Age Of Winters Review

artist: The Sword date: 01/17/2014 category: compact discs
The Sword: Age Of Winters
Release Date: Feb 14, 2006
Genre: Stoner Metal, Heavy Metal
Label: Kemado 
Number Of Tracks: 9
"Age Of Winters" provides neophyte listeners with as good an entryway as any into the "retro-metal" universe, while also managing to sound refreshing even to calloused heavy metal ears.
 Sound: 9.5
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 8.7
Age Of Winters Reviewed by: rock_and_blues, on october 11, 2006
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Sound: The Sword sound is fairly simple, metallic power chords that sound as if they are going to implode, matching bass riffs, and drums that keep the whole groove together. The vocals are a haunting drone weaving tales of bloody battles, goddesses, wolves, pretty much anything fantasy/medievel related. Their biggest influence is (if you haven't geussed already) Black Sabbath, but unlike some of their peers in the stoner metal/rock genre they aren't as tongue-in-cheek about who influences them as artists. However, these guys aren't just ripp offs of Ozzy and company, they take their sound where those guys left off. This CD is mind bending, and each song is an epic in itself. However, some listeners may be turned off by the somewhat repetitiveness of the songs. They all sound to be in the same key, and are all incredibly riff oriented, however their frequent time changes and guitar solos more than make up for it. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics in Age Of Winters are very good. Fantasy tales of medievel battles and mythology run rampant on this album. However, at times I felt that a bit more background information was needed to understand the lyrics, or that some intially didn't seem to make sense, but with a little research and lyric reading and they become comprehendable. One has no problem decifering what they singer is saying though, as the lyrics come out in a one note drone that melds perfectly with the background instrument. The only problem with the lyrics is the vast medievel/fantasy theme, this dosen't bother me (nor do I think it will bother the target audience) but it may turn some listeners off. // 8

Overall Impression: The Sword is by far one of my favorite metal bands, and they deserve the title. The most impressive songs on the album are Winter's Wolves and Lament For The Aurochs, which are incredibly well done. The thing I love about them is that they can perform an almost vintage/retro style of metal but still sound fresh and exciting. Every song is a well planed epic that most definetly deserves a spot in your CD player. If it were lost or stolen the first thing I would do is by another copy. If your into bands like Sabbath, Zeppelin, Wolfmother, etc. then you will surely love this band. // 9

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overall: 10
Age Of Winters Reviewed by: N3WW4V3N1NJ4, on january 17, 2014
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Sound: The Sword are one of the better known bands who are classified in a fairly modern sub-genre of Heavy Metal, the phenomenon called "Retro-Metal." The Retro-Metal sound is generally something of a combination of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath during the Ozzy Osbourne years, but somehow none of the Retro-Metal bands sound exactly like Zeppelin, Sabbath, or each other. It's rather difficult to explain anything more about the genre, so, I will now focus on the sound of The Sword. This band is extremely loud, but not annoyingly so: they have volume with a purpose, as opposed to simply turning the amplifiers all the way up to 11. The guitar is heavy, the vocals are surprisingly clear and the music is interesting. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are based around fantasy and medieval themes, think a heavier, louder version of Dio. The problem with the focus of these lyrics, is that a fair amount of people will be turned away based upon the style of the lyrics alone. Not everyone enjoys epic fantasy, but if you are someone who does like that type of thing, then I can safely say you won't be dissapointed by anything you hear on "Age of Winters," either musically or lyrically. The singer has a good voice, you can plainly hear every single word he says, even if you are unaware of the meaning of some of the words. The guitar work is very clearly Metal, but it's obvious the player has artistic freedom: not every riff or chord sounds identical even within the same song. The bass/drums sound is very good at keeping up with the lead. // 10

Overall Impression: This is, in my opinion, one of the best mainstream debut albums of this twenty-first century. It has a certain charm to it, not many bands can mix so many old ideas and not end up sounding like a bad clone of whatever their major influences might happen to be, but these guys are without a doubt off to a solid start. Still, as I said earlier, if you're not a fan of fantasy-themed lyrics, then I cannot see any reason that you would even remotely enjoy this album or The Sword as a band. That theme is their trademark, it's clear to anyone who listens to more than two of the songs on "Age of Winters." I will say, however, that if you are a fan of Led Zeppelin, Dio, Wolfmother, and/or the first two Black Sabbath lineups, give this group a chance. // 10

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