Welcome To The Masquerade Review

artist: Thousand Foot Krutch date: 09/16/2009 category: compact discs
Thousand Foot Krutch: Welcome To The Masquerade
Released: Sep 8, 2009
Genre: Hard Rock / Alternative Metal / Nu Metal
Label: Tooth & Nail
Number Of Tracks: 13
Thousand Foot Krutch's Welcome To The Masquerade is definitely their heaviest album to date.
 Sound: 8.7
 Lyrics: 6.7
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 7
Welcome To The Masquerade Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 14, 2009
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Sound: Thousand Foot Krutch's Welcome To The Masquerade is definitely their heaviest album to date. Personally, I was a fan back when they tried to sound like a fusion of Rage Against the Machine and Limp Bizkit back in the Set It Off days. After that, I completely lost my taste for Rap Rock and was kinda depressed when they insisted on keeping that sound on Phenomenon. Since then they've been trying to shake off the rap rock sound and doing it rather poorly. Kinda sounding more like a drunken Simple Plan than a good band. However their last album The Flame In All Of Us, showed some glimmers of hope and actually had some pretty good songs on it. Now with their latest Welcome To The Masquerade, they seem to have found their own sound, and it's a heavy one with some obvious pop influences. This album is definitely their best so far, however there are still some unfortunate traces of Rapcore residue that seem to stain the album here and there. The guitar sounds on this album are delicious enough to make you drool, and the beautiful layering of strings, keys, and backing vocals, are enough to soften even the most badass of people. // 8

Lyrics: Lyrically, this album has a few gems, like the title track, Already Home, E for Extinction, Forward Motion. Otherwise, if not ordinary, the lyrics are kinda cheesy. The song "Look Away" exhausts TFK's already overused formula of writing a ballad that tells a story of a sad teenager. It's sounds manufactured and like an emo kid cash grab. Other tracks are littered with really cheesy lines like "Get Ready for The Smack Down! How you gonna react now?" or "It's getting cold in here so somebody fire it up!" or "Alone in my room, I sit... the walls are closing in". Just a lot of cliches. Luckily the music on this album makes up for the cheesy lyrics. // 5

Overall Impression: One thing that has always impressed me with TFK is their willingness to explore their sound fully. There's nothing worse than an album that sounds the same throughout, and once again, TFK has produced an album with tracks that have a personality of their own. 01. The Invitation: an solid instrumental intro that grabs your interest quickly but in my opinion could have used a smoother segue into the next track. 02. Welcome To The Masquerade: one of the best songs on the album. Some sweet crunchy guitars, a very catchy melody, and some beautiful instrument layering. The subtle piano track and the backing vocals give this song both beauty and balls. 03. Fire It Up: this song is heavy, fast paced, and I could definitely picture it being played in stadiums, or in the trailer of an action movie (It was actually used in the GI Joe teaser trailer). Unfortunately it does have the old rapcore flavor to it which might lead to loss of IQ, and Trevor's screams sound more like a frustrated 12 year old than anything else. However if you're ever in need of good "pump up" song, you'll be glad this song is on the album. 04. Bring Me To Life: perfect song! Heavy, catchy, no filler, great vocals. This one also has a touch of their old rapcore sound, however in this song, they made it work, which is a huge accomplishment that very few have attained. I have probably listened to this song 500 times already. A very addictive track. 05. E for Extinction: this song has a very sweet and dark sounding verse with a mounting heaviness. The prechorus has some awkward sounding harmonized rap vocals??? It kinda ruins the song a bit, however the chorus is strong and redeems the rest of the song. The song is also pretty heavy with a nice crunchy instrumental bridge. It's a great song with an unfortunate pre chorus, but it seems to grow on you... kinda like mold, but it grows on you anyways. 06. Watching Over Me: the first of TFK's mandatory 2 or 3 ballads on every one of their albums. This one is very poppy, however it's quite beautiful, and the chorus is really solid. You'll find yourself listening to this one over and over. It'll probably be more of a guilty pleasure than a favorite song, but whatever, man up and admit you like the song. 07. The Part That Hurts The Most (Is Me): Linkin Park anyone? Honestly, anyone unaware that they were listening to TFK would definitely mistake this song for a new Linkin Park song. Listen to the verses and I dare you to not hear Chester Bennington. The chorus isn't very Linkin Park-ish and almost sounds like a melodic Demon Hunter song. This song is ok until it gets to the bridge. The bridge is balls-to-the-wall heavy, and it's the first time ever that lead singer Trevor McNevan's screaming actually sounds good. You almost wanna rewind the bridge when it's over. Great headbanging material. 08. Scream: meh... it's not a bad song. It's not great. I wouldn't skip it, but i'm not sad when it's over. The only highlight is the bridge (again!), the drums and piano with falsetto vocals is kinda really cool, but short lived... the rest of the song is kinda ordinary. 09. Look Away: worst song on the album. Period. Cheesy. The music sounds like a corny church song, and it really sounds like they were just trying to write a formulaic song for depressed teenagers hoping to make a buck off them. If it sounded honest I might be less cynical, but I don't picture struggling teens when I listen to this, I picture Abercrombie models pretending to be depressed. I dare you not to skip this one, it'll be hard. 10. Forward Motion: good song. Sounds different than anything TFK has done before. It's driven, yet mellow at the same time. The piano is a very nice touch. A good solid track. 11. Outta Control: best song on the album! Probably TFK's best song ever. Really heavy, crunchy, catchy as hell! The accents on the melody in the second verse put in a dark haunting twist that give off a slight hint of Korn influence. But I can't get over this song. This song more than makes up for that lame one a couple tracks back. 12. Smack Down: I still don't know what to think of this song. They definitely wrote it hopes that they could have another ESPN or WWE anthem (which they've had on previous albums with "Rawkfist" and "Move"). They seem addicted to that attention I guess. And they will probably get it with this song. But it is quite cliche and sounds like it would have been cool about 15 years ago. But there is something intangible that kinda redeems the song... I still don't know what it is, but I find myself not hating this song as much as I should. 13. Already Home: does every TFK album finish off with a ballad? Well at least this one is a good one. Beautiful string arrangements, and catchy all around. This one actually sounds honest too. Either it's based on the singer's real emotions, or they did a much better job at faking it this time. But it's a great album closer, and it's a tearjerker. Just man up and admit that you cried to this song. So overall, a really good album. A couple unfortunate tracks, but the good songs are great. Definitely some of TFK's best can be found on this album. It's worth buying the CD. Spectacular Highlights: Welcome To The Masquerade, Bring Me To Life, Watching Over Me, Outta Control, Already Home. // 8

