Life Starts Now Review

artist: Three Days Grace date: 03/30/2010 category: compact discs
Three Days Grace: Life Starts Now
Released: Sep 22, 2009
Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock
Label: Jive
Number Of Tracks: 12
This is a departure from some of the past work that Three Days Grace has done before but it will grow on you.
 Sound: 8.1
 Lyrics: 7.1
 Overall Impression: 8.4
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overall: 8.7
Life Starts Now Reviewed by: TheThirdDay, on october 23, 2009
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Sound: Compared two the band's previous two albums, "Life Starts Now" is significantly more technically sound. In many of the tracks, Three Days Grace breaks away from their cliche power chord riffs and ventures into many different melodies, and this album is even riddled with guitar solos, one of which is quite technical. All of the instrumental work is quite a bit more complex this time around. Amongst the 12 tracks, there are many fast drum rolls and beats (in "Bitter Taste", in particular) and interesting riffs. The bass is also a lot more present, not being hidden under the guitar as much, and Brad Walst makes an impact, delivering smooth, enjoyable baselines. Even the vocal work is improved this time around. Adam Gontier has definitely been practicing, being able to get into higher octaves without with voice cracking and he seems to always be on key. Many understated vocal harmonies can be found throughout the record, and Adam's falsetto throughout "Last to Know" is definitely worth mentioning. All in all, Three Days Grace's sound has never been stronger. This isn't to say previous fans of the band will feel alienated. "Life Starts Now" still contains the catchy choruses and powerful riffs Three Days Grace has been known for. In particular, the first single off the album, "Break", is about as cliche a Three Days Grace song as you can get. But the band members have undoubtedly evolved as musicians, pretty much entirely for the better. "Life Starts Now" is a very still enjoyable experience for old fans, but it gives what their past two albums left to be desired: a sturdy musical base. // 9

Lyrics: Three Days Grace's lyrics have always dealt with a pretty shallow list of subjects, and for the most part, they remain this way in "Life Starts Now". Many of the songs are about depression, isolation, and the like. But not all of the tracks are dark this time around. The positive tone of loves songs like "Lost in You" and "Without You" may surprise the listener. A big element of Three Days Grace's lyrics has always been the hopeful overtones to otherwise dark songs, such as in the chorus to the single "Animal I Have Become" off their sophomore effort, "One-X". "Help me tame this animal," Adam belts, knowing there is always hope that things will get better as long as you try. This hopeful tone can be found in Life Starts Now, but a number of songs are just plain dark. The heavy, grunge ballad "Bully" is a shockingly morbid tale, and the chorus of "Someone Who Cares" is quite blunt: "Why is it so hard to find someone who cares about you/ When it's easy enough to find someone who looks down on you?" In some of the songs, the writing itself is just as strong or weak as it was before, depending on one's previous opinions of the band. In a few tracks, however, ("Bully" in particular) fan or otherwise, you may be pleasantly surprised at the depth they contain. // 8

Overall Impression: 01. "Bitter Taste": They couldn't have picked a better track to start the album. A heavy, in-your-face song fans are sure to love. While it may not be the most original song the band has ever written, it's by far the most technically advanced, filled with fast rolls and solos. 02. "Break": Though cliche, "Break" is very enjoyable. The guitar work stands out as some of the best catchiest on the album. 03. "World So Cold": A soft, melodic track that, formulaic of grunge, breaks into a heavy, powerful chorus. Not their best work, but a solid song that holds it's own. The melody is great. 04. "Lost In You": A very catchy love song; new ground for the band. They preform beautifully. The intro riff almost sounds like something "Smashing Pumpkins would write. 05: "The Good Life": A powerful, energetic song that just makes you want to jump around to the beat. Guaranteed to get radio play eventually, and a lot of it. The "Riot" of this record, essentially. 06. "No More": This is, in my personal opinion, the strongest track on the album. The opening guitar riff is very strong, the entire song is emotionally powerful, yet catchy, and the solo is as incredibly emotional as it is simple. 07. "Last to Know": The low key piano sets off the mood to this sad ballad of lost love. Though somewhat predictable, the song leaves it mark. 08. "Someone Who Cares": Very catchy chorus and the musical breakdown is very interesting. The lyrics aren't the most inspiring, but they get the job done. 09: "Bully": The low, heavily distorted guitars create a lot of tension for what is the one of the most powerful and definitely the darkest song the band has ever written. "Maybe he just needed to be wanted." 10: "Without You": The sad tone of the song actually contradicts it's message in a way. Adam is basically singing about what his life would be like if his love ever left him. It sounds sad, but looking though it, it's hopeful, as are many of the band's songs. The solo isn't bad, but it doesn't particularly stand out. 11. "Goin' Down": I almost feel as if the chorus ruins this song. Not to say that it's bad, but the verse is so incredibly catchy that the more cliche chorus doesn't do it justice. Still a great song to listen to, but I feel as though it could've been better. 12: "Life Starts Now": The title track, the album's conclusion, is surprisingly and unfortunately the weakest song on the record. It sounds good and all, but there is nothing special at all about this cookie-cutter track. If it weren't the title track, I'd pass it off as a filler no question. A good solo could've saved it, but as it is, it seems incomplete. If I were to describe the "Life Starts Now" in one word, it would be powerful; definitely their most powerful to date in my opinion. Others may disagree. What is undeniable, however, is the fact that the production values, the musical depth, and overall "feel" of the album is more sturdy than ever. Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, Three Days Grace did what they set out to do: create a powerful album of hits, explore their musical style, and most importantly, clean out Adam's diary some more. ;) "Life Starts Now" is an excellent album that I'd highly recommend to any fan, past or present, of the band, genre, or rock in particular. A 9/10; truly amazing. // 9

