White Blood Cells Review

artist: The White Stripes date: 11/15/2011 category: compact discs
The White Stripes: White Blood Cells
Released: Jul 3, 2001
Genre: Rock
Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock Revival
Number Of Tracks: 16
White Blood Cells wraps powerful, deceptively simple style around meditations on fame, love, and betrayal.
 Sound: 9.3
 Lyrics: 8.3
 Overall Impression: 9.3
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overall: 9.3
White Blood Cells Reviewed by: LedDaveZeppelin, on february 08, 2008
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Sound: Once again this was another beautifully constructed White Stripes album. It definitely has a sound of its own. You really don't know what your going to hear next. There's a mixture of Rock, Country, Acoustic And Blues sounding songs. This album didn't have as much of a blues sound as the ones before it, but the blues is definitely still involved. Meg of course has kept the drums nice and simple which I think is a huge part of the White Stripes sound. Jacks guitar playing was awesome as usual, while he also somewhat kept the gutiars simple. // 9

Lyrics: I really enjoyed Jack Whites lyircs in this album. Songs like "The Same Boy You've Always Known" and "We're Going to Be Friends" has a nice feel to them lyric wise. As did almost every song on this album. Jack Whites singing in my opinion keeps getting better and better with every album the White Stripes put out. I thought that Jack did an unbelievable job with the vocals for songs like "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground", "The Same Boy You've Always Known", "Little Room" and "Now Mary." // 10

Overall Impression: Overall this was not my favorite White Stipes album but it's still up there. This CD does have the only White Stripes songs I do not like on it. I really didn't like "Aluminium", it had no lyrics and I found it to be pretty boring. It had a creepy sound to it that I personally didn't like. "The Union Forever" had the same creepy sound to it. "I Think I Smell a Rat" is another song I really didn't care for. I didn't like the way the vocals were sung, or the way the song was constructed. But I do know many White Stripes fans that love those songs, I guess it's just a differnece in taste. Don't get me worng I still think this album was awesome, it just had some songs on it I didn't like. I'd definitely buy this album again if I lost it. // 9

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overall: 8
White Blood Cells Reviewed by: onlyonehere, on december 24, 2003
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Sound: Typical garage rock album with a difference. Jack White has a way of keeping your attention completely on the album with his catchy guitar hooks and grunge-like voice. While Jack White may not be the worlds greatest guitarist he has a Kurt Cobain-like quality X Factor which makes his guitar lines much more interesting than they actually are. Take the track 'Fell In Love With A Girl' for example, only 5 chords used in the whole song yet after 1 or 2 listens you won't get it out of your head and will be singing and humming the tune repeatedly. However despite this some of the tracks do get a little samey towards the end of the record. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are good. They fit in with the music well and Jack White again as with the guitar parts makes them catchy and filled with gems of garage hooks. After a couple of listens you'll be singing them over and over. My favourite tracks lyrically are 'Hotel Yorba', 'I Think I Smell A Rat' and 'I Can Learn'. // 8

Overall Impression: I have all the White Stripe albums and I can saftely say that this is my favourite album released by them. It is superior to the over-hyped 'Elephant' and the bands other offerings 'De-Stijl' and 'White Stripes'. My favourite tracks would be 'Offend In Every Way', 'I Think I Smell A Rat', 'Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground', 'Little Room'. If I lost the album I would buy it again as it is a great album to put on to play guitar to and to sing with in the shower and play air guitar to. Defiantely worth buying, the White Stripes are the band you'd love to hate. At the end of the day they produce gem-filled albums like this. Catchy hooks and sheer brilliance make the White Stripes one of the best bands in the last 5 years. // 8

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overall: 9.3
White Blood Cells Reviewed by: Laser, on february 18, 2004
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Sound: Jack's guitar is heavier than in the first two albums, but he still keeps his blues feel. His guitar compared with Meg's percussion is a great collaboration. JUst an amazing sound. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are great. They are just... grand and go perfect wtih his music. Jack's voice sounds like he just passed puberty. Has that squeakky tone to it, and sounds great. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall, this is a great irreplacable addition to any music collection. The Same Boy You've Always Known compared with Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground are the largest in contrast, and show they can play a variety of things, but can keep it in the same style (which is a good thing, trust me). // 10

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overall: 9.3
White Blood Cells Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 24, 2004
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Sound: The sound is fantastic here. There's a plethora of sound coming from Jack's guitar throughout, although he does use the piano at times. The only real fault is Jack's shrill voice, and his tendency to carry long tones with it. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are often times mysterious. It seems like there are more important messages being relayed by some of the songs. // 8

Overall Impression: Definetly as good as the last albums, if not better. In The Cold, Cold Night is a song that grows on you over time, the best songs on this album are probably "The Hardest Button To Button", "There's No Home For You Here", "Seven Nation Army", and "Black Math". I love the blues sound, and the simple riffs. It doesn't take long to learn any of these songs, and start playing along. If it was stolen, I'd definitely buy it again. Great album. // 10

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overall: 9.3
White Blood Cells Reviewed by: Whstripesrox, on may 14, 2004
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Sound: I loved the sound The White Stripes have. As soon as I hear them I automatically know it's The White Stripes.I like how they have their own sound. I thought the instruments were awesome. Even though Jack White and Meg White aren't the greatest musicians of all time I still loved the pounding guitar and simple drum beats. All I can say is that it was great. // 10

Lyrics: Let's face it, Jack White is not the best singer of all time, but personally I like the way he sings, all that high-pitched stuff. Sometimes the lyrics can be corny but they go right along with the song. // 8

Overall Impression: This album blew me away. The first time I heard Seven Nation Army, I knew I had to have that CD. When Hardest Button to Button cam out that settled it, I was getting this CD. I was extremely impressed when I bought the CD. To me every song on here was awesome. The highlights are Seven Nation Army, There's No Home for You Here, Hardest Button to Button, Little Acorns, Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine, and Hypnotize. You were to buy a CD, buy this one. All I can say is: excellent. // 10

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overall: 8.7
White Blood Cells Reviewed by: Mahk35, on november 15, 2011
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Sound: Just like anything else that's White Stripes related, you know that this one is another epic addition to the rest. Even though this album rids away with the blues influence, you'll definitely get hooked. Starting with a nice garage-rock-y song like, "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground", the album keeps going and going with the simplistic, straight-forward approach that The White Stripes are known for. The guitar work in this album is pretty amazing, Jack Whit doesn't let up in the slightest. There's nothing I can say about Meg, I've never had a problem with her drumming style or her part in the band, I think she's the best drummer that the band could ever have. // 9

Lyrics: I enjoy the lyrics in the songs on this album. There's obvious punk influence when it comes to the lyrics. For instance, the repetition of single lines of lyrics over the course of a whole song and in some cases, there only being a couple lines of lyrics per song. That doesn't mean that the song has useless, filler lyrics but that the approach to the lyrics are that of punk. I find myself singing to the songs and yelling when Jack yells. They're contagious and I love it! // 8

Overall Impression: Even though one of the influences that were around in the beginning is absent, the album still comes together perfectly as a "White Stripes" album. I think the most impressive songs on the record are, "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground", "Offend In Every Way", and "We're Gonna Be Friends". My favorites on the record though are, "Offend In Every Way", "The Union Forever", and "This Protector". Although I survived just fine before I had this album (or any White Stripes album), I'm finding it hard now to exist without the albums. // 9

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