Apocryphon review by The Sword

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  • Released: Oct 22, 2012
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (48 votes)
The Sword: Apocryphon

Sound — 10
The Sword put out their incredibly good 4th album - "Apocryphon". This album is a huge departure from their previous releases. The new drummer is spectacular, he really seems to fit well with the band. There sound is still kind of a retro seventies mixed with a nice blend of bands like Metallica. I have been waiting about a year or so for new music from these guys and this album does not disappoint. The Sword are definitely refreshing in a world of some sort of core metal bands.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics completely fit with the album. I looked up the word "Apocryphon" and instead of me trying to explain the meaning, I suggest you look it up and then listen to the album. The music, the lyrics and JD Cronise's skills as a singer are top notch. There is a huge Sabbath influence, but that's not all. At the end of the album there is a rockin cover of ZZ Top's "Cheap Sunglasses". I have been listening to The Sword for a while now and each album is better than the last and this one is no exception. You need to go out and buy this album, download it, or steal it. It's that good.

Overall Impression — 10
Really there are no other current bands putting out albums as good as anything The Sword have done. I could only really compare them to Metallica meets Zeppelin meets Sabbath (Ozzy era). There are ten original studio tracks, 3 live tracks, and one cover. All are excellent. "Veils Of Isis", "Eyes Of The Stormwitch", and the title track are all awesome. Really though, this whole album is killer and loaded with monster riffs. If this is any indication to the future of The Sword, these guys will be a ginormous band. Go get this album plus their last 3, you will not be sad that you did. Awesome band, awesome album!

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    cool, gonna check this out. their last album was pretty good.
    The Sword never disappoint. All of their albums are fantastic, yet they still have new elements which each release. They never become boring while remaining perfectly unique and heavy, and that makes them one of the best out there.
    I've been a Sword fan for a while, and although I haven't heard the whole album yet it seems kickass. But am I the only person who was disappointed by Warp Riders?
    At first I didn't know what to think about Warp Riders then didn't listen to it for awhile. Then put it back in my iPod rotation and now I really like it. I love this new album a lot...did not disappoint at all. Can't wait to see them live in a few weeks.
    I honestly think Warp Riders was their best (I seem to be alone on this one). It had the most dynamic and energetic riffs IMO. Sure it was less "doomy", but the guitar work was better than the other records. I had all three (at the time) albums on my playlist, and always found myself gravitating towards the Warp Riders tunes. Anyway, The Sword rocks and that is a fact!
    Funny, just listened to this album for the first time all the way through, thought it might sound better on the second listening, didn't quite "get it" on the first. A little later I put it back on and it started sounding as I expected. Huge respect for the guys for making albums that actually have notable variation among them while still sounding like the same band. Can't wait to see them in January!
    I can't judge yet, but from the two songs posted, this album seems a little tame. Who knows, maybe it's just because it's a Monday.
    i do like that song "Eyes of the Stormwitch" a lot, and btw this is the other song they have on youtube. u can also get it for free on itunes.
    Good post, I actually like this one better than the other two posted above. All is not lost.
    There are some less "aggressive" songs one here compared to previous releases. But I'd suggest not going into the album thinking "this is a metal album". I'd say think of it more as perfect harmony of rock and metal. So metal-rock if you will.
    Don't get me wrong, I love these guys (and am by no means a metal elitist of any sort), but these samples I've heard don't have the same grunginess as some of the other songs of theirs that I am a fan of (sounds like there is a little more polish). Like I said, I refuse to pass judgment til I've heard the whole thing though. I'm sure it is still a great album.
    to be honest i think their music would be much better if you were stoned haha its just got that very mellow type of feeling when listening to the lyrics and vocals.
    This is a big disappointment to me. I loooove Age Of Winters and I like Warp Riders, but this is just flat. A couple of pretty hood tracks, but overall, this is mehh. 6.7/10
    nickleback of sludge metal
    Wow, really. You realize Nickelback is hated on because they play the most generic music possible. I can't think of a single sludge metal band that deserves that moniker... and especially not a band as talented as The Sword.
    I honestly think of them as the modern day Kyuss.
    I think Kyuss and The Sword both draw inspiration from similar wells, but Kyuss is more clearly stoner metal/desert rock while The Sword is more like a modern interpretation of early heavy metal like Black Sabbath. They seem much more like Black Sabbath than Kyuss.
    In that they ape far superior bands like Kyuss, and Sleep.
    Everyone apes somebody. I happen to like them more than Kyuss, so take that as you would like.
    I'm sorry, I had no idea. If I was the praying type, I'd say one for you, but the only way this can be rectified is by listening to Kyuss until your brain works.
    heard their lead single and one of the songs they put out for free on itunes. great guitar work, ill give them that, lyrically i guess its better but i just get bored with the way the lead guy puts out his words, but hey thats sludge for ya!
    This album is a disappointment. I liked Warp Riders and love their first two records, but this is bland. There aren't any riffs that stand out, J.D.'s vocals sound like the same melodies used on the previous album and the lyrics are dull. Really miss the Age of Winters vibe they had.
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    Better than Warp Riders. I'm a fan of the raw and heavy sound of the first 2 albums, but this album goes above and beyond that. I've only listened to it once but was impressed by every track, even though I was expecting to find flaws.
    Love it, more than Warp Riders (which I also loved, I'm just enjoying this one a bit more so far), though not as much as the first two. 9/10 for me. What an awesome band they are, they never disappoint! Everytime I listen to them I like them more.
    Great album. I personally liked Warp Riders more, but this is still an incredibly solid album. As mentioned above, they took a slightly different direction on this one, but still manage to maintain that "Sword" sound and groove. If any of you have yet to hear this band, do yourself a favour and start listening to them now. This is the way modern rock should be.
    Awesome gateway band, but they didn't hold up at all for me. The more I got into actual doom, the less I bothered with Age of Winters. Warp Rider was a dud as well. Witchcraft, Graveyard and Christian Mistress are pretty much the only decent 'retro derivative' bands going, and Witchcraft kinda blew it with their new album.
    Vince Sixx
    They were a gateway band for me as well, going away from the mainstream rock/metal and into stoner and doom. Still love these guys though, they pump out some awesome riffs. Warp Riders seems to be a dividing line amongst fans.