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overall: 8.7
Welcome To The Masquerade Reviewed by: Caleb Weyant, on september 16, 2009
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Sound: The reason for writing this review cause the other one was a load of crap. Okay a little off topic... Thi s album is some of TFk's best work. Bringin back their old rap core style a bit has really improved their overall style from the flame in all of us. Tfk has really made an effort to make these songs sound different from eachother unlike the flame in all of us those songs sounded the same most of the time. The artwork for the album came from how we all wear masks to make us seem like someone else. Okay overall I'd say the sound is a nine cause it seems like all the songs are different not all sounding similar that is a huge plus. The more rap core style of this music has been improved from the flame in all of us. // 9

Lyrics: The other review that was crap said the lyrics were cheesy... YEAH RIGHT. These lyrics are great not cheesy. The lyrics are full of great meaning. The lyrics fit well with the music sometimes they felt off tempo or just off key but still fit well. The rap core style that has been more relevent in this album has been huge plus. // 8

Overall Impression: If i had to pick my favorite album from TFK it would be this one. The other review for saying the part that hurts the most is like linkin park HAHAHAHAHAHA thats crap this is one of the best tracks on the record. The other goood songs on the album were Ire it up, the title track, Forward motion, bring me to life, E for exticntion, watching over me, and scream are great songs. I love the heavy feel of this album I don't hate anything really though. If this was stolen if I wouldn't have it on my computer I would buy it again. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Welcome To The Masquerade Reviewed by: miabass182, on september 16, 2009
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Sound: If you liked all of Thousand Foot Krutch's other albums, Welcome to the Masquerade will definitely not disappoint you. I have all of their albums and I love all of them. This one is no different. I would have to agree with all of those saying it is their heaviest record. The guitars on this album are awesome, really crunchy and give it a nice overall tone. The bass is nice and punchy and the drums are great too. They have seemed to added a lot more to the drums on this record as there are more drum fills with nice effects on them. Something Thousand Foot Krutch hasn't normally done in the past. The strings, keyboards and other backing instruments fit in perfectly with the rest of the instruments. I would compare the sound of this album to the likes of Phenomenon, but with a little more punch and aggressiveness. So if Phenomenon was your favorite record, Welcome to the Masquerade will probably be your new favorite. // 9

