Money And Celebrity Review

artist: The Subways date: 04/05/2012 category: compact discs

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The Subways: Money And Celebrity
Released: Sep 18, 2011
Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge, Indie Rock, Pop Rock
Label: Warner Bros
Number Of Tracks: 12
"Money And Celebrity" saw The Subways record in London with producer Stephen Street. The album itself bridges the gap between the garage indie-rock sound of debut album "Young For Eternity" and the heavy rock (almost Foo Fighters) sound of follow-up "All Or Nothing".
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 5
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 7.3
Money And Celebrity Reviewed by: kmatt1987, on february 03, 2012
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Sound: "Money And Celebrity" saw The Subways record in London with producer Stephen Street (Blur, Kaiser Chiefs, The Smiths, Babyshambles). The album itself bridges the gap between the garage indie-rock sound of debut album "Young For Eternity" and the heavy rock (almost Foo Fighters) sound of follow-up "All Or Nothing". This was also the band's first album since leaving Warner Bros and signing with Cooking Vinyl. It was recorded with the live circuit at the front of their minds, an album that could easily played played live from track 1 to track 12. // 7

Lyrics: Long gone are the lyrics about teenage years and growing up ("Young For Eternity") and break ups and culture ("All Or Nothing"). "Money And Celbrity" was written about the current state of the world's finances and affairs. Celebrities and wanna-celebrities, and having a good time without any money are just some the things covered on the band's third album. However, what has stayed in the "interchanging" lyrics between singer/guitarist Billy Lunn and singer/bassist Charlotte Cooper that worked so well on the previous 2 albums. // 7

Overall Impression: 01. "It's A Party": "It's A Party" was written when Billy was stuck in his flat writing the new album and all he wanted to do was play in front of people and have a "party"! Unfortunately the lyrics for this album opener fall short of average. "Its a party/and don't you know it don't get much better/we're gonna make it such an awesome party/and you should know it don't get much sweeter/so here we go" are some of the weakest lyrics on the album. The only thing that makes this song a headbanger is the 'get up and jump' guitar riff and banging on Josh Morgan's drums! 02. "We Don't Need Money To Have A Good Time": Was the first single released from "Money And Celebrity". It was written when Billy was out drinking with some friends at a bar when they all decided to head to another bar, but when they turned out their pockets they realised none of them had any money left. Then one of Billy's friends turned to him and said "don't worry Billy, we don't need money to have a good time"! Upon hearing this, Billy ran out of the bar to his flat, grabbed his notebook and pen and wrote the lyrics to a song that is now known as "We Don't Need Money To Have A Good Time". This was the first time he had written the lyrics before the music, and as it appears, it seemed to have worked very well! This song is definitely one of the better songs on the album, very radio friendly with catchy guitar riffs and a singalong chorus: "We don't need money to have a good time/C'mon, C'mon, C'mon C'mon/Forget our worries and do what we like/C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon." 03. "Celebrity": In my opinion this is the best song on the album. It tells a story of someone who puts herself in the media spotlight constantly just for the sake of it, basically making herself a celebrity rather than letting fame come to her. It has one of the best "instrument-only" bridges I've ever heard on a Subways song. 04. "I Wanna Dance With You": Is about a guy in a club trying to dance with a girl and being pushed back and rejected. Its a very slow song with some very catchy guitar chords played in the chorus. I first heard this song not long after "All Or Nothing" was released and judging by its age I was very surprised to see it on the album. 05. "Popdeath": Written about the number of celebrities/singers who have died because of drink and drugs. I can't help but think this song "may" be written about the likes of Amy Winehouse or Pete Doherty! Billy sings "We can stay up all night/But nothings gonna change its just another popdeath..." 06. "Like I Love You": This one was doing the rounds at gigs the same time as "I Wanna Dance With You" was first being played. Billy wrote this after argument with his wife, this is reflected by him singing "You bruise my heart/With all those things you say/You tell me how you think I'm nothing" in the first verse, and "Why you tease me tease me/And mistreat me baby/No one loves you quite like I love you" in the choruses. This song has very rock'n'roll feel to it, a good addition to the album. 07. "Money": One of the heaviest songs on the album, with a simple but catchy singalong chorus of "Money/Money/Money/Money!" Its hard to understand what the meaning of the song is, but I would take a stab at it just solely being about money! 08. "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang": Another favourite of mine, yet another where it is hard to get the meaning of! This song has a very catchy guitar solo in the bridge and strong lyrics in the chorus: "She's the devil with a kiss kiss bang bang/Bad blood running through her veins/She's a fire with a kiss kiss bang bang/You will never ever be the same". 09. "Down Our Street": Billy wrote this song after trying to understand the lives and stories of the people living on his street, and even managed to fit a lyric about football in: "There's a woman living on the corner/She walks around with no clothes on/And her boyfriend is a spurs supporter/He's always crying when it goes wrong"! This song however, is very weak lyrically and has a very irritating, cringing "Do, Do, Do" in the chorus! 10. "Rumour": This is the heavies song on the album and another good, strong inclusion. The meaning of the song is obvious from the title. The best lyric, in my opinion, is the opening to verse 1: "Shame on you today/For taking what I say/And turning it into a lie". Very simple but yet effective, straight to the point and sets the rest of the song. 11. "Friday": This song is just brilliant! Written for the people who live for the weekend, gives you that Friday feeling. Once again the guitar has a very rock'n'roll feel to it, and would probably have not sounded out of place on the previous album. 12. "Leave My Side": They definitely saved the best til last, just as they did with "Lostboy" on "All Or Nothing". "Leave My Side" is trying to plead with someone to not leave you, the lyrics are sweet, slow, mellow and sung with power from the heart. The intro to the verses is very very good and has a very good bridge. // 8

