Age Of Winters review by The Sword

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  • Released: Jan 1, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (37 votes)
The Sword: Age Of Winters

Sound — 9
The Sword sound is fairly simple, metallic power chords that sound as if they are going to implode, matching bass riffs, and drums that keep the whole groove together. The vocals are a haunting drone weaving tales of bloody battles, goddesses, wolves, pretty much anything fantasy/medievel related. Their biggest influence is (if you haven't geussed already) Black Sabbath, but unlike some of their peers in the stoner metal/rock genre they aren't as tongue-in-cheek about who influences them as artists. However, these guys aren't just ripp offs of Ozzy and company, they take their sound where those guys left off. This CD is mind bending, and each song is an epic in itself. However, some listeners may be turned off by the somewhat repetitiveness of the songs. They all sound to be in the same key, and are all incredibly riff oriented, however their frequent time changes and guitar solos more than make up for it.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics in Age Of Winters are very good. Fantasy tales of medievel battles and mythology run rampant on this album. However, at times I felt that a bit more background information was needed to understand the lyrics, or that some intially didn't seem to make sense, but with a little research and lyric reading and they become comprehendable. One has no problem decifering what they singer is saying though, as the lyrics come out in a one note drone that melds perfectly with the background instrument. The only problem with the lyrics is the vast medievel/fantasy theme, this dosen't bother me (nor do I think it will bother the target audience) but it may turn some listeners off.

Overall Impression — 9
The Sword is by far one of my favorite metal bands, and they deserve the title. The most impressive songs on the album are Winter's Wolves and Lament For The Aurochs, which are incredibly well done. The thing I love about them is that they can perform an almost vintage/retro style of metal but still sound fresh and exciting. Every song is a well planed epic that most definetly deserves a spot in your CD player. If it were lost or stolen the first thing I would do is by another copy. If your into bands like Sabbath, Zeppelin, Wolfmother, etc. then you will surely love this band.

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    Great band, I'm seeing them on thursday when they open for Trivium.
    Yeah The Sword are definitely pretty cool. I think I even hear a little Slayer influence in there too, which is awesome.
    These guys are like mastodon and fricken black sabbath FUSED TOGETHER into one. yeah violently FUSED TOGETHER
    horrible band live, the drummer fell off his drum seat during the show and ****ed up
    AngryGuitarist : These guys are like mastodon and fricken black sabbath FUSED TOGETHER into one. yeah violently FUSED TOGETHER
    *Sigh , what a combo . ive never seen these dudes live but age of winters was pretty darn good . but mastodon does pull this off better , MASTODON R KING
    The Philosopher
    I saw them like a couple of days ago open up for Machine Head (who are very sloppy and bad live) and Metallica. The Sword should've played after Machine Head, The Sword is amazing
    Crushing Megolithic riffs here, hails to The Sword. Freya's song was devestating. Keep it up! NEW DEEDS OF FLESH ALBUM OUT IN NOV. CHECK IT OUT!! In Necrophagist We Trust.
    The new album is quite a bit better. Theyve matured and developed their sound far more since this album. Some people are turned off by the fact that all the songs are in the same key, and are very similar, but if you don't have as high expectations, listen to the Sword. And apparently, dont see them live.
    The_Sword_ROCKS : I dont know why so many people hate on the sword, i personally loved them live and the only reason i joined ug was to tab their songs.
    please can you tab Lament For The Aurochs cos i cant find a tab anywhere
    the sword are a great band with awesome riffs -lament for the aurochs- and are the most unique band ive heard of for a lomg time. Sabbath were legend and you cant expect a band to pick up from that immediatley. ill be stickin with em. the vocals seem a bit untrained but look at Metallica's earlier albums, im looking forward to The Swords next album to see how theyve changed.ive heard a lot of people camparing them to Mastodon but apart from being a great metal band with killer riffs they dont have much in common- its like comparing Megadeth and Metallica. Theres also been a lot of comparison with Wolfmother which i cant see. The Sword are FAR better and more uniqe, Wolfmother just sound like a mish-mash of old metal like Meatloaf, ACDC or Steppenwolf.
    I dont know why so many people hate on the sword, i personally loved them live and the only reason i joined ug was to tab their songs. The guitarists have a very tight performance, but maybe its because of the punk i love, i dont know, but i love how theyll screw up and disregard it. They dont try and be perfect, they make up for mistakes by moving around and having fun. The people on youtube dont have reasons for liking them so i hate them, but people who dislike there live performances should check out there album cuz it IS better.
    This band is really boring. Mastodon pulls this style off much better.
    This band is awesome and a lot better than Wolfmother. Although, I cna't say anything about their live performance (seeing as I've never been to one).
    these dudes are the heaviest new band i have heard to date. literally every single song is in like drop c tuning. i am a fan of gnarly riffs, so this album is good for me. if you want a kick in the teeth heavy album, pick this one up. vocals are horrible, but the sogns rock.
    This band is horrible. They opened for Trivium in MD, played right before Trivium and ahead of Celador and Protest the Hero. I didn't really dig any of the bands besides Trivium, but The Sword blew me away. It's one of those moments where you think to yourself, "Why is this band signed?". Labels are sucking up every band that can pull off a vintage vibe, and if you suck up everything they feed you just because they say its good, go to hell. This is why music is a bad industry. Screw bandwagons and images. They sounded like a corny mix of Sabbath and The Strokes, every song proceeds in funeral march tempo, and none of the songs had individuallity. The singer/lead guitarist thought he could shred, and tried, but every solo came off like a 13 year old boy trying to jack off on his fretboard with Master of Puppets. I'm not a close minded musician, and if you actually dig this band, I'm not going to put you down, but don't see them live, it'll feel like a really long intermission. If this cd is anything like their performance, I'd suggest buying something less boring, maybe Sacrament by Lamb of God or hell, The Crusade by Trivium. (don't start a flame war, I don't care and I wont be checking back to see rebuttals.)
    King ofKumbucha
    I saw them yesterday...Lead guitarist popped a string and stopped the song, went running offstage and got another guitar lol. They werent bad but I just thought that was pretty n00bish of him.