Berth [DVD] review by The Used

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  • Released: Feb 6, 2007
  • Sound: 7
  • Content: 8
  • Production Quality: 5
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.8 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.3 (48 votes)
The Used: Berth [DVD]

Sound — 7
On Tuesday, Feburary 6th 2007. The Used Nation buzzed with anticipation. "Berth" was about to be born. "Berth" is a CD/DVD of The Used latest tour for their 2006 release "In Love And Death". Although many people were confused and thought this to be the new CD from The Used. "Berth" definetly exceeded people expectation.

Content — 8
The DVD is packed with loads of musical goodies and the artwork is truley amazing. It consist of a live show with such songs as "Box Full of Sharp Objects", "Blue And Yellow", "I'm A Fake" and many more. The CD is the audio version of the show filmed in Canada. Personally I was expecting more songs I would love to see them play "Sound Effects and Overdramatics" I was disappointed that they didn't! Also the lighting for the DVD isnt the greatest which makes you have to strain your eyes to see clearly. The DVD also and some "Junk" as they put it filled with the bass play Jepha and Quinn answering questions that fans sent them self. The DVD also contains home footage shot over the several tours that The Used have been on. Project Revolution, Taste of Chaos and many more. They also show about one min of their new single "Handsome Awkward."

Production Quality — 5
Over all the production quality is pretty decent, they really promote the whole artwork theme that The Used has going for them with the splashed font and what not. Some parts of the DVD is filmed horrible though. Overall it is alright. Jepha and Quin did an amazing job at editing this DVD. They have amazing audio overlays and a lot of amazing footage from the past. It isnt as long as they intended seeing that they had to remove a lot of scenes due to them kicking the drummer out.

Overall Impression — 7
Personally for me ever since I bought the story of the year DVD no music DVD has come close to it. However "Berth" is up there. You will be satisfied if you buy it, but it won't be one of those DVDs you watch over and over again. You will get tired of it after the first time and then you'll regret buying it and prob go out and buy the new Fall Out Boy CD.

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    j bird
    Vrstone87 : The Used is not nearly as emo as most of you may think. They have quite a few songs that are really fun to hear and play.. w/e... The used are emo man.
    i was at this concert. The DVD doesnt justify fully how epic the show was! thwe line-up that night was great! Day Of Content Underoath Alexisonfire Street Drum Corps The Used
    anyone else notice that he said that you'd get tired of it and go buy the fall out boy cd? who would buy a fall out boy cd?
    this sounds good, im seeing the Used in october, so ill get to see what theyr like live. pity they kicked out Branden though.
    Branden, was kicked out because Quinn says that the friendship wasn't really working out between them and that they felt Branden was happier doing 20/20 skateboards and his label and stuff. The DVD is amazing. Just like anything else they've ever done. But it's not for everyone, it's meant for the fans. Just like anything a band releases. If you don't like it, don't listen to it, theres no reason why everyone needs to come and criticize and say that The Used suck or they're emo. To me, they're the greatest thing ever, and I don't care what you think, because I don't care what you listen to =)
    I actually prefer MCR over The Used. I don't like either one, but MCR at least writes songs that try to sound different. I saw The Used live, only because they were with Atreyu, and we never get any concerts so I went to see Atreyu, and when The Used came on, half the audience left. Who stayed you ask? 13-20 year old girls. I kid you not. I was shocked at how many girls there were. I went outside to smoke a cigarette, and all the guys were talking about having to wait for their girlfriends.
    i hate it when people keep trash talking emo people and music. what wrong with it? its people like you that make people emo. lol the used is kick anis, emo or not. At least theyre not like the new back sreet boys, MCR
    Johnny Vodka
    on second thought the cd kind of sucks too few songs not even box of sharp objects. . .dvd's awesome though
    Did the person who wrote this review ever go to english class? I could barely read this.
    The Used is not nearly as emo as most of you may think. They have quite a few songs that are really fun to hear and play..
    they are.. its called lies for liars.. this is just a dvd of their tour stuff.
    I dont really like the used, but i checked this stuff out. It has a nice energy to it. Definently worth a download.
    in love and death was amazing, and even better was the first one, but they're moving away form their old sound and going more towards a harder rock song
    I hope their new cd is more like their first one, but hey if it's anywhere close to In Love and Death, I'm satisfied too...
    Fuzzbox91 wrote: ugh i ****ing hate the used. when you here people saying "I hate emo music it sucks", this is what they are talking about.
    Get over it. Its one thing to criticize a band if you are asked, or offer your opinion in an adult manner, but your just being a prick. I havent bought this, but I had a listen, and its very good. I dunno why, but I always liked the used alot more than other bands people classify them with.