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  • Released: Sep 12, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (10 votes)
This Providence: This Providence

Sound — 9
This Providence has created a work of art with their self-titled album. After only hearing two of their songs, I decided to borrow their album from a friend, and I was not dissapointed one bit. Their captivating guitar riffs here and there, and catchy drum beats grabbed at my heart. The vocals are excellent in every way. I was easily addicted. The music on their sophomore album is very easy to sing along with, very up-beat, and clever. The way the songs flow through the album is quite nice. It's been hard to give This Providence a single genre. It's an even mix of emo and indie. 01. A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - quite a track. My favorite song off the album off the album. A great song to open up with. 02. Card House Dreamer - starts off with a jumpy drum beat and flowing bass riff. It was hard to tell the difference between the chorus and verses, but an awesome tune. 03. Secret Love And The Fastest Way To Loneliness - again, another great jam. Nice melody on guitars inbetween riffs. Not as an addiciting compared to the opener. 04. My Beautiful Rescue - the band's love ballad. They pulled it off really well. The second best song off this album. The singer really pulls through on this track. 05. Losing Control - starts off very mellow. Then turns into a harder rock melody completely. Very singable. Love this one. The drum solo/singer solo part is splendid. Lets us have a break from the loud constant guitar. 06. But What Will They Say? - a short but sweet song. It was hard for me to connect with this song, but eventually I understood it more, and it grew on me. 07. Anything Is Possible - the track's title made me think of a corny 'Believe' song. It was different. One of my personal favorites now. It was a little different, and it gave the album more diversity. 08. The Road To Jericho Is Lined With Starving People - the intro is very subtle and sudden. I wish the song would have sounded more like the intro through out the song. I thought it was going to be a meaningful and thoughtful song. Then, I felt like it was a song old people might dance to at a retirement dance. Not that bad of a song, but quite possibly the worst one on the album. 09. Walking On Water - to revive you from the previous track, This Providence came up with this loud, exciting, and jump-around track. It wakes you up withing the first ten seconds. I feel as though the singer's voice is being drowned out by the relentless guitar riff. The singer has a nice, clean voice that I'm not hearing enough. 10. An Ocean Between - awesome flow in between this track and the previous one. Many jumps, drops, twists and turns in this song. Not such a bad thing though. I feel like I keep hearing the same guitar riffs from time to time. Something new and spontaneous must come my way before I lose interest. 11. The Pursuit Of Happiness: The First Movement - finally, the break I've been needing from the constant guitar riffs and simple drum beats. I can hear the singers true voice come out through this song. The part where the singer sings out 'slow down and ask yourself right now' is really captivating and sudden. I say this is the third best song on this album. 12. The Pursuit Of Happiness: The 2nd Movement - I actually didn't think there were 12 songs. I heard the ending of the llth song almost melt together with the beginning of the 12th track. A fine ending to This Providence's self-titled second album.

Lyrics — 8
The vocalist of This Providence is a really good singer, but in many of the songs, I don't hear enough of him. I keep hearing the same range of notes and same rhythms, only different words. The lyrics themselves are witty and well put. Most of the songs are very short, but that doesn't hold them back from the glory they deserve. I feel as if I am a person with different events happening to me, like a hopless romantic who has been betrayed once or twice, and in the end, is completely happy. I got a lovestruck feel from this album, but it fit ultimately well.

Overall Impression — 9
This Providence stands out a little from the other bands in their area of genre. This album flows very well, and I felt I was being guided from track to track, and there weren't many jumps in between songs. I love the fact that the album it's self is very orignal and well spoken. As well as the band. If I lost this album, I would re-buy it, but not immediately. I am ecstatic for another work from this band. Myabe something more fresh and new. But after hearing this album a couple times through, Ths Providence has become one of my favorite recent bands.

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    saw them with relient k. they were awesome. i love this album, but everybodys hating on Who Are You Now?