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overall: 8
Life Starts Now Reviewed by: ferretbassit11, on october 23, 2009
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Sound: Three Days Graces sound has not changed much since their release with their self-titled debut. I have always liked their sound and my impression of them has not changed since I have first started listening to them. The music sounds just like Three Days Grace if you were listening to it on the radio and you never listened to the song before you would know that its 3DG One song on the album called "Last To Know" doesnt sound much like them because it is almost all piano and singing except for the end when the drums, bass and distorted guitar come in. The guitar sounds a little bit different from what 3DG would normally do but it still sounds like them. Overall for the sound I give it a 8 out of 10 it has solid guitar parts, they throw some piano in, great singing and I love the album. // 8

Lyrics: There are nothing really much to say about the lyrics. I think they are great except for "bully". The lyrics in that song just drive me crazy although I have listened to it only a few times I am surprised I listened to it that much. The effect he has on his voice in that song and the lyrics too me they make a really bad combination and its one track that I skip everytime it comes on. The lyrics seem to go great with the music they stay with the music from beginning to end. Adam Gontiers voice has not changed and it still sounds great. Overall for lyrics I would give it a 7 out of 10 still sounds great except for "bully" which for me didn't do any good for the album // 7

Overall Impression: My oveall impression on this album is its a great album except for a song or two. The album has great solid tracks from beginning to end there sound hasnt changed much and still sounds just ike 3DG. In my opinion some of the best songs off of this album are "Break", "Bitter Taste", "No More", and "Someone Who Cares". The songs that didn't impress me are "bully", "Without You", and "Goin' Down". I loved this album from beginning to end it didn't disappoint me except for those few songs. I got this CD and put it in my stereo blasted it and rocked to it. If I were to lose this CD or if it got too scratched to play it I would go out and buy it again. Overall I give this album and 9 out of 10. Great album, no disappointments, get out to the store and buy it ASAP. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Life Starts Now Reviewed by: MetallicStrat8, on october 23, 2009
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Sound: Three Days Grace one of my favorite hard rock bands. Its been three years since the release of One-X, and fans have been eagerly waiting for this new album. In this one front man Adam Gontier says that 'Its a bit more personal than there other records and talks on more relatable subjects than One-X.' I liked One-X, and this album is a huge departure from the previous releases. They changed up there sound a little bit. For me being a bit TDG fan I have to be honest my first listen to the album I dint really like it, but as I listened more it grew on me a lot. But its just hard to hear how much the band has changed. Also you can see how they incorporate some of there influences like Chevelle and Tool. To most fans the album will take some listens to grow on you, however it is defiantly more mainstream then the other albums. They have also incorporated more guitar solos and musical aspects alone into this album. As I said the sound change will defiantly take some getting used to but if you take time to listen to the songs and understand them, then it will grow on you. // 8