Lyrics: I've personally always found the lyrics to be well written. I know many people say the lyrics are to cliche and maybe some of them are, but not for the majority. The lyrics for Fire It Up maybe really cliche, but the whole point of the song is to get you pumped and moving. The same thing with Smack Down. Look Away is another song that is cliche, only because TFK has written the same type of song on each album. The strongest lyrics on the album have to be the title track Welcome to the Masquerade, E for Extinction and Already Home. The others are not really amazing lyrically, but they aren't horrible by any means. I personally feel that Trevor McNevan is a good lead singer. He has a decent range, he has that ability to rap and he can do a good "scream." The screaming on this record isn't hardcore screaming, its just the really loud screaming/singing type. I think he pulls it off pretty well. // 7

Overall Impression: TFK has kind of always had that same type of sound for each record, but still they always manage to sound different while still having that same type of overall tone and sound. Each track has it's own type of flavor. While some tracks may rely on the guitars to drive the song, on others the drums drive the song or even the strings and vocals. 01. The Invitation: just an instrumental intro track that adds drive into the title track. Works very well. 02. Welcome to the Masquerade: I love this song. The guitar riff is crunchy and great and fits perfectly. The piano in the pre-chorus and chorus is a perfect addition as well. The multiple voices during the chorus makes it really catchy. The crunchy guitar flows threw the whole song and pretty much drives it. It cuts out in the pre-chorus and teh piano in the background takes over. Great arrangement. One of my favorite songs on the album. 03. Fire It Up: as I mentioned earlier, the whole point of this song is to get you pumped and moving. Which is does a great job of. The bass and guitars drive the song and make you want to crank it up and maybe cause some trouble for your neighbors. 04. Bring Me to Life: another great song. Nice, heavy, catchy and has that great crunchy guitar again. Trevor's vocals are great and have that rap feel to them in the verses. But not an over powering rap feel. He also has a great screaming part in the bridge that fits really well and sounds great. 05. E for Extinction: probably my favorite song on this record. Can't stop listening to it. Starts off with vocals and a clean guitar, later during the verse the other instruments come in. Then the pre-chorus comes in and it really takes off. Rap like vocals, heavy guitar, bass and drums. The chorus is really catchy and the riff in bridge is heavy and driving. Awesome, awesome track. My favorite. 06. Watching Over Me: this is a typical TFK slow song. Still awesome though. It does have a very poppy sound to it but it is still very catchy and good. 07. The Part That Hurts The Most (Is Me): the other guy said in his review that the verse sounds a lot like a new Linkin Park song. I didn't really hear that or notice it until I read that. Then I noticed it a lot more. It does have a Linkin Park feel in the verse but it's rather subtle and definitely nothing ripped off. The bridge is heavy and Trevor's screaming is great and fits well. My favorite part of this song. 08. Look Away: as I mentioned before, this a song that TFK has written before. It has the same feel and overall tone to This is a Call. Still not a bad song though, but it isn't really anything new. 09. Forward Motion: I like this song. If you were to tone it down a little bit and make the guitars a little lighter it could became a FM Static song. But it works as a TFK song no question. A little different than what we are used to from them. The vocals are great on this song an the chorus is really catchy. The guitar riff is easy but fits perfectly. Which is all you need in a song really. Good song. 10. Outta Control: starts with a single distorted guitar, all instruments later follow. Stays heavy the whole song, the chorus is really catchy and like Fire It Up, makes you wanna crank it up. The distortion on the vocals in the bridge are great and gives a cool feel. My second favorite song. 11. Smack Down: reminds me a lot of Rawkfist. I think it has the same type of premise that Rawkfist did. I could hear this as a song in a stadium to get the crowd going. The drums drive this song especially during the verses. Reminds me a lot of Queen's We Will Rock You, but without, once again, ripping it off. But the drums during the verses definitely give it that feel. The chorus is still catchy and it still gets you going. 12. Already Home: a great closing song. A lot like Breathe You In. Catchy throughout the whole song. The chorus gets me everytime. I could totally see this as a worship song. I don't know if it was written as one, but it sounds like it. Very moving to say the least, the strings in this song are absolutely amazing. It can be very a very emotional track. I can't stop listening to this song. Overall a very good album. I bought mine on iTunes the day it came out. I recommend you buying yourself a copy. If your not a Thousand Foot Krutch fan or don't really know them that well, I still suggest you check this album out. I won't say it's their best album since I wanna give it many more listens before I make that decision. But I would recommend this to anyone. // 10

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