Life Starts Now review by Three Days Grace

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  • Released: Sep 22, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (87 votes)
Three Days Grace: Life Starts Now

Sound — 8
Canadian rockers Three Days Grace are finally back after their second album, "One-X", which spawned the hit singles "Pain", "Animal I Have Become", and "Never Too Late", with their third record "Life Starts Now". Though only three years apart, this new album has a totally different sound to it than "One-X" and, unfortunately, less of a rock feeling. It is definitely not heavy, though not too light. Like stated by Barry Stock, the band's lead guitarist, there are some different tones and solos on this record, and though the band has totally strayed off the course of their last album, they have still managed to make a pretty good release. Fans will not be disappointed, that's for sure. The first track, "Bitter Taste", has a nice, catchy chorus with sort of a dark-sounding verse, and an excellently nailed solo by Barry. A very good start to the album. "Break" is the second song, and the first explosive single off the album. Another excellent chorus, combined with killer bass lines in the verses, and another solo. Although less of heavy sound to it, another amazing song. "World So Cold" is, in my opinion, definitely the best song off the whole album, and maybe even all of TDG's albums. Perfect clean flanged verses, and a chorus that will have fans singing it over and over again, like me. Amazing. "Lost In You" is the fourth track from the album. Having a not-really-heavy Silversun Pickups tone, it is another amazing song with a really catch and beautiful sound to it. The album's impression just keeps getting better and better. At the time we get to the fifth song, "The Good Life", fans are screaming with happiness - it's another excellent track. Pertaining to more of a Bitter Taste dark sound and catch verse sort of thing, this song blows your mind. At song #6, "No More", things begin to fall apart. The first 5 songs being amazing, this one isn't really that good. The verses and intro's are too empty, with just a few riffs and a bigger, rock-ish version of the chorus from "Lost In You". Not really good. "Last To Know" is the seventh track off "Life Starts Now", and - I'll be honest - is just horrible. Piano throughout most of the song, while Adam tries to sign a sad love story. The result is really, really bad. As much as I respect you, Adam, you cannot sing love songs. Just as fans are losing hope, things begin to pick up with "Someone Who Cares". The song starts off with a weird sound that is also in the "Break" music video. Next a catchy riff comes in, followed by clean verses. The best part of this song is, though, it's beautiful chorus. A pretty good song. "Bully", the ninth track, is a song with more of a heavy feel to it. Not the best song from the album, but it is definitely not bad. In "Without You", the band goes a little bit into the pop section with keyboard verses, but the chorus still has a good Three Days Grace song. Could have been much better, but oh well. "Goin' Down", song #11, is probably one of the catchiest songs on the record. It has a ghost sound in the verse, but the chorus is really, really cool. One thing that marks this song is the repetition of one word after almost ever line. I like this one. The album is closed with the title track, "Life Starts Now". Surprisingly, it is similar to the title track of "One-X". This one, however, has more of a punch too it, and is definetely better. Alos a prety good song, and a pretty good finish to a good album.

Lyrics — 8
Adam Gontier is definitely one of the greatest rock singers in the world. His voice just has a rock sound in it by itself. His singing is just awesome, which makes the songs better. A lot better. As for the lyrics themselves, they are a bit different compared to "One-X". This time, as Adam says, is more about people relating to each other. It's about love, life, and love life. Some of the songs, however, such as "Break", do not have a direct meaning and are not easily understood. Thanks to the awesome music the band is pumping out, however, this does not ruin the music. The one thing for sure about the lyrics of this record is that they aren't really about drugs like in "One-X", when they were referring to Adam's addiction. In overall, for this album I think the lyrics are wonderful decorations to the music, rather than being part of the music themselves.

Overall Impression — 9
Although "Life Starts Now" may not be as rock as "One-X" or as heavy as "Three Days Grace", this is still an awesome album. A really awesome one. Dying fans will really enjoy what new stuff Three Days Grace have come up with. Sure, they could have come up with something better. But then again - they try as hard as they can. No album is perfect. That's what I've learned from listening of music for a really long time. There are only really, really good ones. This is one of them.

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