Take A Vacation Review

artist: The Young Veins date: 05/26/2011 category: compact discs
The Young Veins: Take A Vacation
Released: Jun 8, 2010
Genre: Rock, pop, garage rock, psychedelic rock
Label: One Haven Music
Number Of Tracks: 11
The sound of this album is basic. It consists of simple catchy riffs and choruses along with some songs having a nice Phil specter-ish wall of sound.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.7
Take A Vacation Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 26, 2011
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Sound: The sound of this album is basic. It consists of simple catchy riffs and choruses along with some songs having a nice Phil specter-ish wall of sound. The album is mixed very well with all instruments being able to be heard on all songs. TYV successfully sound as retro as they could be. The album is almost a throwback album to the highpoints of 60's music. The guitars are simple and work well with the songs. The drumming is perfect, not too simple or too over the top while the bass lines are well thought out and creative thus complementing each song. The vocals are great and especially the vocal harmonies that are a nod to the Beach Boys and The Beatles. I'm giving the sound a 10 easily because the songs are mixed well and sound crystal clear. // 10

Lyrics: Honestly the lyrics are simple but rightfully so. There isn't really a need for deep, bob Dylan esque lyrics here. These songs are just simple and to the point like a lot of 60's pop rock songs. Here are some lyric samples: "You were right, I was wrong/ Like I always am, and you always are." I'm tired of counting sheep to see her, I sleep because I need her. We have the time of our lives every night, like it's our job to lose our minds." Woke me in the morning, Asked me if I meant it (I didn't) She was acting pretty, thought she owned the city, someone should have told her pretty isn't a job I tried to love you, but you still love him so, I'll ignore my heart, and lie to the truth People get old when they're alone, maybe I will, maybe I won't We'll leave the cold where we came from, our loneliness will keep us warm. Basically this is what you'll find throughout the album but it works. I believe that if the lyrics were more complicated that it would be unnecessary and would distract from the overall sound of the album. I give the lyrics a 7 because they do fit with the overall theme of the album but I'm sure that many may disagree that they could have come up with some more verses instead of a lot of repetition with the choruses. I give the singing a 9 because both singers sound great alone as well as with each other and do there songs justice so I give the total score an 8. // 8

Overall Impression: I will go over each track as well as the bonus/special edition tracks in a simple way. Change opener, upbeat with a live sound, highlights on this are the guitars, has a short but sweet guitar solo, the bass guitar work is also worth mentioning. Take A Vacation! Has a surf rock vibe, the drumming is great with fitting fills, the keyboard is important on this that helps set the mood of the song. Catchy chorus. Cape Town the vocals are the highlight of this track, being sung clear and sounding great with some great harmonies. Maybe I Will, Maybe I Wont The drumming holds this song together being the driving force with the guitar coming second. Has a vintage garage rock sound. Young Veins (Die Tonight) a fast upbeat song, which you could stomp to, drums and guitar are the focal points in this song while the singing is spot on. Everyone But You a medium temp ballad, the singing is great on this song as well as the lyrics. The keyboards and the bass are the highlights in this song. The Other Girl starts low and builds up, the bass and guitar work complement each other as well as the song, this song is another with some good lyrics and vocal harmonies. Dangerous Blues mid tempo ballad, has some good rhythmic vocals throughout the song Defiance the closest song to punk rock, the drums and guitars are the best part of this song with helping of the many short buildups in the song Lie To The Truth slower ballad, the singing is good, with a nice chord progression Heart Of Mine Sounds like a group sing along bar room song, pretty simple song with nice strumming Nothing Matters But You (ITunes Bonus Track) Everly Brothers song cover that's a duet with Z Berg, slow ballad with some nice vocal harmonies and arpeggios Funnel Of Love (Amazon Bonus Track) Wanda Jackson cover, the guitar work is very catchy on this track and the vocals are spot on while also delivering a good male dominated take on the song Is It True? (Amie Street Bonus Track) Brenda Lee, another good male vocal of a female song, the drums sound great on this song with some nice fills, the two guitars work good with each other Security (UK Edition Bonus Track) Otis Redding covering, probably my favorite cover of theirs, the vocals are sharp and crisp and the opening guitar line is great When You Walk In The Room (UK Edition Bonus Track) The Searchers Cover, the bass and guitar are the good parts of this song, while the drums and vocals sound like a rhythm all in there own. Fortunately I wasn't a PATD fan and haven't heard any of their music before listening to this album otherwise I'm sure I would have probably would have tried to not like it like so many PATD seem to do. This is a set of enthusiastic, old-fashioned songs that references surf rock, garage rock, and the British Invasion that is outside of current popular music's trend. Take a Vacation! Have obvious influences: you'll hear the Beatles, the Byrds, the Beach Boys, the Zombies, and the Kinks. I have listened to PATD since hearing this album and it sounds like they took the more retro sounding parts of their last album and made an entire record of them. There are plenty of great musical moments too the "aah-aah-aahs" and undeniable chorus of "Cape Town," the enchantment-under-the-sea-worthy ballad "Everyone but you," the campy stomp of "The Young Veins (Die Tonight)," smoky and ebullient album-closer "Heart of Mine." (Borrowed from a review) TYV kind of went backward with making it big with PATD with a big record label then going back to the indie scene kind of in reverse of the normal. This 60s throwback hits you with simple guitar riffs, catchy chorus' and jingling tambourines right from the start. A stripped back, chorus-verse-chorus set up with guitar solo to boot, this track is a clear departure from any modern pop punk leniencies to say the least. Trying to be as retro as possible, the songs are relatively short (the longest clocking in at 3:10), straight and to the point, contain simple hooks, and even simpler guitar riffs. Great storytelling, catchy hooks, and a sweet throwback vibe set the stage for a lovely 29 minutes of music. I think it compares well to other artists in that it's taking something that's retro and already done and bringing it to the present for the younger generation to enjoy. Some of the best songs of the album are Cape Town, Change, Heart Of Mine, Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't. There really isn't a bad song on this album all are generally good. If it were lost or stolen I would buy it again for sure. If the Panic! At The Disco fans don't enjoy this, they should hand over the copy to their parents, who might enjoy a nice time capsule in the form of an album. // 8

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