Oxygen : Inhale Review

artist: Thousand Foot Krutch date: 05/18/2015 category: compact discs
Thousand Foot Krutch: Oxygen : Inhale
Released: Aug 26, 2014
Genre: Nu-Metal, Pop Rock, Post-Grunge
Label: Self-released
Number Of Tracks: 10
New album is softer than band's previous works, it would be a surprise for many TFK fans, but, however, this way it sounds very warm and leaves really warm feelings after listening.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 7.3
Oxygen : Inhale Reviewed by: tomboyumbo, on august 28, 2014
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Sound: After 2 years of "vacation on tour" one of the most well-known Christian rockers return with brand new record "Oxygen : Inhale." Following up success of mix-genre "The End Is Where We Begin" band decided to do it again. This time they are more focused on soft and warm rock-ballads, but, however, there are some pretty energetic and drive compositions like three opening songs "Like the Machine," "Untraveled Road," "Born This Way" and no. 4 track "Give It to Me." While being really drive and catchy they, except "Untraveled Road" (this one is also shows a great mix of rapping and singing, good beat and switch between stop an go parts), are really quickly become missed among other more unique and significant songs. However band choose "Born This Way" as the lead single and this choice is easy to understand: this song shows catchy and easy riffs and sounds really radio-friendly. Another part of songs are softer. Band do not use too much acoustic guitars in them and leave other instruments on their places with addition of piano in strings on some tracks, like in "In My Room." Album sounds bright and deep, but, however, about half of tracks can be really quickly become forgotten. // 7

Lyrics: Mostly tracks can be divided in 2 groups. First one is about individuality of every person, others are love songs. Love songs sound really impressive due to impressive lyrics and high Trevor vocal. "Oxygen" is a great example of such really strong and emotional composition. This time Trevor McNeavan continue using of his vocal style from "The End Is Where We Begin" in drive tracks (which sounds impressive, but little more like pop-styles vocal) and more high vocal in soft songs, it sounds way more unusual, but, however, play its role where it needs and provides track emotional effort they need. // 7

Overall Impression: New album is softer than band's previous works, it would be a surprise for many TFK fans, but, however, this way it sounds very warm and leaves really warm feelings after listening. Maybe one more year of touring would give the band more stronger and less weak tracks, but the way things are album is still impressive and tracks "Untraveled Roads," "Set Me on Fire," "I See Red," "Light Up," "In My Room" and "Oxygen" are really worth to listen. The ones who are looking for a "TFK-style nu-metal" (and harder things) will be disappointed, the ones, who are ready to every TFK turn or love soft music, will be happy. // 8

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overall: 9.7
Oxygen : Inhale Reviewed by: damonfinegan2, on may 18, 2015
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Sound: Trevor has definitely been working on his vocals for this album, along with his guitar skills. Including the Dobro on "Glow" is new to them. The softest album by far, which I think was done on purpose to contradict the previous album, "The End Is Where We Begin." This by far has to be one of their best albums, both in quality and in intricacy of the songs themselves. The bass and drums are just as intricate, and it shows in songs like "Oxygen" and "Untraveled Road." The guitar s are getting more and more intricate with songs like "Oxygen," "Glow," and "Light Up." The band is getting better, and showing no sign of stopping. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are very different, while some are subtle, others are just a big difference from some of their previous work, which while that may be a red flag for some fans, it isn't for others. Trevor still despite that makes each song amazing with his vocals which always continue to surprise fans, new and old. Nothing can compare to this album, and if TFK did something like this again in the future, I can truly say that I will follow it wholly. The sound on the album is unheard of from a metal band unless it's an acoustic album/EP with older songs. This is all originals. // 10

Overall Impression: A soft album is a first for them, and it shows that they aren't afraid to experiment and be different. The only detractor about the album is that is only has 10 tracks, compared to The End Is Where We Begin, which had 15 (13 not counting the intro and outro). This album is a testament to the artists not afraid to push boundaries in their genre and face the consequences. They truly put out one of the best albums to date, and lets hope they only get better. This album will be bought by me every time (if I ever) lose it. // 9

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