Lies For The Liars review by The Used

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  • Released: May 22, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (193 votes)
The Used: Lies For The Liars

Sound — 9
First, the album was great, but not as great as their first two albums. Some riffs are the band's best, such as the "machine-gun part" in the middle section of "Pretty Handsome Awkward", just like in "One" by Metallica; the harmonized riff in "Earthquake"; the sweet palm mutes in "With Me Tonight"; the orchestrated middle section of "Wake The Dead"; and lastly, the cool acoustic intro of "Find A Way". They added some unique sounds as well, as can be heard in almost all songs, like in "The Bird and the Worm" and the ambulance emergency effect in "Liar, Liar (Burn In Hell)".

Lyrics — 8
Bert's voice can fit in many music genres. This can be judged on his hardcore screaming in "Wake The Dead", and his mellow voice in "Find A Way". The lyrics of "Earthquake" and "Smother Me" is the sweetest on the album. The addition of the famous nursery rhyme in "Liar, Liar (Burn In Hell)" shows that they are resourceful and courageous.

Overall Impression — 8
"Earthquake", "Liar, Liar (Burn In Hell)", and "Hospital" are the most impressive songs in the album. it's best comparison would be with My Chemical Romance's "The Black Parade". Lies For The Liars was great, but The Black Parade still tops it. The long wait for The Black Parade as it gets sooner to be released is more worth it than Lies For The Liars. If it were stolen/lost, I would not think of buying it again, I had it ripped on my computer.

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    paddlepop123 wrote: Bought this CD the other day, it's ****ing awesome seriously.
    Completely agree. I haven't bought it yet, I was forced to download it, but as soon as i get money, I'll definitely be buying it.
    All i can say is that this album is amazing. The bets by The Used so far. I really ont like punk and screamo but this is an amazing album. Go out and buy it!
    they overproduced this album and one thing, they are like the happiest guys on the world when they discovered the riff on PHA retarded.
    i notice that the guitar on this album sounds better than their previous work and they add solos in some songs
    as a fan of the used before their first album even came out, i can safely say the new album blows. i can't believe i wasted bandwidth downloading it. such a shame that talented artists keep selling out. sadly, there will always be fresh, young ears to impress with generic, fabricated shit.
    I really don't know what's going on with people saying they're not original anymore. Quite a few of the bands I like have been releasing mediocre albums for a while now: F.F.A.F's effort was decent, but Fall Out Boy's album is terrible in my opinion, and The Academy Is... have just got a little indie cliche. So I thought it was extremely nice when a band who I would have previously said produced very good songs as opposed to stunning albums (In Love and Death was generally good but patchy in areas, and their first album was the same from how much I've heard) released one hell of an awesome album!!!! Lies For The Liars is the best damn thing I've heard in months, and by no means does it sound like anything but The Used themselves scaling the walls of f**king brilliance. Sorry, got a little too animated there.... Might go lie down for a while...
    AllMidnightEyes wrote: The song "Paralyzed" kind of reminds me of "Dead!" by MCR.
    yep there not original anymore, they have become another one of those bands as i previously said...what a pity
    ...and by the way, The-Trooper94, isn't their genre both punk and screamo (or at least in their previous albums)?
    DeathForAll wrote: My friend stole this CD today. But I don't like The Used at all. Emo's not my deal.
    You've a wrong idea of emo. This album is definetely NOT emo. The Used have (and I hope will) never been emo.
    It got 3.7 becuase that is all it deserved. They have bcome another pop band like panic at the disco..yuck. I no thats a big comparison but its true, they have lost there way and this album proves it.
    it got 3.7 becuase that is all it deserves, if you ask me it was lucky to get that. They have become another crappy pop band like panic at the disco and so forth...which i reckon they would have laughed at 5 years ago.
    This band is just lame now, they've lost all appeal for me. And im sorry i try not to judge albums by thier covers but to some extent they are important, but this album cover is so lame, like a ****ing gushers commercial.
    this album is the best one so far and what is up with the 3.7 review...ur an @$$
    Did anyone else lose interest after thier std? Because i sure did, they started out with such an awesome garage industrial sound now everythings synthesized and bleh. I was hoping it was only a sophmore slump but from the sounds of this album im starting to think this band just sucks now and the only thing worth listening to is thier std.
    RerouteToRemain wrote: tralala13 wrote: To explain my previous post, I find Bert's vocals simply awful. Especially live. Why are so many people bashing Bert and The Used of their performance live? I happen to think they perform very well live and the vocals sound almost identical. They play a good show and I don't think anyone who has actually seen them play one can say otherwise.
    I'm not bashing their live performances in general, just the absolutely horrible vocals, on the CD and in the live performances. I don't think anyone who has actually knows what they're talking about when it comes to vocal technique is going to say he's a good singer, and screaming is never recommended for any singer because it ruins your voice.
    Sir_Lancealot wrote: if a band isnt changing at all, then people wouldnt want to buy the same stuff over and over again! Bands must mature and change as they go through life, and the things they are experiencing at the time affect their music. I think the new cd is just as good as the other two, it just has a different feel. Like I said, if all bands sounded the same for every cd they put out, then we could just buy one and be satisfied. The Used have expanded lyrically, instrumentally, and have matured a great deal.
    i couldnt agree more. just look at Linkin Parks first 2 cds. they might as well have puts Meteora and Hybrid theory all on one cd. but back on topic, what i love about The Used is that they really give it their all. all of their cds sound like a progession of eachother. bert shouldnt have to be screaming his lungs out constantly in a cd just so some shallow idiots will buy it.
    i would have to say that there is not an album for me that compares with their self-titled album. I got to see them live before In Love and Death and it was amazing. Theyre new stuff is ok, but i would definitly prefer theyre old stuff. This just doesnt seem to be the same Used as when they started. Part of the problem might be that they kicked out Brandon, and he was probably my second favorite to bert. also, bert has changed so much from when they started and when I saw them at Warped and Concert for Compassion. He seems more... i dont know, doesnt seems as genuine. I just prefer the old Used to what it is now. Not bashing anyone for liking them better now, just not for me.