Live At Leeds [Deluxe Edition] Review

artist: The Who date: 09/12/2006 category: compact discs
The Who: Live At Leeds [Deluxe Edition]
Release Date: Sep 18, 2001
Label: MCA
Genres: Pop/Rock, Rock & Roll, Proto-Punk, Hard Rock, Album Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, British Invasion, Mod
Number Of Tracks: 33
While impressive, that performance merely scratches the surface of the multifaceted sonic and visual improvements that exist on the Live at Leeds (Deluxe Edition).
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Live At Leeds [Deluxe Edition] Reviewed by: Isogrifo, on september 12, 2006
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Sound: This album is amazing! It is considered one of the best live records ever. And for it to be The Who is a great achievment, not saying they aren't worth, quite the contrary actually. Pete's playing is some of the best he has ever done, especially in Young Man Blues. Daltry's Singing is also amazing, considering he couldn't usually sing very high on stage. The first disc consists of classic tracks, such as My Generation, Substitute, Happy Jack, and Magic Bus, and Disc two concists of most of Tommy, which was, at the time, roughly 2 and a half months old. Track 5, Young Man Blues, is a great track, but many do not know really where it came from. Written by the famous Jazz musician, Mose Alison, at the age of 14, the who covered it on the album Tommy, but it was later scrapped from the album (It appears on the deluxe edition of Tommy though, and also The House That Track Built (Diff version though)) this was around the same time which explains why the group would choose to use this song. // 10

Lyrics: The Lyrics are classic who, you can never beat them. Daltry had an amazing voice that night. And of course, every Who fan loves Tommy! All the lyrics are amazing! "On top of the sky is a place where you go if you've done nothing wrong, /If you've done nothing wrong./And down in the ground is a place where you go if you've been a bad boy,/If you've been a bad boy./Why can't we have eternal life, And never die, /Never die?/In the place up above you grow feather wings and you fly round and round, /With a harp singing hymns./And down in the ground you grow horns and a tail and you carry a fork, /And burn away./Why can't we have eternal life, And never die,/Never die?" from Heaven And Hell, by The Who, written by John Entwistle. // 10

Overall Impression: In My Opinion, the only album that stands up to Live at Leeds, is Ozzy Osbourne's Tribute to Randy Rhoads album. If it were stolen or lost, I would Most definetly buy it again, it's my dad's disc. But I also have the Record to go along with it. The only downer is that disc two does not include cousin kevin, which is my fav. track from Tommy. // 10

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