Lies For The Liars Review

artist: The Used date: 06/27/2011 category: compact discs
The Used: Lies For The Liars
Release Date: May 22, 2007
Label: Reprise Records
Genres: Alternative Rock
Number Of Tracks: 11
Adding in everything from deep chants to symphonic-like sections to its songs, The Used have created an eclectic and memorable record.
 Sound: 8.3
 Lyrics: 7.3
 Overall Impression: 7.9
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overall: 8.7
Lies For The Liars Reviewed by: UG Team, on may 22, 2007
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Sound: The Used continues to impress with its 3rd album Lies For The Liars, thanks to the wide range of styles and instrumentation used. Probably the best indication that the band has something to offer is that multiple songs on the record are immediately appealing. When you combine that with the fact that you hear everything from deep baritone chants to funky synth samples, you've got yourself a pretty interesting record. Too many bands these days churn out songs that feel like repeats of everything before it, but The Used never fall into that trap. The opening track The Ripper offers an energetic introduction to the record by wisely breaking up into multiple sections. While it does start out a bit like your average song, it quickly veers every which way. The best moments come when the band decides to slow down the tempo abruptly, while adding in some nice echoing effects on Bert McCracken's vocals. Then they start to layer that with some subtle, but effective synthesizer work. The song doesn't represent the band's most creative track on the record, but it does have some unique moments. Paralyzed contains an intro guitar line that is probably one of the catchiest on the record. It doesn't look like this song is set to be released as a single, but it's one of the songs that immediately grabs the listener just with a single grooving guitar riff. While there isn't much going on in the verses, the chorus is still likeable enough to make it one of the best tracks on the CD. On top of that, the big finale includes a horn section that seems to come out of nowhere, making it a pretty interesting addition to the song. What's most appealing about the record is that the band draws on different sounds and instruments. Rather than just delivering the sound of a 4-piece, The Used goes above and beyond. The single The Bird And The Worm is a great example, with the use of ominous chants and what sounds like a string section. Vocally McCracken is also at his very best and it gives the song an epic sound. If the band can recreate the song onstage even slightly, more power to them. // 9

Lyrics: One of the most entertaining songs lyrically is the single Liar, Liar (Burn In Hell). Drawing on the commonly heard children's rhyme, the band has given the song a more mature twist. McCracken sings, Liar, liar, house of fire; And the glass tastes nasty chewing fat about; Your dummy hurts you, you motherf*%er; No they never loved you. It's always interesting to hear a modern twist on household sayings, even if it is has a bitter touch to it. While not every song is as clever as Liar, Liar (Burn In Hell), there are amusing lyrics tossed in frequently. In The Ripper McCracken sings, Time Kills, Go ask Jesus; I'm done, makes no difference; Stare straight, stare at the sun; I'm done, makes no difference. The band does make an effort to write lines that haven't been heard before, and that makes for a fun listen. // 8

Overall Impression: The Used apparently had more than enough material for one album, so expect some bonus versions coming out soon. While bonus songs weren't available at the time of this review, the songs chosen for Lies For The Liars should more than satisfy the band's fans. There is rarely a dull moment, even when the band performs ballads like Find A Way. It may be a bit too soft for some out there, but there is some incredible vocal range on it. If you have heard any of Claudio Sanchez's solo work as The Prize Fighter Inferno, then you'll likely hear some vocal similarities on Find A Way. The synth effects are used often on The Used, which may annoy some out there. But the band uses them in a way that enhances the song, and the additional sounds rarely overpower the tracks. For those who are less than fond of the screamo element of music, the band also wisely chooses to use the screaming in appropriate parts. All in all, The Used's latest record proves that they aren't afraid to try out something new. And one more word of note: If you patiently wait a few minutes after the end of the last track, you'll be treated to some hip-hop flavor. // 9

