Human review by Three Days Grace

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  • Released: Mar 31, 2015
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 5.5 (43 votes)
Three Days Grace: Human

Sound — 8
The sound of Human is easily its strongest point. It's dark, dirty, angry, and a great ride. The guitar and bass work remains catchy yet simple. The drums are a solid backbone in the album, but are hardly innovative or overly complex. The weakest part would be the new vocals from Matt Walst. Half the time they sound compatible with the music, but they also sound average to awkward for much too much of the album. Matt does a great job, and I hope to see him evolve from this record onward. In the meantime, the instruments will be more than enough to carry the record and the band. Overall, this is exactly what's to be expected from a sort if re-debut record: slightly amateur, but energetic, raw, and a great ride.

Lyrics — 6
This is where the album falls short: lyrics. The band has severely reverted to a much less creative lyric style. All the songs have inspiring titles that could have been amazing. The problem is too few of them actually cashed in on their great titles, being filled with far too much repetition, predictable and dry lyrics and a general sense of not living up to potential. There are a handful of songs that deliver passionate, and unique lyrics. But, these are few and far between. And as stated before, the vocals tend to be a 50/50 balance between great and awkward.

Overall Impression — 7
Ahhh, now the only part that anyone actually cares about. I would rank this their overall second best album, after "One-X." Sure, other albums had bigger hits. The difference is that "Three Days Grace," "Life Starts Now" and "Transit of Venus" all had several songs that I just straight up disliked. "TDG": "Overrated," "Born Like This" and "Burn." "LSN": "Last to Know," "Without You" and "Bitter Taste." "TOV": "Give Me a Reason," "Time That Remains," and "Happiness."

"Human" may contain a few awkward tracks and fewer powerful songs, but the consistency, which is fairly decent, is enough for me to rank it #2. Now for a song by song review. "Human Race" - slow, repetitive, but mildly catchy. Could have used more lyrics that weren't repeated. "Painkiller" - a great head banger with a catchy guitar riff, decent lyrics, and a great vibe. "Fallen Angel" - my personal favourite. It's a great attempt at something grand, but staggers a little with a few noncreative lyrics. "Landmine" - full of energy, aggressive and raw. Again, just lacks creative lyrics. "Tell Me Why" - one of the catchiest choruses on the album. This song gets all the pieces right. "I Am Machine" - catchy, aggressive and simple. A decently average song. "So What" - vocals don't work with the music, and also fairly bland. A mindless headbanger at best. "Car Crash" - deep lyrics and great vocals. The beginning of the song ruins this song by being far too simple for far too long. When the rest of the instruments kick in. "Nothing's Fair in Love and War" - nothing bad to say about this one. The sound works, and the lyrics work. "One Too Many" - one of the stronger songs lyrically, the rest of the song seems to just fall flat. "The End Is Not the Answer" - enjoyable, but again seems awkward compared to some of Three Days Grace other songs, such as "Never Too Late." "The Real You" - repetitive, maybe, but gives the record a great finishing note of love and security, which is a perfect contrast to its seemingly dark, and somewhat scared vibe. While this doesn't have the hits that we love Three Days Grace for, it also avoids making any of its mistakes. Overall, this album is a 72/100, and a must listen to those who are frustrated, angry, or just looking for a solid album. This is in no way Three Days Grace at their best, but it's an improvement from their last two records. Feel free to agree or rage in the comments. Rock on!

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    Kind of enjoyed Painkiller and I Am Machine and thought about picking up the album. After hearing Human Race, I'm glad I didn't purchase it. Not to thrilled with the majority of this album.
    I thought this was a good album to start with. It seems, whenever a new member joins the band, especially if they replace the lead vocalist, they try and stick to the same sound as before. It's after their first album when they -the new member - contributes their sound. Walst has done really well in replacing Adam. Of course, no one can replace Adam, but move on, he won't come back any time soon.
    There is some truth to that. Alter Bridge had the same thing happen between the transition of "One Day Remains" and "Blackbird".
    This album sounds nothing like 3DG except for I Am Machine and Landmine, but thats only because Matt tries to sound like Adam. Remember the song "I Don't Care" Adam did with Apocalyptica? That sounds 3x more like 3DG then any of these songs. Especially the last one, which sounds NOTHING like them.
    Matt Walst replacing Adam is like being a big fan of Coca Cola and going to a family event that only has Shasta Cola. It's not near as good, but it'll work.
    The record is okay. Although there's lack of creativity and lyrics I think Matt could of done better. Yes, there's a hand full of hits and most of the songs have catchy choruses but Three Days Grace could of done better. "Tell Me Why", "Fallen Angel" are potential hits.
    I like that album well not like it is my favourite but pretty good. I think better this than nothing at all.
    Weak effort from these guys. Too cookie cutter for my taste. Lyrics are repetitive, predictable and lackluster. On a good note, it's nice to hear Barry's guitar tone again compared to the Transit album. Hopefully the new singer will come out of his shell and find his creative footing in the band with their next effort. These guys are capable of making fantastic music if they'd step out of the formula a little bit who knows what they could accomplish! I'd love another album as eclectic as LSN. I loved that album and to this day, not one single album has given me that feeling that I had when I first popped in LSN and listened to it.
    If you truly believed in 3 days grace from the start then you'd know that the rest of the guys are nothing without Adam. What is left of the band is an extension of my darkest days
    "Slightly amateur" - 8/10. I don't get the ratings. Anyway, I am Machine is somewhat decent, but really the record is bland and boring. It's just another record - 5/10.
    I am machine is worthy, but I get so tired of this formulaic writing most of hard rock is stuck in.
    THIS IS NOT THREE DAYS GRACE!!!!! Adam Gontier left the band and was replaced with some Adam wanna be. He is an awful singer and needs to go run back to My Darkest Days. I WANT ADAM BACK!!!!! Three Days Grace used to be my favorite band but this is no longer Three Days Grace without Adam. I'm so disappointed. This album officially broke my heart
    I can see what they were aiming for and as a Three days Grace fan I purchased the album... wasnt too sure what to expect but its okay. Not my favorite but still trying to grow to it. Hopefully the work a littler harder with the lyrics and repetition on there next album but good start for Matt being part of TDG, big change for band and fans. Still love this band and cant wait to see what more they will bring.
    I remember getting excited for "Human" yet when I first listened to it something was missing and it didn't feel right... and I'm a huge 3DG fan, wouldn't talk bad about any of their albums, I don't them like having a god awful keyboard player, I do enjoy Painkiller and I Am Machine, then my radio station started playing Human Race and that's about the time I stopped listening to both 3DG and the radio for quite awhile this album was quite something and produced a few hits, over a year after its release and I'm still not over the disappointment but I listen to Saint Asonia so I'm pretty much over it, but in order for me to be a 3DG fan again they need a hit like Never Too Late or something like that...
    Does anyone else think the album's title and cover is a ripoff of Death's "Human" ?