Legendary review by The Summer Set

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  • Released: Apr 16, 2013
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (10 votes)
The Summer Set: Legendary

Sound — 9
The growth from The Summer Set's previous release, "Everything's Fine," is incredible. This album feels so much more polished and produced, and in a good way. "Legendary" is exactly that; with Brian Dales' unique and versatile voice, anything with his name on it is sure to be absolutely incredible. The band itself, aside from Dales, provides a whole different aspect of depth that many pop groups fail to attain. I love the wholeness of this record; the sound can compare almost to the weathered maturity of Paramore's latest. Plus, they feature Dia Frampton and a HIMYM reference or two!

Lyrics — 6
If I could be critical about anything on this album, it would be the lyrical content. I feel like some of the songs are above and beyond expectations, absolutely mind-blowing hits that should be everywhere- but some fall below the bar. You have songs like "Boomerang" ("If I was Jay-Z, you'd be my Beyonce/We could rock the nation like they do") and "Jukebox" ("Life goes on, we got all night/If you got rock and roll, you're gonna be alright") and "F--k You Over" ("I didn't mean to f--k you over, I just wanted to have some fun") that are catchy and will get stuck in your head, but honestly, the lyrics don't mean much in the end. The depth of the album really comes out in the lyrics of songs like "Legendary" ("We all want to be legendary to somebody/I was your night in shining armor, now it's celebrity rehab hell/I swear that I could be amazing, I just need a little help") and "Happy for You" ("I could stay for one more drink, I could go home with the next girl to me/But I'm watching him while he's touching you and there's nothing I can do/Guess I'm happy for you") and "Maybe Tonight" ("Maybe tonight we'll start all over like it's the first day of our lives") that are the songs that will resonate with fans on a whole deeper level. You just have to think, would you prefer to have those awesome songs and the meh ones on an album, or would you rather have an album with fairly good lyrics overall?

Overall Impression — 9
"Legendary" is a highlight for The Summer Set. This could very easily be their "Paramore," "Enema of the State," "Nothing Personal," this could be the album that lets them hit the peak of their career. Winning the iHeart Radio/Macy's Rising Star award, they're on their way to mainstream success. I'm excited to be part of it. "Legendary" is by far their best so far, and they've only got up to go from here. I most recommend "Happy for You," "Maybe Tonight," "Legendary," "Lightning in a Bottle," and "Jukebox." Next time around, I hope they take the element of their upbeat way of getting across the emotion, and improve a little on lyricism. But this is an absolutely incredible album.

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    This band is pretty crappy IMO. It's like underground Plain white T music, not very impressive at all