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artist: The Zico Chain date: 08/13/2008 category: compact discs
The Zico Chain: Food
Release Date: Oct 15, 2007
Label: Hassle
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 11
This album has deffinately left me thinking that exact same thit is. It has catchy vocals, and heavy guitar riffs.
 Sound: 9.5
 Lyrics: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Food Reviewed by: Nizzi, on october 16, 2007
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Sound: Zico Chain (not The Zico Chain, which is what they were formally called), are a three pieced rock band who are bound to blow you away with thier intense sound! Paul, Chris and Ollie formed the band after going to too many awful gigs and drinking too much cheap booze. Being raised from different musical backgrounds gives them a very unique and individual sound. Apparently, according to Chris Glithero the singing bassist, their mission statement is I want to make the heaviest, most diverse pop album in the world. This album has deffinately left me thinking that exact same thit is. It has catchy vocals, and heavy guitar riffs. Again according to the bands own mission, it is easy to listen to while it pounds your head in hard. I'd say that's a mission complete! // 10

Lyrics: All lyrics were written by the bassist, Chris, which shows that bassists aren't just for backing the music! The lyrics cover everything from the typical rock n roll lifestyle, to war. The music accompanies the lyrics very well. The guitaring is brilliant (I'm not being biased by the way) and fits in very well with the singing, especially when they go alternating. As well as writing the songs, the bassist does the main singing too while the guitarist does backing. Bit of a turn around? The tunes may be Pop-py, but the vocals are screamo. He really puts his heart into it. // 9

Overall Impression: I've not heard their first album, but I guess it won't be quite as good as this one. Their main inspirations are funk, britpop and classic rock (with bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Tool, Deep Purple and Marilyn Manson) and it is easy to hear this through their music. However, it still holds individuality that many bands just don't have. All the songs are great to dance/headbang to. The first two songs on the album are a great starting point. 'Pretty Pictures' has funky riffs, while 'Where Would You Rather Be? ' is just plain genious and very catchy. I couldn't get it out of my head! Another song that stands out to me is 'All Eyes On Me' due to it's different musical style. If it was stolen from me, I would go and beat the theif up! And if I lost it, well I'd just have to buy another! If your fed up of the current Emo or battle/troll-metal music scene, check Zico Chain out! They're version of rock is like a whole new genre itself. // 10

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overall: 9
Food Reviewed by: soulflyV, on august 13, 2008
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Sound: This is the debut album by London based hard rockers Zico Chain. I had to double-take when I read some of testimonials to this album: "the first band to find the middle ground between Nirvana and Guns N Roses", "sounds like Queens of the Stone Age covering Motorhead" etc. I would say that description is about right. Even endorsed by Slash himself, this band sounds like what Velvet Revolver wanted to be. The guitar drives and pounds hooks you in, the drums and bass push the band on, and the singer (who is also the bassist) has a great voice and you can hear the emotion in his voice, which is a great change from all those other "emotional rock" bands these days. Overall it's a very fast, hard rocking album that never relents and keeps delivering; think Rush, if they were teenage metalheads. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics in Food are great, catchy, well-written, but nothing really spectacular. The lyrics are a nice change from stuff like "honey why you callin' me so late" kind of stuff, and the delivery combined with the music here is very Rock n Roll. The singer's voice is very distinct, and gives the band its own personality; you can hear him get into the song, and that's always a great thing. // 8

Overall Impression: These guys have been compared to GN'R, Nirvana, QOTSA and Motorhead; I'd say Zico Chain is the love child of these four bands. They have the balls-out energy of GnR and Motorhead, with the song writing abilities of Nirvana and the heavy, thick sound of QOTSA. Every track on the album is gold, though All Eyes on Me lacks the full-on attack that makes these guys great. Best songs would have to be Pretty Pictures, Where Would You Rather Be, Junk, Nihilism and No Hoper Boy. What I love about this would have to be the fact that every song is memorable, and near-impossible to get out of your head. There is not much wrong with this album, except for the fact that it leaves you wanting more, but news on the street is they're due for a new record sometime this year. If this CD were stolen, I most definitely would buy it again, the album art is great and was actually what made me pick it up in the first place. Overall, great band, great album, go out and buy it already! // 10

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