Lies For The Liars review by The Used

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  • Released: May 22, 2007
  • Sound: 4
  • Lyrics: 4
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 3.7 Poor
  • Users' score: 8.2 (193 votes)
The Used: Lies For The Liars

Sound — 4
When you first hit play, you will be quite surprised, for a few seconds that is. The first track The Ripper" starts with a nice '70s disco feel, and a nice heavy scream. That's when the album starts going downhill. You will easily and quickly notice how generic every single song is. Synthesizers and layered vocals are all present, but that is not longer what makes an album. We then move to "Pretty Handsome Awkward", weirdly enough the guitar playing reminds me instantly of the previous track. The Chorus again is a poppy chorus that many can find soothing, or sing-a-long-able. But after listening to these two tracks it is clear that Bert has changed is vocal style to copy other (more popular) bands. There really aren't any truly standout songs like their previous albums. The Bird and the worm, is probably the closest to the Used that we know and love. If you liked "Lunacy Fringe" and "Back of your mouth" then this album is for you.

Lyrics — 4
"Lyrics" are again, generic, they may simply be targeting the My Chemical Romance fans, and that may be a smart thing to do because they have become quite successful. We all know that Bert could have a decent singing voice, but do we want a rock band like The Used to sing, or scream!

Overall Impression — 3
The first two albums were great, and I'm sure we all thought that the used at this point know exactly what to do in order to make the fans happy. However it seems that they don't, because this album is lacking in many categories. The heaviness of Box Full Of Sharp Objects and Buried Myself Alive is totally gone. The sweet singing of I caught Fire is lacking, and it is just not The Used that we loved. Finally the closing track "Smother Me" seems like a decent closer, but you won't catch me hitting repeat on my ipod. The album is too fake, The Used seems to be trying to find their identity all over again, gold selling albums weren't enough for these guys so here we are. If you like Linkin Park's "Minutes To Midnight" you might just enjoy this. Avril Lavignes' girlfriend would fit into the fakeness of this album. If it were stolen, I would probably have it returned to me in a few days.

