Young for Eternity review by The Subways

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  • Released: Jul 4, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (35 votes)
The Subways: Young for Eternity

Sound — 9
The sounds on this album, vary from, grunge (Young For Eternity), punk (I Wanna Hear What...), acoustic (No Goodbyes) and in some cases a sort of prog on punk element (Lines Of Light), the prog element most probably comes from singer billy lunn's favourite band being Mew. The opener, 'I Want To Hear What You've Got To Say' is one of my favourites, and features a great acoustic on electric sound, the singers voice is very good on this song, an the bassist (Charlotte Cooper, Billy's girlfriend) also sings on this track, her voice is not as gud as her boyfriends, and some people may dislike her singin, but I find she sings with a lot of passion, which shows on this song, and 'Oh Yeah'. Another highlight is 'Rock N Roll Queen', a 3 chord, grunge rocker, reminiscent of Nirvana, because of the quiet verse loud chorus, its an enjoyable song and was a single. 'Mary' is a light hearted acoustic strummed song about teenage love, it is one of the few with a solo, don't expect any Van Halen style soloing though, it's a simple solo, a simple song, but that just adds to its charm, this song also features the electric on acoustic sound this band use so well. 'Lines Of Light', 'She Sun' and 'Somewhere' all feature the singer sort of droning his words in a muffled way, which didn't appeal to me at first, but sonically those songs are all fine, my favourite being 'Somewhere' with its anthemic qualities. Overall this sound is varied and well produced, there are no pointless instrumentals, orchestra parts or heavy metal riffage, just a great punk/grunge sound.

Lyrics — 8
Lyrically this album will not set your world alight, dont buy this album in the hope your buying some dylan style, socially minded lyrical wizardry, beacuse youll be bitterly disapointed. Instaed if you want lyrics you can relate to, that are simple but effective, and best of all fit perfectly with the music then look no further. I can't quite make out the lyrics of some songs, but the ones I can, I enjoyed greatly. The best song lyrically was 'Oh Yeah' about being young and not wanting to grow up, 'Young For Eternity' is also about the same topic, I think. A lot of songs are about young love, and the relationship between the singer and bassist, and some songs, like 'Rock N Roll Queen' are just one line choruses, but that doesn't bother me, and if it doesn't bother you, you should buy this album. On the final song, 'Somewhere' (excluding hidden track 'At 1am') it finashes with a sing a long chant of na na-na's (a beatles influence possibly) which just adds to the anthemic sound of this song.

Overall Impression — 9
As this is their debut, and they're young, they should get better and mature into a more lyrically deep band. However right now, they do what they do very well and appeal to me and many others who want believe that punk isnt bands like simple plan or good charlotte, if you feel like that, try this album. Or you could download these select few, that I think are the best 'I Want To Hear What You've Got To Say', 'Oh Yeah', 'With You' and 'Mary' although I think you should buy the album 'cause it's worth it and if noone buys it they might not release another. If you like bands like The Libertines, Nine Black Alps, Nirvana or Bloc Party, try this album. If this album was stolen I would be ok because I've got them on my computer, but if I didn't have that I would definitely buy it again as it is a vital part of my CD collection. Buy this album now, I predict big things for them in the future.

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