The Make Yourself At Home EP Review

artist: The Starting Line date: 04/09/2004 category: compact discs
The Starting Line: The Make Yourself At Home EP
Released: Nov 25, 2003
Genre: Rock
Styles: Punk-Pop, Emo
Number Of Tracks: 8
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 10
The Make Yourself At Home EP Reviewed by: lassise, on february 05, 2004
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Sound: The style of this CD is all acoustic, as it is an acoustic CD. It consists of 5 new singles as well as an acoustic version of "Best of Me." It is amazing how the band can change formats from high energy pop punk to a mellow acoustic wonder. This CD is obviously for a fan of acoustic and mellow tunes, although I wasn't a huge fan of the genre at the time I purchased the CD, it really turned me on to it. // 10

Lyrics: The singer has a great voice, and all of the songs have great lyrics. Like most punk bands, the songs are about life and girls. The words are quite catchy, while still keeping their root meanings. I would say any fan of pop punk/emo would appreciate the messages of the songs. // 10

Overall Impression: It is hard to compare this CD to their other CD's because this is meant to be an easy listening chill acoustic EP. I was a fan of the band to begin with and the CD didn't let me down at all, I cannot stop listening to it. The best new song IMO would be 'Playing Favorites' which can also be found on the "Punk Goes Acoustic" Comp. I can't find one thing that I don't like other than there aren't more songs, but its an EP... it isn't supposed to be loaded with tracks. If I lost it I would buy it again without a doubt. This CD is possibly the best $7 you can spend on a CD. It is an amazing CD and now that you have read this review Go Out And Buy It. Stop Reading - Go To Your Local Record Store - Buy It Now! // 10

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overall: 9.3
The Make Yourself At Home EP Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 09, 2004
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Sound: Sound is awesome. They put out a really good EP. The songs aren't just slapped together to keep the fans happy either. There are lots of catchy chorus's. The two acoustic guitars, and vocals really come together to put out a great EP. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are bright and emotional just like TSL's previous stuff. And Kenny's voice just brings it all together. // 10

Overall Impression: Good EP that's definately worth the money. I just wish it had more songs. But after all it is only an EP. The Best songs are: Selective, Playing Favourites, and Lasting Impressions. I can't wait for thier new CD to come Out which will feature the full band version of lasting Impressions. The only reason I couldn't give it a 5 was because I tried to watch the videos on my computer and messed it up. Which sucks because now I can't watch them! // 8

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