Life Starts Now review by Three Days Grace

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  • Released: Sep 22, 2009
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 2
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 4.3 Poor
  • Users' score: 7.7 (87 votes)
Three Days Grace: Life Starts Now

Sound — 6
Really the sound of this album is not that much different from One-x if you know what that sounded like. Quite emotional mostly, with other songs having a bit of "attitude", like pissed off about something. It's resonably heavy throughout with a couple of quiet songs which they haven't done before such as "Last To Know", although that's about the only thing new. It's pretty much just straight up rock music, with punk and emo influences. Not really that innovative imo, I doubt we're going to see another song off here that is as memorable as "Animal I Have Become" which is a great song and certainly nothing near good as any song you could pick from the original album which still remains the best they've made so far. Certainly nothing stands out as being amazing, just an alright sounding performance but nothing great I'm afraid.

Lyrics — 2
Well someone certainly has been burned in the past. Sorry Adam we've all had bad relationships in the past but you seriously didn't have to write about 10 songs about it! I would say about 3/4 of the songs on this album are your typical sort of bad breakup oooh how terrible is my life because she doesn't love me sort of thing. Apart from "Life Starts Now" and "Bully" which I suppose speak for themselves in what they're about. Also "The Good Life" and "Break" aren't at least obviously about relationships going sour and how much girls hate him (yeah right).

Overall Impression — 5
Really I'm a bit dissapointed. This album seems to me basically like they've tried to do another One-x which to be fair is a good album. Sadly though it's just ended up sounding pretty mediocre, a bit samey throughout. The best song I suppose is "Last to Know" which is nice and quiet with a piano and stuff in it, simply because it's a bit different from what they usually do. The worst part of this album is the constant singing about the same aformentioned subject over and over again. The Phrase "flogging a dead horse" comes to mind. The reason it gets a 5 is because I thought the actual instrumental sound was pretty good, if not much different from One-x. If you've not got a 3DG album yet, don't get this one. The other 2 are better.

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