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overall: 3.7
Lies For The Liars Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 22, 2007
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Sound: When you first hit play, you will be quite surprised, for a few seconds that is. The first track The Ripper" starts with a nice '70s disco feel, and a nice heavy scream. That's when the album starts going downhill. You will easily and quickly notice how generic every single song is. Synthesizers and layered vocals are all present, but that is not longer what makes an album. We then move to "Pretty Handsome Awkward", weirdly enough the guitar playing reminds me instantly of the previous track. The Chorus again is a poppy chorus that many can find soothing, or sing-a-long-able. But after listening to these two tracks it is clear that Bert has changed is vocal style to copy other (more popular) bands. There really aren't any truly standout songs like their previous albums. The Bird and the worm, is probably the closest to the Used that we know and love. If you liked "Lunacy Fringe" and "Back of your mouth" then this album is for you. // 4

Lyrics: "Lyrics" are again, generic, they may simply be targeting the My Chemical Romance fans, and that may be a smart thing to do because they have become quite successful. We all know that Bert could have a decent singing voice, but do we want a rock band like The Used to sing, or scream! // 4

Overall Impression: The first two albums were great, and I'm sure we all thought that the used at this point know exactly what to do in order to make the fans happy. However it seems that they don't, because this album is lacking in many categories. The heaviness of Box Full Of Sharp Objects and Buried Myself Alive is totally gone. The sweet singing of I caught Fire is lacking, and it is just not The Used that we loved. Finally the closing track "Smother Me" seems like a decent closer, but you won't catch me hitting repeat on my ipod. The album is too fake, The Used seems to be trying to find their identity all over again, gold selling albums weren't enough for these guys so here we are. If you like Linkin Park's "Minutes To Midnight" you might just enjoy this. Avril Lavignes' girlfriend would fit into the fakeness of this album. If it were stolen, I would probably have it returned to me in a few days. // 3

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overall: 9.3
Lies For The Liars Reviewed by: ChemyVamp, on june 18, 2007
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Sound: The sound in LFTL (Lies For The Liars) is a mix of all the instruments The Used plays plus overlays like Some other voice, screaming, strings and horns. The Used is capable of mix a lot of different styles like Screamo, punk-rock, hard rock and ballads. The Guitar work here is more creative and catchier than in the past records. The album is about how recent artist are so dishonestly, they even said that some of that bands are My Chemical Romance and Good Charlotte (their past drummer recorded drums for this album because of Branden's departure) Some of the overlays are pretty cool like the ones in the intro of "Find A Way" that features a lot of random sounds like a soda pop can and that kind of things, and there was a featured female singer who sung in "Wake The Dead" and made the song sound even better. // 9

Lyrics: My impression of the lyrics is that Bert McCracken has improved in the lyrics process. Some of the best lyrics in the album are the ones in "The Ripper" ("Time Kills, Go Ask Jesus/I'm done Makes No Difference") and some kind of funny lyrics are the ones to "Liar Liar (Burn In Hell)" that features the nursery rhyme "Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire", and the lyrics to the Lead Single "The Bird And The Worm" are ones of the darker on the entire record. Bert McCracken's singig skills have improved a lot, he scream only when it's needed and now there's new screaming that is heavier and it can be heard on "Pretty Handsome Awkward", "The Ripper" and "Liar Liar (Burn In Hell)". In the song "Find A Way" Bert sings in a very nice way and i guess it's the best singing off the record, "Smother Me" has a nice singing too. // 10

Overall Impression: I can compare this album with "The Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance, and if you like Mtley Cre then you will love the guitar on "Pretty Handsome Awkward" The best songs in this record (in my opinion) are: "The Bird And The Worm", "The Ripper", "Pretty Handsome Awkward, "Earthquake", "Liar, Liar (Burn In Hell)" and "Wake The Dead". What I love about the album is that it's more grown up, and you can get relaxed with some songs like "Earthquake" or "Find A Way", the only thing I hate about this is that there are a lot of overdubbed effects, voice and guitar, I think that they should think about adding another guitar player. The other think I hate is the screaming at the beggining of "Wake The Dead" it's just annoying but it doesn't matter. If this album were stolen or lost I surely would bought another copy because this album is one of my favorites at the time. Keep The Hard Work // 9

