the Spill Canvas, but only on some songs... some are kind of silly, like Saved and Connect the Dots. they sound all radio-y now and stuff. sunsets was better. also, one fell swoop. not this one.
    appreciation is such a great song...but i agree, some of the songs just dont seem like spill canvas wrote them
    Absoulutely Amazing live, and the cd is still awesome compared to a lot of the music you hear on the radio.
    The Spill Canvas has made a decent enough transition into the world of Pop/Rock. They've left their roots of being an acoustic band, but I believe they will be back. There are quite a few exceptional songs on this CD, as the lyrics in most of the songs have not suffered. TSC sounded, on this album, like they were trying too hard to break into the mainstream with this album. Not as good as their first two offerings, but far from a disappointment. 9/10
    If you REALLY knew tsc, then you'd know they didn't change into something completely different... Listen to Hush Hush, Appreciation And The Bomb, Lullaby, Saved, Connect the Dots, One Thing Is For Sure, hell all of them have that distinct spill canvas sound! I'm not sure if any of you have but if you gave this cd a chance instead of instantly marking it as "disappointing" or "radio-y".. who cares if it sounds like something? if it sounds good listen to it.. don't listen to it one time with the whole mindset that "this album sucks"
    though they broke away it DOES sound like they wrote it the same passsion is still evident in every song. the lyrics i agree are still queit powerful and thought provoking if you know spill canvas than this is toally them very good cd they got more technical with the drums and guitar all in all 10/10
    In all actuality, TSC started out with just just Nick Thomas. So he had no drums bass backup guitar etc. so thats why they had they acoustic sound. Then the other band members just filled in with his music. I've listened to TSC for a long time now and they sound the same. Some songs can be too much pop, but it's just the way they sound that sets them apart from other bands. Nick has some of the smoothest guitar playing I've heard. He makes repetative chords synch with each other like they belong. Imo they're (TSC) is one of the most talented bands out there right now.