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overall: 5.3
Money And Celebrity Reviewed by: Avrill, on april 05, 2012
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Sound: Three years after their last album, The Subways are back with "Money And Celebrity", an album with a more simplistic sound than their previous LP All or nothing, which was produced by Butch Vig and had a more heavier sound. "Money And Celebrity" however, sounds more like a combination between Blood Red Shoes and Blink-182. The Subways have a quite simplistic sound, with in most of the songs only two guitars, bass guitar and drums. The band has a strong rhythm section, but fails to elaborate their songs with catchy guitar riffs or more interesting melodies. This is, I'm afraid, due to the vocal limitations of the singer/guitarist. I did like the way the tried to keep a clean rock' sound, meaning no synthesizer or whatsoever (did hear some AutoTune here and there). Also, there is mostly distortion put on the bass, and very little on the guitar itself, which gives the songs a clean, but still full and rocking sound. Overall they bring little variation in their songs, as well in structure as in chord progression, but I guess that's just their style. // 7

Lyrics: What bugged me the most while listening tot his record, where the childish lyrics, that were in most of the songs, not even Blink-182-worthy. Better put, these lyrics don't belong on a rock record, rather on a teen pop star debut album. The themes of the songs are - partying ("It's A Party", "We Don't Need Money To Have A Good Time", "Friday"), "It's a party / and don't you know it doesn't get much better/ we are gonna make it such an awesome party" ("It's A Party") - celebrity ("Celebrity", "Popdeath") "Anymore she doesn't care about the TV shows unless of course it's about Eastenders" ("Celebrity") - the financial world ("Money") "You've got to play it harder, charm the charmer / you've got to play it smarter get there faster". - gossip ("Rumours", "Down Our Street") "Down our street everybody's going crazy". And last but not least love in "I Wanna Dance With You", an honest and simple love song; "I Like You", about or partner violence or an obsessive and unanswered love why you kill me / kill me and mistreat me?; and it goes cheesy in "Leave My Side" "climb into the recess of my heart and you will find me waiting there". // 3

Overall Impression: 01. "It's A Party": a song about having a party. Not a good song to start an album with, as the listener might take the disk out right away and give it to their 10 year old sister. 02. "We Don't Need Money To Have A Good Time": It is never a good idea to build a song upon a clich, but I forgive them because it's such a catchy song. Great drums, too. 03. "Celebrity" is about one of the numerous girls that want to be famous. In this song the bass comes out really well and kind of "fills" it. 04. "I Wanna Dance With You" could become a good pop song if produced well. I kind of missed distortion on the guitar and the female voice in the chorus is pretty annoying, but it has potential. 05. "Popdeath" is a song about pop stars losing themselves in their fame. It starts with the weirdest phrase I've ever heard: "When you scrub away the halo as you listen to the radio / it's always gonna be the same way". This song has a more britpop feeling to it, with a little guitar solo in the bridge. 06. The intro of "Like I Love You Sounds" like a reprise of "We Don't Need Money To Have A Good Time", and it doesn't get much better when the singer starts his first note with an obvious AutoTune correction. Again, this song has potential (great bass and great drums), but it's just not elaborated well enough. And the vocals just don't sound good. 07. "Money" is an attempt to criticize the financial world. "You've got to play it harder, charm the charmer / you've got to play it smarter get there faster." It has a kind of creepy feeling in it, but it doesn't have the chance to come out. Also, the guitar is mixed way to low in the chorus, which makes it sound kind of "empty". 08. "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is an up-tempo pop punk song, which would sound really good when performed by bands like All-American Rejects, Simple Plan or Blink-182, but not by this band. 09. "Down Our Street" is a cheerful summer song about people in a street. 10. "Rumours". Musically the best song on the album. This song has a lot more layers than the other ones, which makes it sound heavier, and just better produced. Also the chorus is catchy as hell. 11. "Friday" is, once again, about partying. This time after a hard week of work. 12. "Leave My Side" is, to what I'm guessing, a tribute to Blink-182. The singer tries really hard to sound like Tom DeLonge (yes, flat) and even the drums sound the same. About the lyrics, I can't say more than that it's just a cheesy love song. 13. "We Don't Need Money To Have A Good Time (German Version)" they translated the chorus to German. The result is just hilarious. "Wir brauchen kein Geld um zu feiern / come on, come on, come on" Crudely said, "Money And Celebrity" sounds like a bunch of Blink-182 songs, performed by a band that is trying hard to sound indie rock. They should go more pop or start searching for a songwriter. // 6

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