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overall: 8.7
Lies For The Liars Reviewed by: imnotastoner, on may 23, 2007
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Sound: I really like the approach they took at this. I think their music is really starting to mature into much more after this album. Instead of sounding like every other band in this genre, they are developing their own creative sound. One of my favorites, "The Bird and the Worm," takes a very interesting approach. Starting off slow with violins (I think) along with a few other orchestra instruments, pauses, then suddenly breaks into the main riff. I especially loved the sound of it, and the song definately stands out. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics in this werent as creative and original as in past albums, but they were what you would usually expect from Bert McCracken. As for the skills overall, I think personally he has a unique voice which is starting to come out more with this album. it's not as whiney as it usually is, which of course is good. In "Liar Liar (Burn In Hell)," the lyrics are very kiddish which mature at the same time. After repeating "Liar Liar Pants On Fire," he brings out the real meaning of the song, having to do with drug addiction and death. // 8

Overall Impression: The Used took their music in a different direction with this in a positive way. As Bert McCracken said in an interview, they tried to stray from the "screamo" aspect of their music. Although I'm a huge fan of screamo/hardcore, I liked the way they incorperated clever lyrics without the aspect of screaming. What songs mainly stood out to me were "The Ripper," "Hospital" and "The Bird And The Worm." What I didn't like about it were the more softer things, like the last track of the album, "Smother Me." I think they would be better off sticking to their alternative and almost pop kind of sound. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Lies For The Liars Reviewed by: f1f2, on may 23, 2007
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Sound: First, the album was great, but not as great as their first two albums. Some riffs are the band's best, such as the "machine-gun part" in the middle section of "Pretty Handsome Awkward", just like in "One" by Metallica; the harmonized riff in "Earthquake"; the sweet palm mutes in "With Me Tonight"; the orchestrated middle section of "Wake The Dead"; and lastly, the cool acoustic intro of "Find A Way". They added some unique sounds as well, as can be heard in almost all songs, like in "The Bird and the Worm" and the ambulance emergency effect in "Liar, Liar (Burn In Hell)". // 9

Lyrics: Bert's voice can fit in many music genres. This can be judged on his hardcore screaming in "Wake The Dead", and his mellow voice in "Find A Way". The lyrics of "Earthquake" and "Smother Me" is the sweetest on the album. The addition of the famous nursery rhyme in "Liar, Liar (Burn In Hell)" shows that they are resourceful and courageous. // 8

Overall Impression: "Earthquake", "Liar, Liar (Burn In Hell)", and "Hospital" are the most impressive songs in the album. it's best comparison would be with My Chemical Romance's "The Black Parade". Lies For The Liars was great, but The Black Parade still tops it. The long wait for The Black Parade as it gets sooner to be released is more worth it than Lies For The Liars. If it were stolen/lost, I would not think of buying it again, I had it ripped on my computer. // 8

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overall: 9
Lies For The Liars Reviewed by: hellbassist1, on august 17, 2007
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Sound: The sound of this new album has increased from the last album released with much better and improved guitar playing skills. Although I was somewhat dissapointed with the bass lines made by Jeph as I feel they aren't as good as some of the riffs in the albums In Love And Death and The Used. The best song I've heard so far for bass is With Me Tonight. In this new album it seems to follow a sort of story linked to a character named Chadam, all following Lies. Although this story is included I can't help but feel that a lot of the songs are written about the frontman of My Chemical Romance, Gerrad Way. // 10

Lyrics: I feel that some of the songs the lyrics have gone dow to pure basics. You can practically sing along without hearing the song before, which does have it's posotives, but it also has a lot of negatives. The lyrics go well with the music but as I said the lack of complicated lyrics and even the use of a nursery rhyme (liar liar pants on fire) they aren't overlly great. Although the lyrics aren't a strong point you can definatley hear the improvements in Berts voice although I wold lke a bit more screaming to bring the used back to the used album. // 7