Lyrics: Adam defiantly goes so much farther with his voice on this album. He increased his range, and it is defiantly noticeable on the tracks 'Last to know' and 'Someone who Cares'. Overall Adam is one of the best singers in his field, and hes gone through more than most other singers have gone through in his time. As with the last record he matches his vocals with the guitar and it works perfectly. But some of the lyrics ion this album are a little below Three Days Grace standards. The use a lot more trivial ways of getting the message of the songs across and not a whole lot of metaphors or 'tricks' to alude to people. This is one of the classic TDG vocal records though. // 8

Overall Impression: So all together this is a departure from some of the past work that Three Days Grace has done before but it will grow on you. They did put three years into making this album or at least two with touring. The album shine on tracks like 'Break' 'Life Starts Now' 'Bully''No More' and 'The Good Life'. The record also shows a bit more of a mainstream side of the band which turn a lot of people away from them but it will get them better known through out the world which is what they should be. The thing that will draw more HC fans in would be the sound of the heavy songs on the album, but the melodic ones are very good too. What I say about this album is that its very good but it could be better than what it is and stick to the old sound, but sometimes I guess a band gets bored doing the same stuff and need a change in there sound. I do highly recommend this record for anyone looking at it though. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Life Starts Now Reviewed by: antman1385, on october 23, 2009
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Sound: Canadian rockers Three Days Grace are finally back after their second album, "One-X", which spawned the hit singles "Pain", "Animal I Have Become", and "Never Too Late", with their third record "Life Starts Now". Though only three years apart, this new album has a totally different sound to it than "One-X" and, unfortunately, less of a rock feeling. It is definitely not heavy, though not too light. Like stated by Barry Stock, the band's lead guitarist, there are some different tones and solos on this record, and though the band has totally strayed off the course of their last album, they have still managed to make a pretty good release. Fans will not be disappointed, that's for sure. The first track, "Bitter Taste", has a nice, catchy chorus with sort of a dark-sounding verse, and an excellently nailed solo by Barry. A very good start to the album. "Break" is the second song, and the first explosive single off the album. Another excellent chorus, combined with killer bass lines in the verses, and another solo. Although less of heavy sound to it, another amazing song. "World So Cold" is, in my opinion, definitely the best song off the whole album, and maybe even all of TDG's albums. Perfect clean flanged verses, and a chorus that will have fans singing it over and over again, like me. Amazing. "Lost In You" is the fourth track from the album. Having a not-really-heavy Silversun Pickups tone, it is another amazing song with a really catch and beautiful sound to it. The album's impression just keeps getting better and better. At the time we get to the fifth song, "The Good Life", fans are screaming with happiness - it's another excellent track. Pertaining to more of a Bitter Taste dark sound and catch verse sort of thing, this song blows your mind. At song #6, "No More", things begin to fall apart. The first 5 songs being amazing, this one isn't really that good. The verses and intro's are too empty, with just a few riffs and a bigger, rock-ish version of the chorus from "Lost In You". Not really good. "Last To Know" is the seventh track off "Life Starts Now", and - I'll be honest - is just horrible. Piano throughout most of the song, while Adam tries to sign a sad love story. The result is really, really bad. As much as I respect you, Adam, you cannot sing love songs. Just as fans are losing hope, things begin to pick up with "Someone Who Cares". The song starts off with a weird sound that is also in the "Break" music video. Next a catchy riff comes in, followed by clean verses. The best part of this song is, though, it's beautiful chorus. A pretty good song. "Bully", the ninth track, is a song with more of a heavy feel to it. Not the best song from the album, but it is definitely not bad. In "Without You", the band goes a little bit into the pop section with keyboard verses, but the chorus still has a good Three Days Grace song. Could have been much better, but oh well. "Goin' Down", song #11, is probably one of the catchiest songs on the record. It has a ghost sound in the verse, but the chorus is really, really cool. One thing that marks this song is the repetition of one word after almost ever line. I like this one. The album is closed with the title track, "Life Starts Now". Surprisingly, it is similar to the title track of "One-X". This one, however, has more of a punch too it, and is definetely better. Alos a prety good song, and a pretty good finish to a good album. // 8

Lyrics: Adam Gontier is definitely one of the greatest rock singers in the world. His voice just has a rock sound in it by itself. His singing is just awesome, which makes the songs better. A lot better. As for the lyrics themselves, they are a bit different compared to "One-X". This time, as Adam says, is more about people relating to each other. It's about love, life, and love life. Some of the songs, however, such as "Break", do not have a direct meaning and are not easily understood. Thanks to the awesome music the band is pumping out, however, this does not ruin the music. The one thing for sure about the lyrics of this record is that they aren't really about drugs like in "One-X", when they were referring to Adam's addiction. In overall, for this album I think the lyrics are wonderful decorations to the music, rather than being part of the music themselves. // 8

