The Truth Is... Review

artist: Theory of a Deadman date: 08/15/2011 category: compact discs
Theory of a Deadman: The Truth Is...
Released: Jul 12, 2011
Genre: Post-Grunge, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock
Label: 604 Records, Roadrunner Records
Number Of Tracks: 12
This is Theory Of A Deadman's 4th sudio album, and they have kept true to their sound the entire way.
 Sound: 6.7
 Lyrics: 6.3
 Overall Impression: 6.7
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overall: 10
The Truth Is... Reviewed by: dominicmorlan, on july 29, 2011
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Sound: This is Theory Of A Deadman's 4th sudio album, and they have kept true to their sound the entire way. They are a Canadian alternative band that has many different sides. While most of their music is general alternative type stuff, they also have written ballads, and even a few hope songs, such as "Head Above Water" off of this latest album. Overall the same sort of sound as the other albums, but I don't think anyone is complaining about it. // 10

Lyrics: On at least two of the tracks, Theory sings about the fun of being someone less socially acceptable. Their first track on the CD entitled "Lowlife" (kind of self explanitory) is currently receiving massive airplay, and is becoming a fan favorite to anyone who has had he oppertunity to see them live. Then on their song "Gentleman" they sing "Girls don't want a gentleman/they say the do but in the end/girls don't want a gentleman/they want a loser like me". Overall fan reception to these different lyrical ideas has seemed to be pretty posative. Lead singer Tyler Conolly keeps his impressive range and angry sounding mid-range style vocals throughout the album, making it a familiar sounding album, though on tracks like "Love Is Hell" or "We Were Men" he sounds a bit mournful, which is a new addition, but it seems to be pulled off pretty well. Nine times out of ten you can determine what the lyrics will be like from the opening to the track, so I think it matches really well. // 10

Overall Impression: I think that the new idea of "Lowlife" is something new that fans can definatly look for in the future. Looking at it in comparison to their albums, they stay true to their original sound, but the complexity of their songs has drastically improved! If someone tried to steal this album from me I would hunt them down, beat the with a crow bar, and take it back. Noteable tracks are "Lowlife", "B-tch Came Back", "Hurricane", "Head Above Water", and "Easy To Love You". If you have the fortune to buy the deluxe edition then you will get 6 extra tracks, including an absolutly beautiful acoustic version of "Easy To Love You". // 10

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overall: 7.7
The Truth Is... Reviewed by: JessQ182, on august 15, 2011
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Sound: I liked the way the variety of sounds was spread out across the record. Songs like "Drag Me To Hell" were very intense while "The Truth Is..." was just light hearted and fun. They've kinda lost their country vibe which is something I love about them but they have some incredible rock songs like "Hurricane", "Head Above Water" and "We Were Men". They also have some brass instruments in "Gentlemen" and the string intro to "Hurricane" is really cool. // 8

Lyrics: I have mixed feelings when it comes to the lyrics. Songs like "Head Above Water" and "Hurricane" have the best lyrics. "We Were Men" also has amazing lyrics that are pretty heavy. Songs like "The B-tch Came Back", "Lowlife" and "The Truth Is..." contrast those songs well with they're humorous and fun lyrics, which is a good mix to have. "Easy To Love You" has to be the worst, it's so cheesy and doesn't fit into the record. Other songs like "Drag Me To Hell" and "Love Is Hell" thrash out love. Overall I think the variety in their lyrics are pretty good. // 7

Overall Impression: I've always been a big TOAD fan so I think it's great they're getting more radio play and appealing to a greater audience, although to do so they've become lighter but they haven't totally changed. My favorite tracks are "Hurricane", "Head Above Water" and "We Were Men" because they sound great and the lyrics are awesome. My least favorite songs are "Easy To Love You" and "Gentlemen". I love how some tracks you can rock out to while other tracks are just good for chilling out. I hate that hey won't come to Ireland! If you're looking for an album with some heavy songs and love songs then this is for you. I know that's not everyone's cup of tea but I enjoyed the album and I'm looking forward to they're next record. // 8

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overall: 2
The Truth Is... Reviewed by: damillion, on august 01, 2011
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Sound: Having listened to all of Theory Of A Deadman's albums before I found a lot of things in this bands sound that I love. Primarily I love the excessive use of slide guitar and I was in love with the band when the banjo started working. Having said that, this album on the other hand does not bring me that smile I had on my face while listening to "Gasoline", which I still think is their best record to date. The track "Villian" starts out pretty good and sounds quite a bit like the old ToaD. Literally every song on this album however was ruined for me by the cheesy choruses, the predictable melodies and the lack on innovation. You expect a "tralalala" around every corner and it feels like they've gone for a "party rock anthem"-direction even more than they did before. To me, the formula is getting a bit old and it doesn't work. If you are a fan of the party anthems this band has produced however, you will love the new record. It's full of anthems, sing-along choruses and features a ton of ballads. // 2

Lyrics: To me, the lyrics have never been the star of the show with ToaD. It's nothing new, but with a humourous twist to the lyrics every now and then. "You lie about you, you lie about me, you lie about your exes and the STD". It reminds me a bit of "Hate My Life" from the last record they made. Overall however, I can't sit idely by and say nothing negative about the lyrics when suddenly the words "Love is shit" are thrown into my ear. Let's just say that there are bands that are poetic and careful about the lyrics, and then there are bands that don't really care, and that's where I would put ToaD. Every single song is about premature love problems and sex. If you were expecting something new, this isn't for you. If you were happy with the old formula, this won't be a problem for you. // 2

Overall Impression: In all honesty, I think this record is losing out on the heaviness and the country rock-ish feel a bit too much. If you love the party anthems you will love this record, but it's just not for me in the slightest. As for me personally I will throw this record in the thrash bin, pretend it never existed and the next time I want to hear something heavy and rocky I will put on Black Stone Cherry, and if I want to party with party rock it's back to Supersuckers or Monster Magnet. Better luck next time ToaD. I'll be waiting for your next record. // 2

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