Overall Impression: I would give this album a 10 as it is definatley a much better album then In Love And Death and probally about the same as The Used just down to poor lyrics used. The most impressive songs on this album have to be: Pretty Handsome Awkward (down to the fact it's the one song with a bit of a solo), Paralyzed (the riffs have got a nice feel to them), Hospital (the lyrics are catchy and the riff goes well with the feel). The things I love about this album is the improvement in the guitar and the cathcyness of the lyrics. But this is also the thing I don't like, the pure simplicity of the lyrics (which is why they are cathcy). If this album was stolen I would definatley buy it again, well that's if they where both stolen as I have to. The normal and the special edition. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Lies For The Liars Reviewed by: Aceofextreme, on december 07, 2007
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Sound: The Used' 3rd sutdio album Lies for the Liers was pretty different compared to their 1st 2 releases, but by no means was it a dissapointment. Tracks like the 1st 2 off the album, "The Ripper" and "Pretty Handsome Awkward", as well as "Liar Liar (Burin in Hell)" are reminiscent of their earlier material with Quinn's hard pounding riffs and Bert's trademark singing and screaming vocals. Though In Love and Death had it's fair share of ballads such as "Hard to say", this album had quite a few more. Songs like "Find a way" and "Smother me" were soft and very untypical of what you would expect to hear from The Used, but they are beautifully written and shows a different side to Bert's singing voice. "The Bird and the Worm", "Hospital", and "Wake the dead" were very powerful numbers and had very catchy choruses, these 3 tracks in my opinion being the best on the album. "Wake the dead" was all over the place musically, blasting out a harcore chorus then going into one verse where a female sings in an opera like voice and the music is softer, eerily sounding very similar to Pink Floyd's "Great gig in the sky" off their album Dark side of the Moon. "Paralyzed" and "With me tonight" were also a little untypical of The Used, having catchy, jazz like riffs and patterns in the verse but then changing into a heavy chorus in tradional Used fashion. "Earthquake" was also a love ballad, reminding me of The Police's "Every breath you take" with the similar sounding palm muted riffs. While recording the album there were many songs that The Used wrote and some will be released on EPs soon, which I am looking forward to hear. // 9

Lyrics: Lyically the album was pretty intersting. "The Bird And The Worm" was very deep and dark, being about avoiding the unavoidable. "Hospital" and "Liar Liar" were also deep and interesting, the 2 songs most dealing with the title of the album. "Liar Liar" was also very funny lyrically, containing the popular children's rhyme as well as Bert's own twist to it at the end. "Smother me", "Earthquake", and "Find a way" were all beautifully wirtten love songs and Bert shows a side of himself not seen in the other albums. His vocal range was supurb on all the songs, not screaming when there was no need for it but also him belting it out when he needs to. However, I do miss the constant tranistion of the screaming and singing of Bert from the old days. // 8

Overall Impression: I really enjoyed this album. It's different form The Used' other stuff, but if you can appreciate the diversity of the album then it's a pretty good buy. Though their 1st album is my favorite, they made a whole new style on this album further expanding their musical abilities and now it seems like The Used could paly anything if they wanted. // 9

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overall: 6
Lies For The Liars Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 27, 2011
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Sound: This albums sound has really changed. The used have taken away alot of the stuff, such as the rawness of the sound. It sounds more edited than the orginal, the pace has changed quite a bit and of course with the change of drummers the style for the drums has changed quite a bit which has changed the whole rhythm section. I would say I like this album it still has the good feel The Used music has but it does not have the uniqueness. I wonder how they went from their orginal work to this more mainstream work; is it the drummer change?, they felt they needed somthing new? They feel this music is more matured? They needed to meet the target audience at the time? Or it just happend? // 7

Lyrics: These lyrics are not nearly as deep in my opion as their orginal stuff. The concepts are a little too mainstream and even the vocals show it. The vocals are not nearly as dramatic as they used to be, the passion isn't there nearly as much as it was in the beginning. But, people change, life changes and outlook changes overtime. // 5

Overall Impression: I like this album it's pretty catchy, and fun sounding but it is not the same as the orginal work. I could say that it's not them but every artist changes espically when they are as popular as the used. Time changes fans change, they may have just fed the future fans or they may have just needed something new to fit the new line up. Whatever it is it doesn't matter all that matter is the used it still around playing shows and playing old songs. // 6

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