The Stooges review by The Stooges

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  • Released: Aug 5, 1969
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (11 votes)
The Stooges: The Stooges

Sound — 8
The Year is 1969 as the opening song suggests, and Punk was only a twinkle in the eye of the music scene. Naturally making this a classic for all Punkers United. Due to the insane influence it had on such bands like The Ramones, and early Clash songs during the seventies. The guitar work is neolithic simple with songs like "1969" only using two chords. But effective nonetheless. On the other hand the guitar solo's are quite lack luster and are sometimes a little to painful to listen to sometimes. Also the last four song were written the night before recording and it is apparent as they are not nearly as good as the first half of the album which were all written sometime earlier.

Lyrics — 7
The Lyrics are what they are, very basic much like the music of this album and punk in general. So if Emerson Lake and Palmer would of wrote such lyrics like " I Wanna Be Your Dog" It would be a joke but with the sense of such straight and grinding chords and very simplistic rhythms, they fit surprisingly well. Iggy Pop is very good punching out all his grunts and lines and giving the whole album a life of it's own, despite that he sometimes just isn't captivating enough to make me want to listen to like "Little Doll" which sounds almost exactly like "Not Right".

Overall Impression — 9
The reason why this album is as good as it is to me is due to it's historical significance. Music like this just wasn't around like this prior to this album. Early Punk used this album as their staple and based much of what has become classic Punk sounds on this album. Stand out tracks are "1969" "I Wanna Be Your Dog" " We Will Fall" And "No Fun".

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    Ironpriest wrote: It's not a bad album. It's just that i can't get into the 10 minute 'epic stoner jam' of we will fall.
    I actually love that one. I don't see it as a stoner jam. It seems more experimental to me.