Out Of The Vein review by Third Eye Blind

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  • Released: May 13, 2003
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (18 votes)
Third Eye Blind: Out Of The Vein

Sound — 9
Third Eye Blind has shaped my musical taste since I was a little kid. They have the definitive 90's rock sound, but have been very successful in adapting their sound into a new decade. Tony Fredianelli replaced their former guitarist Kevin Cadogan. This album is filled with some of the catchiest hooks that the band has ever written and although most third eye blind fans would scoff to hear me say this, I appreciate Tony's guitar work as much/even more than Kevin's. Blasphemy, I know. Listen and decide for yourself.

Lyrics — 10
Out of the Vein is filled with Stephen Jenkins' musings over a haitus that the band decided to take after recording Blue, their second album. The lyrical genious of Mr. Jenkins is underappreciated by modern standards. He takes on some serious subject matter in the most clever ways. If you listen to his more lovey dovey songs on the album you will be pleased to know that they were written about his then girlfriend, Charlize Theron. The lyrics really blow your mind.

Overall Impression — 9
01. Faster - Great opening riff to start and album. Has an infectious chorus that makes you feel like you are in a stadium shouting out the lyrics alongside Mr. Jenkins. 02. Blinded - Good choice for a single. Very poppy and marketable. I really appreciate and feel the history that Stephen crammed into this song about a past lover. 03. Forget Myself - Awesome bass intro! This song borders on full on rap. don't let this scare you, it's great. 04. Danger - Political tune that hit's you with a more up tempo riff that is good to listen to, however it doesnt't really get stuck in my head like the other songs do. If it came up on my ipod shuffle though, I would definitely let it play. 05. Crystal Baller - Undeniabley one of their best songs, acoustic intro bursting into a melody that I challenge you not to hum later in the day after listening. 06. My Hit and Run - Jumps right into a textbook 3eb song. Cool song about the final thoughts of a man in a motor accident. 07. Misfits - it feels like stephen is talking to you in this song. Mellow and slow, it's an aquired taste, it wouldn't be the first song I show to somebody who hasn't heard this album. 08. Can't Get Away - So catchy it hurts. Great lyrics that seem simple but have a hidden depth that is so great about 3eb. One of my favorites on the album/by the band. 09. Wake For Young Souls - An orgy of sound and ascending greatness! One of my all time favorite songs. Every piece of it is like a journey that needs to be heard by everyone. Catchy everything, great rhythm 10. Palm Reader - Cool use of harmonics by Tony, this song was written about Charlize Theron and is a very good insight to Stephens relationships and writing style. I appreciate this song more and more. Not my favorite at first, but now it is. 11. Self Righteous - Features the singer of the Moldy Peaches... My least favorite band. God I hate her. Why Stephen? Why? You have ears... Skip this one. The only soil to what would have otherwise been a flawless album. 12. Company - Everything about this song is great: lyrics, guitar work, rhythm. It contains one of my favorite solos by the band. 13. Good Man - Slow and steady finishes this race. It is a great song that puts the period at the end of this album. It has a fantastic instrumental to finish. 14. Another Life (bonus track) - Check it out, great rhythm. Borders on rap in the verse with a wonderful chorus Great Album, Must Listen!

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    suminorudder wrote: Well, excuse them then. Dude, they gave it a 10 because that's what they felt it was. And FYI no one has the same musical taste. Usually the better album is subjective tastes, but in this case they are incorrect. The first one is the best. Kevin Cadogan is irreplaceable. Sorry, but those are the basic facts. actually the fact is tony fredianelli was the original guitar player for third eye blind and kevin was the replacement. someone who named himself after the band should know that.
    That may be, but it was Kevin's guitar work on Third Eye Blind and Blue, which were both much better than Out Of The Vein. The only Vein songs I really like are "Faster" and "Blinded." I don't skip a single song on the first CD, and Blue holds immensely strong for the first half, then is still fairly good, albeit not great, for the rest. Point being, Kevin Cadogan is mounds better than Tony Fredianelli. Tony is still good, too, and he does remind me of Kevin, but Kevin is half of 3EB's sound, not Tony.
    Out of The Vein is certainly not a 6 or 7... I think its just as good as if not better than Blue. However, I do agree that 3EB lost some of its sound with Cadogan, but that's not to say the new sound isn't good. BTW... Crystal Baller is one of the most BA songs ever!!!