Life Starts Now review by Three Days Grace

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  • Released: Sep 22, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (87 votes)
Three Days Grace: Life Starts Now

Sound — 9
Once again a great album and things just seem to be getting better and better for Three Days Grace. One-X was already a masterpiece for the fan of post-grunge hard rock. With Life Starts Now they continue this strong achievement - one which I wasn't sure they would be able to. A pleasant surprise. Their sound hasn't changed much at all however Adam's voice just keeps on getting stronger and more subtle at the same time which is just great. Barry keeps on delivering strong riffs and was a blessing for this band. The lead guitarist has really added a new dimension to this band. Basically, the TDG sound hasn't changed much but just got a bit more refined mysterious melodies, powerful riffs and solos and adam's scream-like vocals are all still to be delected.

Lyrics — 7
Adam does not have the widest range of subjects he likes to talk about. This being said the dark lyrics about his past still come to the forefront and honestly it didn't bother me the slightest. I do understand though that some people were hoping for a more hopeful and open delivery lyric-wise. But as son as Adam opens his mouth the content is forgotten pretty fast as his voice continues to impress.

Overall Impression — 9
If you liked the band's last album One-X well I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this one either. Just a solid performance again by Three Days Grace with a supplement of new sounds and areas explored. 01. Bitter Taste: is a great opening song for this album very powerful and sets beautifully the tone to the rest of the album. Smile is all I could do as I listened to life starts now for the first time. 02. Break: the band's single for this release is good obviously however I got tired of hearing it specifically because of that reason - I heard it too much and it seems as though it looses a bit of its charm after a while. 03. World So Cold: somber almost mysterious debut and powerful chorus. one of my favorite songs. 04. Lost In You. 05. The Good Life: makes you want to jump around powerful stomping like song. Is probably going to become a must live. 06. No More: this is probably the song - along with last to know - where Adam's voice has improved the most. In no more that raspy sound we love so much really becomes the clearest and in the ballad last to know the sadness propelled by his voice just chills you from bottom to top. Great album. The only thing I was a bit disapointed about was that it wasn't a hard cover album. That was a bit too bad because the art work is magnificent and the cover isn't very sturdy. Everybody - Buy It! Don't burn it. If it got stolen I would buy it again.

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    It upsets me too, Indyrock91. Firstly, why are people comparing Slipknot and Lamb of God to Three Days Grace? They are all totally different genres. I'm a fan of all three bands, and think that 3DG's new album is awesome, although I do think the lyrics can be a bit shallow at times.
    TheThirdDay wrote: Score of this page: UG: 0 / Troll: 1 Good game, troll.
    No. Troll's comments are deleted. The troll failed. You're just dumb. Anyway, the thing is 3dg makes good music. Just because it isn't complicated doesn't mean it's bad. Not to mention the fact that Adam Gontier has an awesome voice. Definitely one of my favorite vocalists of current musicians