1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions Review

artist: The Stooges date: 04/14/2010 category: compact discs
The Stooges: 1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions
Released: 1999
Genre: Protopunk
Label: Rhino Handmade
Number Of Tracks: 142 (7CD)
Originally released as a limited edition seven-disc box set, "The Complete Fun House Sessions" is now more widely available as a digital download.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.3
1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions Reviewed by: PAJ89, on april 14, 2010
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Sound: Orignally released as a limited edition seven-disc box set, The Complete Fun House Sessions is now more widely available as a digital download. The 142 tracks encompass everything from those sessions: false starts, studio banter, and an incredible thirty different takes of Loose.

Casual fans will probably feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the album, but hardcore Stooge-fans will appreciate the close-up look of their favorite band. You get a real fly-on-wall feeling listening to the studio dialouge, which includes Iggy clowning about and the Asheton brothers attempting to play Wipe Out. There are some great takes of all your Fun House favorites, but a few inclusions of particular note: two unreleased tracks ('Lost in the Future' and 'Slidin' the Blues') and the single version of 'Down on the Street', which includes some Doors-esque organ. // 8

Lyrics: If you're even considering this collection, you're more thank likely familiar with Iggy Pop's brand of lyrics. The interesting thing is how the lyrics evolve through the takes; the takes with ad-libbed lyrics provide a glimpse of how some of the classic Fun House songs might have turned out.

These days Iggy's voice might not be the force it once was, but this was 1970... His prime. The lyrics, screams, and grunts are delivered with the trademark energy and vigour you'd expect. // 9

Overall Impression: If you can stomach the sheer volume of The Complete Fun House Sessions, and wade through the numerous takes to find what you like, it's definitely worth the investment. If you're new to the band and looking for an introduction, the standard Fun House album would be a much better place to begin. // 8

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