Scars & Souvenirs review by Theory of a Deadman

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  • Released: Apr 1, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (47 votes)
Theory of a Deadman: Scars & Souvenirs

Sound — 9
This album was phenomenal. Theory Of A Deadman is phenomenal, and they prove it with "Scars & Souvenirs". You can tell Tyler Connolly (frontman, lead vocalist) was a lot more laid back in writing the music hence the more mainstream sound it provides. Or perhaps the band wanted a more radio-friendly album to trigger more commercial success. Either way, the sound Theory of a Deadman puts out in "Scars & Souvenirs" is quite astonishing. And if that's not stupendous enough, you have superb vocalists such as Brent Smith of Shinedown to sing backing vocals on the single "So Happy", and American-Music Award winning vocalist Chris Daughtry of Daughtry to sing backing vocals and the second single "By the Way". But, I dear say, the sound you hear here is pleasantly repetitive to the band's previous work. So you don't get a whole lot of innovations, other than the slightly softer touch you get on about half the tracks. But that's all the criticism you will get out of me regarding "Scars & Souvenirs". Long live Theory Of A Deadman!

Lyrics — 8
I think I speak for all of us when I say, it's pretty obvious Tyler has had some girl issues and he doesn't hold you back. "So Happy", "By the Way", "Not Meant to Be" and "Crutch" are all ones that stand out to me. But then you have the positive songs as well, so you get a little taste of both sides. The vocal range seemed to climb a little higher than the previous albums which is always nice for a good hard rock record. The lyrics fit the music almost perfectly. For your harder songs, you have the majority of the girl issues. For the softer songs, you have some of the more compassionate views. All in all, it's well pleasing in a lyrical sense. It could have been better said in some areas, but it's certainly appetizing.

Overall Impression — 9
This CD in 5 years will be looked upon as a milestone for the band, and you will get your proof provided you hear it yourself. The stand out songs for me happen to be the first five tracks and the eighth track: "So Happy", "By The Way", "Got It Made", "Not Meant To Be", "Crutch" and "Bad Girlfriend". I love how Tyler Connolly is not hesitant to be blunt in every aspect applied and how his lyrics really correspond to the sound of the music. I don't hate anything on this album, but I didn't care for some of the naiveness shown in the lyrics and the lack of providing a wider glossary of words other than simple curse words. I would buy this album a couple more times if something were to happen to it. Well done by Theory of a Deadman, I can now anticipate the next album with higher hopes as to how I anticipated this one.

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    I've always been a Theory fan. Let me preface this by saying that. However, I can see where some of the criticisms of the bad come from. Yes, they do sound like Nickelback. Yes, Tyler's vocabulary can be a bit vulgar at times. However, they do make really good music, and this is probably the best of the three CD's. I really like "Little Smirk", and "By The Way". But I'd encourage you to keep an open mind and try them for yourselfs. There is worse music out there.
    I haven't heard this album (but I didn't mind the last one), but how can you expect me to take this review seriously when you end a section with "Long live Theory of A Deadman"?? Is there any balance, or are you just their 'number 1 fan'?? Its amazing how many "perfect" albums are out there, if are to believe the reviews on UG...
    Their last album I bought and actually was something I listened to a lot while going through a breakup with one of my girlfriends. Seemed to connect on a level of what Tyler did based on how he felt lol. Was an inspirational CD for the most part. Im gonna give this one a listen, and maybe i'll post up a better review from my standpoint so that theres more than just this one. I agree, long live theory of a deadman, is something that makes u wonder. I'll review it though. I'll get it on iTunes or something first then go from there. Look for a review soon. Their single thats out now was pretty good though.
    Great Album. BTW I don't think it was notably softer then the last 2 ones. My favorite songs are: By The Way Not Meant to Be All or Nothing Heaven (Little by Little) Little Smirk End of the Summer And maybe my favorite Theory song ever: Hate My Life
    It is a great band! And sound like Rev Theory. My favorite songs are "Crutch", "Got It Made", and "So Happy." They will go far.
    3 days grace14
    dude I havent heard the whole album but I heard so happy on the radio and it sounded exactly like make up your mind on there first album so I am a little hesitant to get the album