Overall Impression: Although "Life Starts Now" may not be as rock as "One-X" or as heavy as "Three Days Grace", this is still an awesome album. A really awesome one. Dying fans will really enjoy what new stuff Three Days Grace have come up with. Sure, they could have come up with something better. But then again - they try as hard as they can. No album is perfect. That's what I've learned from listening of music for a really long time. There are only really, really good ones. This is one of them. // 9

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overall: 8
Life Starts Now Reviewed by: Jon777, on october 23, 2009
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Sound: With Three Days Grace's third album, they prove their worthiness of the attention that they have gained since their first release. Once I learned that Life Starts Now had been released, I quickly jumped on the chance to listen to the album. Having only heard two songs from the band (Riot and Animal I Have Become), I wasn't really sure what to expect from the album. The songs I heard were okay, but they certainly weren't anything special. Curious to see why so many people I knew were fans of the band, I listened to Life Starts Now for the first time. Then a second time. And a third. I was actually pretty surprised by the album. Even though it's nothing special, the album has a bunch of likable songs. As far as musicianship goes, Three Days Grace isn't anything unique. They've got an average guitarist, an average drummer, an average bassist. The album kicks off with my favorite track, Bitter Taste. The songs alternate between heavy and soft; after a few heavier songs a softer song or two will play. Even though each track can easily be distinguished as a Three Days Grace song, they all possess individuality. No two songs sound the same. While most songs off the album are good... there are also a couple annoying tracks. For example, Going Down is quite possibly the Most Annoying Song I've Ever Heard. Another one is Bully... which some people will probably like. I think it's just plain annoying, though. // 8

Lyrics: Like the musicianship, the lyrics are definitely nothing special. Every once in a while you'll encounter a lyric that you just know you've heard somewhere else. Adam Gontier's vocals make up for the mediocre lyrics. He's got a great voice and seems very emotionally involved in his songs. One thing I love about his voice is that when he starts singing in a mellower tone, he sounds a lot like Slipknot's singer Corey Taylor. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall, this is a pretty good album. Life Starts Now certainly isn't anything special, but it's an album that everyone, including fans, will probably enjoy. Life Starts Now has quite a few impressive tracks, including Bitter Taste, World So Cold, Lost in You, No More, and the title track, Life Starts Now. After listening to this album, I'd have to say that Three Days Grace has won me over. I guess I'm a fan now. Since I've never listened to any of their previous albums, I suppose that will be the next thing I'll have to do. And because I have no knowledge of the previous albums, I can't really say if this one is better than the others... So that's up to you to decide. But for those of you, like me, who are new listeners, I can tell you that this is an album you will probably enjoy. // 8

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overall: 4.3
Life Starts Now Reviewed by: eddiehimself, on october 23, 2009
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Sound: Really the sound of this album is not that much different from One-x if you know what that sounded like. Quite emotional mostly, with other songs having a bit of "attitude", like pissed off about something. It's resonably heavy throughout with a couple of quiet songs which they haven't done before such as "Last To Know", although that's about the only thing new. It's pretty much just straight up rock music, with punk and emo influences. Not really that innovative imo, I doubt we're going to see another song off here that is as memorable as "Animal I Have Become" which is a great song and certainly nothing near good as any song you could pick from the original album which still remains the best they've made so far. Certainly nothing stands out as being amazing, just an alright sounding performance but nothing great I'm afraid. // 6

Lyrics: Well someone certainly has been burned in the past. Sorry Adam we've all had bad relationships in the past but you seriously didn't have to write about 10 songs about it! I would say about 3/4 of the songs on this album are your typical sort of bad breakup oooh how terrible is my life because she doesn't love me sort of thing. Apart from "Life Starts Now" and "Bully" which I suppose speak for themselves in what they're about. Also "The Good Life" and "Break" aren't at least obviously about relationships going sour and how much girls hate him (yeah right). // 2