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    i was kinda dissapionted at first with the songs, but they are extremely good live. (the new stuff). im getting this!
    the used are a bit lame/overproduced, but i think handsome awkward has a nice riff. I swear it has the same ending as Vicarious by Tool. I prefer self-titled.
    tralala13 wrote: To explain my previous post, I find Bert's vocals simply awful. Especially live.
    you need to burn in hell.
    mka12992 wrote: Anders88 wrote: Although the album is so far amazing, I find it kinda funny how they said it was the heaviest, it is as much if not less heavy than the first 2.
    ^Woops, anyway responding to that, this cd is definitely heavier than In Love And Death, but maybe not S/T. But I think this album is a huge step for them. I was actually anticipating this cd when I heard some of the new songs live.
    Ah dont be such a meanie gir_rocks~ i do agree that their 3rd album's not as good as the previous 2~ However they still come wif great ryhthm and lyrics~ Rock on The Used!!!!
    HANDSOME AWKWARD has the sweetest beginning guitar and scream ever i love it. "like you puke when running a mile"
    tralala13 wrote: To explain my previous post, I find Bert's vocals simply awful. Especially live.
    Why are so many people bashing Bert and The Used of their performance live? I happen to think they perform very well live and the vocals sound almost identical. They play a good show and I don't think anyone who has actually seen them play one can say otherwise. And I also must say that this album is definitely NOT as heavy as S/T. Maybe a tiny bit more than In Love and Death but overall it doesn't compare with songs like Maybe Memories and Box of Sharp Objects (which isn't really heavy but has a lot of 'screaming' in it.) I'm tired of the generic "this doesn't sound like the used it sounds too much like . Just buy the album, if you don't like the music so be it. Don't listen to it with expectations of "this is going to suck". I dig the album, and the guitarist finally shows off a bit of what he can do.
    My friend stole this CD today. But I don't like The Used at all. Emo's not my deal.
    Anders88 wrote: I loved the used when they first cam out, there first cd was incredible but now after there latest cd's I know they well and truly suck, and the fact they can't play for sh*t live leaves alot to be said about there talent lol
    Actually, on the contrary they are grand live. And again why the hell are you on here just to bash a decent band? Although the album is so far amazing, I find it kinda funny how they said it was the heaviest, it is as much if not less heavy than the first 2. The cd is awesome. I got the Special Edition, If you have the slightest doubt about buying the Spec.Ed. don't buy it. It is not an amazing Special Edition. Yeah it is nice for a great fan but the only difference is a story-book appearance and a 25- minute DVD and a 20-somethiing-page booklet.
    i actually like the first three songs...cuz that's all i've heard yet...i'm still listening...rock on.
    i liked the second review In Love And Death > The Used (Self titled) > Lies For The Liars
    jason white
    i agree with the 3.7 its not a very good album lets just hope they come too their senses and follow it up with a good album
    The used are the best band iv ever seen live. Why do all you say they suck? But they might try harder for their hometown so i dont know lol =)
    Toxin Tonix
    one of their best! i like the most of the songs!! they just got better! amazing guys, i like them.
    It's a good album but Love in Death was better. They use more effects and sing better and there's less screaming but the lyrics aren't as good and new FOB compared to old...
    the chorus of The Bird and The Worm has the cheapest rhymes ever
    I think that Bert songwriting has improved but i think the new cd needs to have more screaming in it. It is definetly not like the last 2.
    I think this is a great album. as soon as i find it in the local store i'm buying it. Also i think the album realy isent' bad compared to their other albums it's at least as good.
    i kinda get what u mean about the used reminding me about fftl. . . not that its a bad thing of course, i love both bands but lets just hope bert doesnt drop out on the used like sonny did FFTL
    On Neptune wrote: i think this is gona be a great album, its like they have Reinvented themselves with 'Bird abd the Worm'. Is it just me or do they remind anyone of 'From First to Last' now?
    "Stare straight, stare at the sun" Thrice. I keep seeing all these bands copy Thrice. This cd, thankfully didn't copy thrice, but it isn't that great. I agree with the My Chem comments. Listen to the cd, then listen to Black Parade. It's carbon copies of each other. Oh well. There are some pretty cool songs on it though. The Bird and the Worm, With Me Tonight (has a suprisingly cool intro), Liar Liar, and Hospital are all pretty decent. Just think there are too many of the swing feel guitar riffs. I would give it a 7. Not incredible, but better than some other new releases recently.
    El3ctric Blu3s
    I liked this stuff a lot more than there older stuff. The bird and the worm is an awesome song.
    all other bands of this style and fanbase cause flamewars on UG within the space of about 5 comments. i guess most guitarists recognise the skill and talent of the used's guitarists and as a result overlook the emo image and fanbase. the same probably applies to brand new. they may be whiney teens, but they sure do write some pretty decent songs
    I'm starting to love this album, its not great, but its something new I can jam to for a little while.
    funny how the two reviews differ completely. i'll trust the UG one though, probably be listening to this CD.
    On Neptune wrote: i think this is gona be a great album, its like they have Reinvented themselves with 'Bird abd the Worm'. Is it just me or do they remind anyone of 'From First to Last' now?
    no they sound exactly like fftl now... total rip off
    The Spoon
    The labum will grow on me, but i kind of like it. i have a feeling that this CD will get a very low rating because of the angry Used fans that are dissapointed that the Used isnt scene like it was on the other two records. not to say that i didnt like those two records
    its good...cept for the songs that sound like shitty simple plan and smother me. wtf is up with that.
    I still havnt heard it whole But im looking forward to I still liked like 2 songs And they do NOT sound like FFTL
    I'm not liking this album at all. They didn't seem creative at all. I mean who comes up with an album title like lies for the liars. and Bert the singer is trying to be so hardcore so more people would like them. And they were never hardcore.
    They still sing so good i don't find any difference in how they sing, if the band sounded good before, why would they change their style?
    if a band isnt changing at all, then people wouldnt want to buy the same stuff over and over again! Bands must mature and change as they go through life, and the things they are experiencing at the time affect their music. I think the new cd is just as good as the other two, it just has a different feel. Like I said, if all bands sounded the same for every cd they put out, then we could just buy one and be satisfied. The Used have expanded lyrically, instrumentally, and have matured a great deal.
    To explain my previous post, I find Bert's vocals simply awful. Especially live.
    Stevie B
    edibledevilboy wrote: dno what the bad reviews everywhere are about
    That would be because its a pretty shit album compared to their other stuff. Wouldn't be rated so badly if it was good would it..