Overall Impression: Really I'm a bit dissapointed. This album seems to me basically like they've tried to do another One-x which to be fair is a good album. Sadly though it's just ended up sounding pretty mediocre, a bit samey throughout. The best song I suppose is "Last to Know" which is nice and quiet with a piano and stuff in it, simply because it's a bit different from what they usually do. The worst part of this album is the constant singing about the same aformentioned subject over and over again. The Phrase "flogging a dead horse" comes to mind. The reason it gets a 5 is because I thought the actual instrumental sound was pretty good, if not much different from One-x. If you've not got a 3DG album yet, don't get this one. The other 2 are better. // 5

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overall: 8.3
Life Starts Now Reviewed by: sparrow2008, on october 27, 2009
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Sound: Once again a great album and things just seem to be getting better and better for Three Days Grace. One-X was already a masterpiece for the fan of post-grunge hard rock. With Life Starts Now they continue this strong achievement - one which I wasn't sure they would be able to. A pleasant surprise. Their sound hasn't changed much at all however Adam's voice just keeps on getting stronger and more subtle at the same time which is just great. Barry keeps on delivering strong riffs and was a blessing for this band. The lead guitarist has really added a new dimension to this band. Basically, the TDG sound hasn't changed much but just got a bit more refined mysterious melodies, powerful riffs and solos and adam's scream-like vocals are all still to be delected. // 9

Lyrics: Adam does not have the widest range of subjects he likes to talk about. This being said the dark lyrics about his past still come to the forefront and honestly it didn't bother me the slightest. I do understand though that some people were hoping for a more hopeful and open delivery lyric-wise. But as son as Adam opens his mouth the content is forgotten pretty fast as his voice continues to impress. // 7

Overall Impression: If you liked the band's last album One-X well I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this one either. Just a solid performance again by Three Days Grace with a supplement of new sounds and areas explored. 01. Bitter Taste: is a great opening song for this album very powerful and sets beautifully the tone to the rest of the album. Smile is all I could do as I listened to life starts now for the first time. 02. Break: the band's single for this release is good obviously however I got tired of hearing it specifically because of that reason - I heard it too much and it seems as though it looses a bit of its charm after a while. 03. World So Cold: somber almost mysterious debut and powerful chorus. one of my favorite songs. 04. Lost In You. 05. The Good Life: makes you want to jump around powerful stomping like song. Is probably going to become a must live. 06. No More: this is probably the song - along with last to know - where Adam's voice has improved the most. In no more that raspy sound we love so much really becomes the clearest and in the ballad last to know the sadness propelled by his voice just chills you from bottom to top. Great album. The only thing I was a bit disapointed about was that it wasn't a hard cover album. That was a bit too bad because the art work is magnificent and the cover isn't very sturdy. Everybody - Buy It! Don't burn it. If it got stolen I would buy it again. // 9

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overall: 9
Life Starts Now Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 30, 2010
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Sound: I thought Life Starts Now was a very good album. It was not as good as the last album One-X, but was better than the first self named album. I've always been a fan of Three Days Grace and I have to say it is not what I expected, Its very different from the other albums but still manages to keep me listening to the songs. Its still dark and gritty sound and still has awesome simple guitar riffs. My favorite song on the album is probably The Good Life because of the awesome guitar riff and the incredibly catchy chorus. My least favorite song is most likely No More because of the begining harmonys... They just ruin it for me. But overall a very good album and I recomend it to everyone. Can't wait for there next album! // 9

Lyrics: Three Days Grace lyrics have always been very emotional, dark, and sad. And still are... It works well though because of the beats and notes that the rest of the band give out it matches pefectly. And the lyrics are very catchy in every song. Gontier's vocal skills have defenitly improved since the last album and is proved to us in the slow ballad Last to Know on the albumb where hits high notes perfectly. He still has the gravely hard Rock vocals from the previous albums and still sounds awesome. // 9

Overall Impression: 01. Bitter Taste: awesome guitar riff, amazing solo, awesome opener 02. Break: there single off the album, good but not the best 03. World So Cold: very Catchy chorus with cool Effects 04. Lost in You: very diferent song kinda grungy good though 05. The Good Life: hellYeah!! awesome song! 06. No More: didn't like the harmonys. 07. Last to know: nice soft balled song with good vocals. 08. Someone who Cares: random opening but good lyrics cool riff too. 09. Bully: not a very good song, awesome Bridge though,simple lyrics 10. Without You: good song, sounds kinda like Nine inch nails....awesome 11. Going Down: very catchy verses a weird chorus, the bass is awesome in this song. // 9

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